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Cholesterol "The Biggest LIE"


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  1. Irony is that people start eating healthy and become health conscious only when they become old or suffer from some deseases
    Until then everyone is desease proof. ….

  2. Pfizer, Ranbaxy, Cipla, Glenmark etc. mf*crs r y'all listening swine? People's blood is on your hands b*stards!

  3. Awesome. Thank you. Nandri. Malaysia-ikku wante Msia-makkal-ikku neenggal in the speech kuduthal – it would take away the reliance by hunfred thousands Indians relying on ukw-run by medical hospital. God bless. Vanakam

  4. what is this word that he said here: "What is the villain is the CARBURY that we take" at 5:03

  5. can this be transcribed for captions? The English spoken is hard to understand

  6. FEAR MONGERING and misinformation at its best. These old senile people have nothing to do and they embrace a cause where they feel supreme. India is full of such bad people who do more harm tha good.

  7. Chronic high cholesterol caused my "Gallstones."

  8. I am of carbohydrates for 6 months now. Still have high ldl cholostol….so whats going on? I am on keto diet…

  9. Chronic high cholesterol causes gallstones. This is what the MD's never told me.

  10. PLEASE keep the whole video in English only. I don't understand the other language you speak in between.

  11. मुझे लगता है जो भी बात डा हेगडे कह रहे है इसका कोइ ट्रायल या प्रमाणिकता इनके पास नही है ।मेरा लिपिड प्रोफाइल बहुत गडबड था। पिछले दो वर्ष से मै कार्बोहाइड्रेट कट किया व प्रतिदिन 45 मिनट कसरत किया जिससे मेरा ट्राइगिल्सराइड व टोटल कोलेस्ट्राल नार्मल अा गया ,मेरा वजन भी दस किलो कम हो गया ।डा मुझे लगातार कोल्सट्राल की दवा खाने की सलाह दे रहे है क्योंकि इस प्रयास के बाद भी एचडीएल बहुत कम व एलडीएल बहुत ज्यादा है।डा हेगडे अापकी थ्योरी बकवास है कृपया लोगो के जीवन के साथ खिलवाड न करे।अाप या कोइ भी चाहे तो मेरी दो साल की रिपोर्ट देख सकता है। कृपया एेसे डाक्टर्स को फालो करने से पहले उनका प्रमाण जरूर मांगा जाय ।

  12. Please upload new videos if you got. He is amazing and higly knowledgeable. Thanks in advance.

  13. Sir, As banana has carbs.. can it be bad also ?

  14. This is pure science n truth.thx doc

  15. It is nice information,
    Please dub it in hindi, (your all vedios on youtube)
    So maximum peaples in india can understand
    All the best.

  16. Hi everyone, Dr. Vijayaraghavan here! I have launched a new youtube channel where I will be posting updated videos and new content. Please visit, share, like, and subscribe to the youtube channel Vijayaraghavan Sundararajan https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYD442SOuGJfqDq2NVilOIg?view_as=subscriber

  17. LDL is 171 for me ,, what shud i do ??

  18. where is the full video? what food items are recommended?

  19. God bless you for all the truth you tell !!!!!!

  20. Will there be no harm to avoid taking statins (which are used regularly as prescribed by docter) while using lchf diet without refering the doctor?

  21. What is the need of taking more than 200mg of cholesterol daily where as 80% of it is produced by our body?
    Daily requirement of cholesterol is only about 200mg which can be supplied by one egg or 30 gms of oil which may not contain cholesterol but gives it in the body.

  22. Super Doctor 👏👏👏

  23. What is the diet I should go with any chart

  24. To me he is god in human form.

  25. He has not mentioned anywhere how much the total cholesterol value should b & what is the remedy . He knows only to give lectures & nothing more . Iske bolne se kuch bhi fayda ho raha hai aapko ,aap hi bataiye .

  26. Sir i have ulcerative colitis and obesity i cant able to follow lchf diet can u pls put one video regarding this

  27. Could you please put a video completely in tamil. So that my parents will understand.

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