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CBD Oil For Anxiety & Depression | 6 Month Review

Thanks for watching! I hope this video was helpful 🙂

Opening Up About My Depression & Anxiety: https://youtu.be/dzvSeI-uN1g

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  1. Soooo you don’t get high??

  2. All I have been taking is this cbd trybestcbd.com it has improved my health.

  3. Gratefullemons.primemybody.com this is the best CBD/CBG high terpenes I have ever tried. Amazing stuff. Not like anything else on the market. This is the best CBD/CBG out there. CBG is the mother cannabinoid for THC and CBD cost 5x more to extract and is amazing.

  4. Gratefullemons.primemybody.com this is the best CBD/CBG high terpenes product I have ever tried and I tried a bunch. Blows them ALL away.

  5. Wow, I just brought this 2 days ago ,, Hemplucid, cream and gummies(newbie) 🤗. 1st day used cream on my muscles (great) and I vaped(1st timer) . It didn’t take much because I’m green as hell. But I swear, I slept like a freakin baby, and didn’t take a pain pill and don’t want to anymore. I agree with a lot things you say , you still have to work through things regardless. Dry mouth yes. I will probably use cream more, I don’t care for the vaping part but hey those two puffs set me straight. Thanks🤗

  6. Which brand do you recommend?

  7. Indica marijuana cured my anxiety

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  9. Well I have been taking it and it works.

  10. Best cbd for anxiety and pain trybestcbd.com it was on sale when I ordered it last week.

  11. Brittany, I have been battling depression and anxiety for about 20 years. I'm on a SSRI and like you I just feel it's not helping much. If at all with my anxiety. I am desperate and looking for alternatives. Anyway, I was wondering if you could let me know the cbd oil you are using?

  12. If Anyone looking for organic cbd check out nuleafnaturals.com best quality Cbd I’ve tried

  13. Just started cbd last night for bad back and it seems to be working, I didn’t feel like taking my usual dose of painkillers but thought I best take them just in case I woke up in night feeling ruff, today I’m going to see if I can get away with taking a bit less painkillers and have cbd instead, if I can just cut down on painkillers I will be happy


  15. Thank u for sharing your story love hearing every one else storys

  16. No offense, but i always find it strange when i see women talking about their "depression". Most women get ALOT of attention, just because they are women. Some of my own friends that reaply struggle with depression are alone and nobody even pretends to care about them. So I've always found it strange that women who get attention can feel depressed. If i made a video about depression as a guy. Im sure i would get no comments or help. And ive done that on other platforms. Even with hundreds on my friends list. However if i change my profile pic there are thousands of friend requests from men constantly. So i dont get it. Depression is no joke and shouldnt be used to get more exposure

  17. i was having a panic attack and i took one of my moms cbd gummies (she got it for headaches) and i calmed down so fast

  18. remember marijuana has strains …sativa and indica ….so when shopping for CBD oil make sure to ask what strain was the CBD oil made from …sativa or indica …i suffer from anxiety and the sativa makes my anxiety worse . so i have purchased CBD oil made from indica strain ..

  19. I would like to take it from anxiety with this work for me where can I get it

  20. I’m looking for something like this what are the things you could tell me about CBD

  21. Might get sum for my lady no cap

  22. I’m starting it for Fibro, Endo, IC and Hashimoto’s (conditions which cause me pain and hence anxiety)

  23. Use COUPON CODE “jarvin15%” to get 15% off your order at checkout. (Only applicable at cbdessentialsusa.com ) They have some of the best CBD products!

  24. I had to get off zoloft a week of taken it i didn't like it gave me more anxiety didnt like how it made me feel got off it so i tried cbd yes it works now i feel like my normal self again

  25. Have you ever heard of cbd crystals? This site has them. I guess the new thing. What do you think of this??? http://www.viceivycbd.com/shop

  26. Use this link to get 15% off your entire order from Another CBD Company, which is owned and operated by the founder of CBD Brothers…so you know its good 🙂
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  27. Also you're really pretty and that makes me feel better because I feel like girls wouldn't inherently want to be with me because i'm diabetic but I guess that is just a stupid thought because I don't think that way about you at all. I hope that isn't weird to say because it is something I deal with. Thanks for your videos.

  28. Oh my god I have diabetes too and it makes it so much worse! Like sometimes you feel anxious and you're like, is my sugar low? Then yeah it hurts really bad when its too high. It helps.

  29. I take 500m a day … also I failed a drug test 🙃 worth it

  30. How much do you take for anxiety?

  31. Goodness she is adorable 🥰

  32. I can recommend the keto diet
    I have seen amazing results where diebetes 2 is cured
    Not just treated
    Dr Berg has a channel here in yt
    Check it out and decide for yourself

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  34. Thank u I think I've changed my life day 1 so far I don't need my anxiety meds at all the cbd drops are literally keeping me completely calm. I would had already taken a pill. Thank u God I want to be natural

  35. CBD oil is great if you mix it with actually putting in an effort to improving your life. Sitting in your couch, watching lame television shows and feasting on cheetos doesn't improve your health.

    http://www.aaryningen.com/free for more.

  36. When You See Hemp Oil, Shop Carefully If you're shopping for CBD oil and you see the term hemp oil for cheap prices, you should be very careful.
    This broad term should always be accompanied by a clear definition of what is in the product: either hemp seed oil or CBD oil. Unfortunately today the term "hemp oil" is being used to skirt around legal and marketplace regulations. For example, Amazon explicitly prohibits the sale of CBD products, yet displays a wealth of "hemp oil" when performing a search for CBD oil. Taking a closer look you'll find that these sellers are deceitfully selling hemp seed oil using CBD-like marketing terms, to make you think you buy a CBD product. If you're looking for CBD oil, you should find "CBD" clearly printed on the label and the actual CBD content of the product should be easily confirmed. This is done by verifying the cannabinoid potency on the lab reports for that specific product. Without this confirmation, do not buy this product and move on!
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  37. Just another money making scam

  38. Sounds like you have an addiction

  39. What’s the brand?!?!! Can the actual creator of the video confirm please . I am wary of other commenters and their own agenda fueled promotion

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