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Coping with Stress, Anxiety and Depression

What you need to know about coping with stress, anxiety and depression. For more information about the Survivorship Program, visit https://www.swedish.org/services/cancer-institute/our-services/survivorship-program


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  1. I have such bad anxiety and nothing helps, I want to talk to somebody but I feel embarrassed or uncomfortable and the conversation is always awkward when my parents ask me if I have any problems and I’ve hid it for so long. Where there’s loud noises or I get embarrassed or think of something that embarrassed me I get super itchy and get hives all over my body and I can’t stop it. It’s to at the point I have to cut myself to take my mind off the itchy ness and the numbness in me. Nothing has helped I’ve watched hours upon hours of these videos and all of the strategies never work. What do I do.

  2. I am so stressed i got to teach my brother and prepare for midterms and i have only 1 month left if there's a midterms and evrything is messy and i feel so tired

  3. Wait… do I have cancer? Now I'm really having anxiety..

  4. "I recommend this guide:
    So grateful it exists in 2020."

  5. Im jealous of my friends who get happiness and i cant.

  6. I just don't feel the will to live anymore.

  7. I have been like this for years I just don't know what to do anymore or what am I supposed to do for the rest of my life, it just feels like life it is too long. What am I supposed to do for the rest of my life, sometimes it just feels easier to end it. Help ( ╥ω╥ )

  8. MyY parents divorced, I don't know how to deal with it. I just need to die.

  9. I just feel like my head is going to explode from thoughts that I can’t even explain they just keep rushing through my mind and I just want it to stop it keeps giving me such painful headaches I just want this painful life to stop I want everything to stop.

  10. I don't deal with depression or much anxiety, but I was reading a book for school where a girl pushed herself so hard. Doing sports, going to an IVY league school, maintain social life. She ended up taking her life because she felt there was no way out. There are ways out, and sometimes we just need someone else to lean on and guide us and work with us. Balance is really important. We feel a lot of pressure to show our best selves. Everything we do in life is us trying to market ourselves as a brand. You want to get a job, you want to appear as a likeable person to date, you want others to accept you. One of the first steps to dealing with stress and anxiety is by recognizing that it is there. There are people to help you, so take it easy, don't push yourself so hard, you are doing fine and every single person has feelings of stress and anxiety too.

  11. I'm in so much stress and anxiety and I'm only in Middle School. I want to move schools but my parents dont want me to. I want to get counseling but I'm afraid my parents will just say I'm overreacting. I never usually have panic attacks until middle school started. I cry so much now and it scares me that I feel like this 24/7. Feeling like I'm going to die.

  12. There is legit nothing good that came out of this world, nor the comment section of this video, ppl are getting stressed way too often and most comments sound fake, watch out down there.

  13. I was stressed, worried has anxiety a day and depression sometimes, i just want to be happy all the way but i just cant. Maybe one reason is the toxic people around u. 😔

  14. to all my brothers out there suffering! Wish you all the love of the world and good strength. Life is beautiful . You just need time and the right people on your side to help you/inspire you to stand up on your feet again and fight. Slowly you will meet hapiness again and it will stay there for very long. Have patience, have faith. ASK FOR HELP! its not a shame! everybody has problems. everybody has difficult period in their lives. Please do not give up! Ask for help, someone will eventually understand you. Ask for proffesional help is even better! Just do not give up brothers. You are wasting yourselves the best version of you and with it the chance to give something really good to all the people around you that love you. I know that you reach to a point thinking , nobody cared about you or nobody will listen or understand. But its not true . its a really bad illusion. Open your mouth and call for help. I Wish this will help anyone in trouble. Do not lose faith. Love brothers and sisters 🙂

  15. I deal with so much stress. The people around me despise me. I can't understand why. I don't bother no one and I basically shut down. I feel like I've outlived my life span. The people I love I feel like I've pushed away and have no where to turn. I just work and come home. Yes there could be things I could do more for people but all I want is pure happiness. I shouldn't be this stressed at all

  16. how can you help me? my husband is in depression

  17. I’m 11 I am depressed horribly cuts on my wrists fake friends people betraying me I already left my suicide note
    I joke about having depression people think it’s actullay a joke but I’m suffering there are knife scrapes on my skin even in games people hate on me

  18. Im currently suffering with anxiety we can get through this guys we can do it together!!

  19. I hate myself. I also want to kill myself.

  20. Sometimes I feel like I'm depressed but I feel like I don't deserve to be depressed because I have an amazing family and friends and other people don't and I don't know what to do

  21. These comments are literally breaking my heart…To all of you guys….

    You ARE worth something.
    You ARE worth living.
    You ARE worthy of achieving great things.
    You ARE the most amazing person ever.

    You can do anything, and i know this is just a sloppy comment, but i mean it. You ARE worth more than diamonds and you WILL get better. I love you.

  22. 88likes 8dislikes 🙏🏻

  23. 7days from now im physically and emotionally stress my head is like burning.

  24. Overcoming Stress especially for moms is very crucial . A proper understanding of the strategies,tools and techniques for overcoming stress is essential. In addition to the above video, go to @t for more information. ,

  25. My parents don't even understand me

  26. I am in highschool the amount of stres and anxiety i have at this stage is horrible everyone just expects so much from me
    And its overwhelming i just need someone to talk to nobody likes me my "friends" all hate me no one understands how hard it is

  27. when i was younger (about 11) i would joke about how overwhelmed i was and my best friend knew it was a call for help… although, an older boy said that i was too young to be overwhelmed and that it was for attention and i burst into tears… that was the most embarrassing thing that happened at school because it was in front of my crush

  28. Hi, I just wanna that I feel better that I’m not the only one that has a anxiety disorder, depression and get panic attack’s. I have cut before and even trying to commit suicide but I didn’t thanks to my bffs. I’m in foster care, have been for all my life (16 years) and I can’t see my siblings and I can’t trust as easily as some people (not even my foster family). And I also like to ask how to I trust others with showing my emotions like crying or being angry etc?

  29. Every day I have at least four panic attacks and although I joke about it, I'm never actually "joking". It's a cry for help and no one is responding to it. I want to die.

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