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Crayola Crayons Cake (Back to School) from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

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Learn how to make a Crayola crayons cake in this video tutorial.

• 9″ x 13″ double layer cake covered in yellowy orange buttercream
• Mini ice cream cones
• Coloured melting wafers
• White, yellow, dark green, bright green, red buttercream

1. Prepare buttercream covered cake on a cake board.
2. Using the dark green buttercream fitted with a #3 tip, pipe a triangle shape on the side of the cake about 4 inches up from the base. Fill that area in from the top of the triangle, to the bottom of the cake.
3. Continuing with the dark green buttercream, from where the triangle meets the edge of the top of the cake, pipe a straight line to the bottom of the cake, about 2 inches from the bottom outer corner. Fill that area in with the dark green buttercream. Repeat on the other side of the cake.
4. Using the bright green buttercream fitted with a #3 tip, follow the triangle shape and pipe a bright green 1 inch thick area on top of the dark green one. Fill in the area with the bright green. Continue the bright green area across and over the front of the cake, stopping at the base of the cake. Pipe two thin lines following the arrow shape on the side of the cake, and along the front lower bottom corner area, leaving half an inch of space between the triangle, and each line. Repeat on opposite side of the cake.
5. Using the Crayola logo, use the bright green to pipe the logo onto the front of the cake, near the top. Fill in the letters with the green. Outline the logo with the bright yellow, using a #3 tip.
6. Pipe the Crayons logo using the white buttercream fitted with a #10 tip. Outline the Crayons logo with the red buttercream fitted with a #3 tip.
7. Using the green buttercream pipe the top of the box, onto the cake board, but extending the sides up by approximately 4″ and joining them in a rectangle. Fill in the area on the cake board with buttercream.
8. To make the crayons, dip the mini ice cream cones into melted chocolate and set them to dry on a piece of parchment paper. Repeat for all colours of chocolate.
9. Once the crayons are dried, attach them to the top of the cake, using a swab of buttercream.
10. Serve when ready, or store in a sealed container for 2-3 days.

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