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CBT Journaling Benefits For Anxiety And Depression

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Journaling techniques for depression and anxiety are important. There are so many benefits of journaling. I go over CBT techniques and benefits of journaling your emotions to help reduce anxiety and depression. Journaling your thoughts and emotions allows for a communication effect called punctuation. How does journaling reduce anxiety and depression? Well, there are countless studies showing the positive effects of people when they did decide to journal for only 20 minutes a day for four times a week. Journaling for men is easier than seeing a therapist. We can organize our thoughts to become more aware of them. After doing this for only 2 weeks you will understand why you should journal your emotions.

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1. Clarify Your Thoughts and Feelings- We don’t even question our thoughts and feelings. When we write them on a piece of paper it helps us to organize them in a linear manner.

2. Increase Self-Awareness
When you start to recognize your thoughts and emotions more, you begin to see patterns emerge. These patterns can give you insight into what is really going on.

3. Reduce Stress
Journaling has scientifically proven to reduce levels of cortisol in our blood.

4. Increase Solving Problem Skills
Writing out what bothers you allows you to focus on more solutions for what works or how to solve the problem. It allows you to see the problem literally on paper with emotions detached.

5. Resolve Conflict
You can play out how scenarios will look when you write them down.







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  1. I never knew what to write in a journal, so all my journaling attempts failed. Then I bought "The Daily Stoic" and combined it with "The Daily Stoic Journal" and it's made a huge difference. I now journal a morning reflection to start my day and an evening reflection at bedtime. It's only been a few weeks since I started this new habit, but it's made a huge difference in my stress level, I no longer lose my temper, and I generally feel more relaxed and confident.

  2. awesome video, thanks man! just started my journal two days ago and i feel how it has a positive impact already. also: love your humor and how you presented it 🙂 cheers from vienna

  3. Great explanations of Gestalt and Journaling. Thanks JOsh

  4. Yeah I noticed right away that I make tea that way but sometimes use a auto tea kettle. Seriously I don’t know if I have missed a few more episodes than I thought but you should so do that cheesy music and, mr Rogers act for the intro… adds more of your personality. But I have been more of an emotional journal writer for the most part . Except now I don’t really care about my day by day stuff and if I have stuff on my mind I write songs or poems or chapters… creative writing is the only college course I enjoyed.

  5. you should do a guided meditation asmr

  6. i have anxiety how to journaling?

  7. my habitual journaling sucks – i wish i could just start it vocally like they do on Star Trek. Also—– you really don't own a kettle but drink tea?…. WHAT THE EFF AMERICAN MAN??

  8. Journaling is something that I have mixed feelings about. My old therapist suggested journaling back when I was still seeing her and she had my mom buy me a notebook. A few days later, my mom told me that I needed to write in it if I hadn't already cuz I was required to being it to my next session. I was confused but I did it anyway. My therapist had said "the great thing about journaling is that it's completely private. No one will see what you write down". So when I did write in my journal, I felt comfortable enough to let everything out. Then a few days later, I sat and watched my therapist read my entries and tell my mom what I wrote. After that, I continued to write cuz I had to but I never said what was really happening inside me, which led to my therapist calling me a pathological liar. Once I stopped seeing her, I continued journaling and then I'd get mad when my brothers read my entries. Then I started hiding my journal. Anyway, I stopped writing in my journal last year cuz I don't have the money for new notebooks all the time (when I write, I tend to write A LOT). But yesterday something happened that made me break down so I started writing in my documents folder on my tablet. I've written two journal entries in it now. But I still feel like crap. Do you think journaling on my tablet will be as effective as on paper?

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