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Cholesterol Biosynthesis

In this video I have explained in detail how cholesterol synthesis or cholesterol biosynthesis is going on in the cytoplasm of our cells. Cholesterol is synthesized by the condensation of acetyl CoA molecules eventually forming 27 carbon cholesterol molecule. While explaining cholesterol synthesis I have also explained different uses of farnesylpyrophosphate into dolichol, ubiquinol (CoQ10), and prenylation process.

My video link for regulation of cholesterol biosynthesis at HMG CoA reductase step is as in the link below.

My video link on fates of cholesterol in the liver

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  5. This is a very interesting video. It is highly informative and very very useful for the students who really need to understand the process of biosynthesis of cholesterol. Thank you Prof. Dr. Mungli. We surely appreciate your attitude and capability to teach the Biochemistry.

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