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cute songs to help you cope with depression

cute songs to help you cope with anxiety 💕

cute sad songs for lonely people 😔

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all of this amazing music is by frad ^-^

0:00 – first date
2:53 – the girl i have a crush on
5:11 – 喫茶店
8:37 – while you were away

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  1. I come here when I need ideas to draw. :3 it helps bunches. Thank you.

  2. I have depression and anxiety and I'm 11 and father has something to were he can't understand some things and my mother has depression bad and school is worse this song helps me thx you

  3. "The plant had to be burried in darkness and rained on it before grew into a beautiful flower."

  4. sees the name of the video

    Yup, i need this

  5. Como se llama la primera canción???

  6. ¡Hola,Soy el comentario en español qué buscabas! :3💕

  7. Hi… I know you may be sad..but don't worry! ^^
    I think your awesome!
    Please don't be sad!
    That'd be depressing for the whole world!
    We love you!
    -Your new friend

  8. Hey 1% of you. If u see this and you are sad and depressed, fuck whatever is bothering you. I know inside of you, you are an amazing person and dont ever as in EVER let people take away that golden heart of yours. We all have our ups and downs. Just wait for it. If others are bothering u, it just their opinion, so what if they hate you? Be strong and happy. Bless you.❤❤❤

  9. Thanks these songs really helped 😊

  10. This didn't really helped me with depression,But,Atleast i have some music..

  11. Hi, strange person. I rlly hope u have a good life and remember, i love u. <3

  12. hey ya! im not having such a nice day and im assuming you aren't either! but, im proud of you. if you ever need someone to talk to, add my snapchat ! @peachxrxses im always here to chat. have a lovely day baby!

  13. This comment section is adorable.
    I’m 11 years old and I am often depressed because of my mother. She’s abusive, not physically but emotionally. She often tells me that everything that goes wrong is my fault. It’s become so bad that my only happy place is on my phone or computer. Just now I got yelled at. I hope I can help other young kids like me to know that even tho they’re in a bad place right now, everything will be okay. I can’t wait for the day I can start driving, and forget about all the pain my house has,,
    If anyone has any suggestions that could help, that’d be nice

  14. This actully helps a little..

    Thank you.


  16. this comment section made my cry

    thank you everybody, i probably would have killed myself if it wasn't for everybody here<3

  17. Hello! I love all of you, hope yall have an amazing,healthy and happy life. Remember to stay positive and just enjoy life because everything only happens once. Lots of love from Iceland 💕💕

  18. Its funny, people who you've never seen, or saw before love and support you more than most people. I have to say, the internet truly is a wonderful, magical place where people can help you. I've never smiled and felt lighter than I have in my whole life. Really, really proud of you all! 💖💖

  19. the " first date " got my tear and idk why

  20. What’s the first song called?
    I’ve been hearing it so often and I want it for my playlist!
    Please tell me
    Or just give me the artist of all the songs that would be nice too

  21. First song is mario odyssey, Jump super star music box versin

  22. Everyone


    Read the first word in the comment

  23. I hate myself.I hate people.I hate everything.I wanna die.I have depression.I ignore it sometimes but i always know,it is right there.I can't run away from it.A few years ago,i had little things that make me happy.Like listening music or watching movies.But now,i can't be happy.Just this song.When i'm listening this cute songs,i forget that depression.Thank you so much ❤

  24. Im french and I can help all of u guys <3

  25. Im not depressed I just want cute songs

  26. i like a boy,but hes so stupid its actually cute.i liked him on the first Wednesday of year 7 (6th grade i think) and told him the next week. Here's how it went down:we have these planner books and on the back is a little whiteboard you can draw and write things on.i sat next to him in music and wrote "i like you" on the planner and showed it to him.his response was "what?" he didn't even get it.but it wasn't his fault since it was all so sudden.so i freaked out and just rubbed it off of the whiteboard.

    about a month later is when i became a bit too obsessed with him.we both go the same way home so im usually behind him and hes in front. he usually sees me and thinks im a creep and stalking him so he runs home.and i cant stop looking at him and going where he goes.i was basically psychotic for him ): but dont worry,i got myself together and stopped.but whenever we're lining up for our next class,everyone is usually in the same spot for the line. i'm usually somewhere in the front,and he is too.whenever im next to him,he looks so annoyed and goes to the back.i think he hates me now. ive screwed up and i just wanna start over again.i need help ;-;

  27. i dont have depression but man this songs for sure are good

  28. https://youtu.be/jHwiWo7TvaY
    I usualy do not self-promote. But I'm really proud of this song . Please check it out. It's a chill/relaxing song. If you do not want to just ignore the comment don't report it, please. ♥

  29. I don't have depression, but my best friend is having a very hard time and I blame myself because I didn't recognise that she wasn't well. Yesterday at school during class I saw that she had cuts on her arm, I wanted to cry in the middle of the class.
    I later talked with her and said that I didn't want her to go back to such methods and that I am there for her, she said we'll talk about it later.
    (3 years ago we promised each other that we would never harm ourselves in hard times and talk to each other when we had a hard time.)
    I told my mom about my friend's condition and she said that when you feel that miserable, those promises have no affect on you anymore.
    I hope she will get better soon, because it breaks me to see that my friends is doing to his to herself.

    I hope that all of you out there that are having a hard time, will get better soon!
    You can make it, it takes time to heal but you'll get better!
    Lots of love,

  30. This did kinda helped 😌☺️

  31. I'm 13 ever since I was 11 I've dealt with depression let me tell you why when I was 11 my niece jenny rose was welcomed into the family I loved her but the day everyone started caring about her more than me was terrible when I was hungry I didnt have anything in the house to cook and all there was is baby milk and I asked my mom can she take me to get food she told me to find something in the house and There was nothing but milk I told her she said she doesn't care so when I turned 12 I had a nice birthday but when I turned 13 my life changed I didn't have a birthday party everyone didn't even wish me happy birthday I didn't even have a cake everyone was happy because my niece was doing cute but no one noticed that there was knifes in my room and that I have been starving myself My mom asked me did I have depression and all I told her was no I'm fine but I'm not and I'm still going through it but I don't know if I wanna tell my mom because she always assumes I'm lying and never listens to me but anyway thanks for listening to my story

  32. Is it just me or does the first song sound like the living tombstones super Mario odyssey song…?

  33. Hey,

    I'm 10

    I have depression now because my cousin died. Please show him some love.

  34. I love this so much! I'm currently staying at a friend's house while my parents are on a short trip, but I didn't realize that they were having a big family gathering. I was super overwhelmed and am just hiding in my friend's room while they're screaming playing a game just down the hall. This really helped me calm down and find my stabilized center. 🙂

  35. Just wanted to come here to chillax. I was getting a little paranoid for no reason again haha. You all are so nice and I bet people you know are glad to have you. Love y'all <3

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