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College Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression rates among college students have reached record levels with over 50% of college students reporting symptoms of depression and over 80% experiencing anxiety! While many universities try to ignore this epidemic, it is real and is causing college students across the country to struggle academically, mentally, professionally and personally.

If you or someone you know are suffering do not hesitate to contact your college counseling center or seek outside help. You deserve to have a fulfilling and successful college life.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. So important to know we’re not facing these challenges alone. Meditation has been a huge part of my own journey to face my anxiety and stress. Have any of you ever tried meditation? I posted a guide to 7 minute meditation on my page, in case anybody is looking to get started.

  2. i calculated depression statistics 2023 is worser then this 800milliond depressed people that 121,000,000 2013 +20% everyone to2013 i have it in my Journal😦 i forgotten the numbers help i am a amautor mathematician who sad .

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