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Chris Evans Advice for People with Anxiety and Depression (Very Powerful)

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Chris Evans Gives Life Changing Advice to people who deal with Anxiety or Depression. This is a MUST WATCH!

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  1. you are not strong, you are weak Depend on JEHOVAH ROPHI, our healer

  2. Didnt expect much but the "shh" thing was good. The realization that the thoughts and the noise your brain makes are not the only part of and does not define you is really… profound, or I dont know what word to use here. Its really helpful.

  3. This is really helpful for me, Thank you. I have anxiety and shyness. I go to school and I don't talk to anyone because I'm very shy. But, I have to. But it's really scary for me. Me and my two sisters are a big fan of your character and actor.

  4. Chris is really the most pure soul 🥺 I love that he shows even the sweetest of people aren’t perfect but that’s okay and that you can come out of the struggles x he’s so cute and sweet he radiates such happy energy and it’s so wonderful to see from someone who suffers from things like anxiety and depression 🦋🦋🥺❤️

  5. Chris not accepting the role in fear of being changed by fame is the most Captain America thing he could ever do and just shows why he was perfect for it

  6. what will I do when I cant get out of depresion plz help

  7. "My agents got, you know, a life time supply if I told you so"

    It's not what he said, it is his reaction afterward. "Hollywood", as the say.

  8. https://youtu.be/oGBbRa1LPDs i know how you feel stranger, hope this helps…….

  9. Such a nice down to earth guy. What a champion ❤️

  10. Sometimes i feel like my brain is against me cuz whenever im happy it finds a way to stress

  11. For the first time ever, today, every time my mind wandered during meditation this morning, I was able to tell my brain "shhhh" and step back into the present moment! So, I TOTALLY get what he is saying. Thanks for showing that actors are talented and REAL people, with real people issues, like depression and anxiety.

  12. The shh thing really works…i`ve had a rough life for 70% of it so far…with Adhd, tourettes, depression, and stress….but what i`ve learned from all my hardships is the importance of relaxing and breathing when feeling stressed etc….it truly helpes, makes it easier to think through the blurryness / fog of life at times.
    Don`t sweat the small things, If you can`t do anything about the issue RIGHT NOW, dont worry too much about it…plan for tomorrow, and make sure u have energy to solve it when the time comes.

  13. Well to be hounded and having anxiety, i suppose you have to understand that people believe if you want to be in the public eye, then they are going to believe because you choose that life, then they do it? But when you are a private person and HATE any type of attention then it is VERY WRONG PEOPLE THINK THEY CAN HOUND YOU!! Well its just wrong! In fact Its illegal im sure!

  14. Does the FBI have jurisdiction in Canada?

  15. Anxiety and depression has robbed me of majority of my life. I’m 27 and still find life pointless. Suicide is on my mind 24/7 and I hide it. At work, everyone sees me as this person who doesn’t care, who does her work and goes home, I’m quiet but I’m nice and happy. At home, my family sees me smiling, laughing, giving advice, being there for them always.
    But, once I’m driving in my car or in my bedroom or anywhere else alone, I just cry and cry…and cry.
    My thoughts are there always. Even through the smiles, my thoughts are telling me I’m not good enough, I’m worthless, I’m a burden, all this stuff. Worst thing is, I believe it.
    As a 27 years old now, it’s ruining my relationship with my family, my boyfriend, it’s starting to effect my job, it’s been effecting my sleep, my eating, just everything. I don’t enjoy life anymore.
    Hope one day I can again.

  16. I stress a lot for the things im not suppose to. Dont stress people mark my words "STRESS CAN DO A LOT OF TERRIBLE THINGS" like you cant live your life happily, you cant enjoy something etc. Things will go wrong because thats what life is your life cant be without flaws or mistakes or bad things. Learn to live with these negative things. Life is too short to stress over little things or even big things. Enjoy while you can, your time here is limited. Its a natural thing to stress over things like exams or a surgery but keep it in mind that EVERY THING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT and whatever negative happens never forget that everything happens for a reason… you are not alone you are strong be brave and live life because stress wont make things go right it in most cases will make them worse . Take control of your brain

  17. "Hunt for the present." – Thanks Chris for your vulnerability and honesty.

  18. Even our heroes deal with anxiety. This motivates me to be even stronger.

  19. This is very timely for me. ✨

  20. He's a decisive person. No wonder he became a captain.

  21. "hours of my life wasted" 😭😭😭

  22. All you silly fans.. talking fast with pretty words.. sharing perspective of his own or a scripted opinions? Because i see dictator talk like that..i see PM trudeau speak like that..all these Hollywood stars are as evil as those dictator

  23. Stop quoting him…….just watch and learn from him

  24. Lmao I wonder how Cesar would react to this. He literally uses that sound for everything in life at all regarding to dogs. Is Chris a dog this whole time?

  25. the best way to overcome your fear, is to do the 1 thing that makes you the most afraid ✌️ well said Chris Evans. https://youtu.be/uUAEHApgJME

  26. Chris : talks
    Depression : aight ima head out

  27. I've always thought he was sweet and very sensitive

  28. I say ""shhhh " to my horse to calm him down, said it to the kids too when they were young and going a bit nuts, never thought in it until he's spoken about " shhh " it's true it's calming , rocking the baby in your arms when they've been crying with colic or teething, we say it repeatedly as we rock them . Thank you for actually making me stop and think on the actual meaning and how it works , simple and effective ….

  29. The shameful people their ashamed jaelous hatred
    greed egotistic bad personalities are just worthy for their OWN shames absolutely!

  30. I really admired this man

  31. I get anxiety so badly. I am on my schools cheer team and I am a flyer. I would always get to worried and scared that I was going to fall out of a stunt and that caused me to not enjoy the games and think down to myself. I would always want to stunt less, or do the easiest stunt because it was less chance of me falling, even if I new I was able to do the hard stunts. I wish I wasn’t like that, but to know that cap is like that to, it makes me feel a lot better to know that this is something a lot of people go through.

  32. i am happy when i see this guy happy

  33. I love him even more now.😊

  34. I love him even more now…cos he just solved the biggest trouble in my head

  35. In this video he looks like Jack from Lost

  36. that bit in the end was fucking profound

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