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CNA Essential Skills – Measure and Record Blood Pressure (4:56)

A demonstration of measuring and recording blood pressure as outlined in the South Carolina Nurse Aide Candidate Handbook, July 2012 edition.

Gonzo-style video filmed and produced by RHM Photography, LLC — Contact at rhmphoto@gmail.com


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  3. How do you listen for the systolic and diastolic numbers?

  4. Thank you for this video.
    The one thing you have to explain to me is how you got the numbers you got.

  5. I have a question I knew its nonchalance but when she was pumping did she stop at 180 somewhere and release it? Sorry in advanced

  6. Didnt use Layman terms……or check for occlusion of Radial pulse.

  7. Incorrect. The radial pressure isn't was evaluated and the patient with watch.

  8. When taking blood Pressure do you start recording blood pressure when I first hear the pulse or when the needle starts to bounce???

  9. Poor teaching…basically all we did was watch you do it…you didn't explain HOW to assess the BP.

  10. Great video, but I can barely hear it! Too bad

  11. my teacher told me to check radial pulse fast after pump till 100 . and after we pump again to 100 and 30 to cek BP

  12. My girlfriend works at a skilled nursing facility. Most of her patients are elderly and rather frail. What would be the best stethoscope for taking blood pressure manually?
    I am going to get her a Littmann Cardiology stethoscope.
    Would the Master Cardiology Stethoscope with a single sided 2 inch, 3.2 Ounce chestpiece work better than a Littmann Cardiology IV with a double sided 1.3 & 1.7 inch, 3.1 Ounce chestpiece.

  13. Please, is there anyone out there who can tell me if there is a benefit to checking PB with a monitor vs. manually. I ask because I HATE having it done with a monitor. I do seriously mean that I HATE it. Any comments about that`? Thanks

  14. Thank you for the information, greatly received

  15. don't you have to wash your hands before doing everything!

    thanks tho for the tips!

  16. The making of this unique video clip is First Class, Well Done

  17. Without a doubt, high blood pressure is a barrier making your life miserable. Guess you'd gone back and forth to your doctor but your condition doesn't improve much.

  18. Thank you so much for your video series. It is very complete and easy to follow. It helped me in practicing my skills for my test. I passed. 😀. Thank you again.

  19. Take my test Saturday I'm more than ready ..I'm enjoying these videos I watch them everyday!!!

  20. I wanna say thank you for your videos I watched each one maybe 5 times I just passed my exam today I truly appreciate your time and effort in making these videos

  21. Please nurses also learn to smile and take it easy!

  22. I have my test Saturday.  Thank God for these videos!  I had a teacher who never went through the skills thoroughly.

  23. Not a good example. No note of where it started, nothing was seen and noted in the video. Very disappointed. This is the sort of practice I needed for my course. What she should have done is point out the Systolic, then the Dystolic.  She did neither.

  24. my book said to wash hand before you sigh the paper 2015

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