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Dave Feldman at Ketofest 2017 – More Dietary Fat, Less Cholesterol

After having his cholesterol climb on a low carb diet, Dave embarks on a journey of research and notes many new, surprising things about cholesterol. This presentation details how it happened, what the new Inversion Pattern is, and why it has massive implications on cholesterol as we know it. Recorded live at Ketofest 2017 at the Garde Arts Center in New London, CT July 16, 2017. Produced by Pwop Studios


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  1. Since you're so into taking, publishing and analyzing data, more so than most studies, something else to consider would be keeping track of daily weight, as well as before and after major exercise periods and keeping track of your elimination weights. That would leave only water vapor exhaled and sweat as the only other defined data points. It might reveal more insight but tracking the data is hard because of the inherent error due to food currently being processed within the digestive system.

    One thing I found confusing is that you used a common abbreviation (LDL-C) to mean something other than the norm. That is, in a normal lipid panel they measure, HDL, triglycerides and total cholesterol but do not measure any type of LDL. Instead, they calculate, thus the C, the LDL value from the previous three, which is a source of great error and it is basically meaningless. There are tests available, but you have to specifically request them, to measure the various types of LDL, the primary gross classifications being the healthy big fluffy ones, the unhealthy small dense ones, and the LDL-V which have multiple purposes.

  2. It’s amazing to see people grab their health with both hands and say Ah-ha…. NOW I see what is happening. This is a brave young man.

  3. I do not get what is trying to say with the graph starting at 1:48.
    As he decreased from a high to a low fat diet, his TC went significantly up.
    His point being it goes against what doctors tell you ie if you decrease fat your cholesterol should go down. This is not what he found as shown by the graph. Is that what is saying?
    Then later on in his presentation he says that if you're on LCHF diet, fast for at least 12 hours before cholesterol tests. From this you would expect for the TC to go up. So what is the point of the fast?

  4. He speaks rather fast. Is he saying as your proportion of energy from fats to carbs increases, the following responses after a few hours happen to a healthy fast responder.
    Total cholesterol: up
    VLDL: up
    LDL: up
    LDL-C: up
    LDL-P: down
    IDL: up
    HDL: up
    Triglycerides : down
    Remnant cholesterol: down
    Please correct data as required and in simple terms.

  5. A very convincing hypothesis backed up by some very solid facts

  6. Where are the results of the Ketofest Experiment? Is there a separate video?

  7. 2:50 Cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure will always lower if you fast and change to a Pritikin-type diet. You cannot just look at it from the perspective of a single macronutrient. Have you listened to the Pritikin Lectures? He ran a cholesterol of about 330mg/dl but reduced it, it doesn't happen overnight..

  8. Dave,please tell us which fats you eat.My last tests were T 320 L200 and H77,my diet is fairly high fats ,low cards.I eat avocados,nuts,coconut oil and milk and plenty of fish,sea food and wild game.So why has my cholesterol gone up the last 3 years.I,m lean and fit.Pls someone give me some advises.Btw,no statins.

  9. I am currently following the Carnivore lifestyle as we speak… This is the best I have felt in years. Inflammation is down, digestive issues are gone but my cholesterol is up. My doctor wants me to go on stands. I told him no. He said he is on statins, I said okay. I took the prescription but never filled it… What's the deal with oxidized cholesterol? I've heard about that from the channel called "what I've learned"

  10. What about Non HDL Cholesterol? I understand this is the newest indicator of heart attack/stroke risk.

  11. 31:30 Does the 640 slice CT able to detect soft plaques in arteries ?

  12. 10:30 two day gap… interesting… why? because of the LDLs' life cycle?
    And are you saying that LDL-C and LDL-P are also "two-days apart" correlated?

  13. What if you’ve got the lean hyper responder thing going on, but high triglycerides?

  14. I lowered my Triglycerides from 5,000 to 2,000 after 1 week on Keto.

  15. Such a great conference, so many amazing talks, but what a shame the video quality is so terrible. Did they clean the lens with vaseline or something? Either way, thank yo so much for making this amazing info available.

  16. great info thanks. With regards to your sisters readings being virtually the same. Is it possible that because you both came from the same mother you may have the same bacterial gut system and therefore, possibly the same digestive system, along with other possible bodily systems being the same??? you should try the same test on another person maybe?

  17. In short, cholesterol markers are symptoms of the problem and not the problem, so statins will only treat symptoms and not fix the problem. I no longer take a statin and reversed my cholesterol by fixing the problem which was a high carbohydrate diet primarily from processed food.

  18. Calcification check is nothing new.

  19. One can over-engineer and this is a good example!

  20. Do you have a reference for the liver upregulating VLDL production and release in the absence of chylomicrons?
    How does it's trig:cholesterol ratio compare to those produced under carb loads and poison loads?
    Does it produce the VLDL's triglycerides from FFA's bound to albumin or something else?

  21. Really enjoyed this program. My last HDL was 55 and triglycerides were 51. Gave me a nice ratio! My LDL was 109.

  22. Why are all your videos blurred like its filmed through an aquarium?

  23. Double like for this presentation. I wonder how many billions flow through the health care systems in this country and yet this type of diet has been generally unknown or dismissed even with decades and maybe centuries of references to its health benefits. I have read many stories of GPs who see a patient over the course of months become leaner and obviously healthier and tell them the need to stop doing what they are doing.

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