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  1. hey great content i liked ur intro music was wondering if youd like more for free, just check my channel! Subbed! please sub back

  2. thanks for coming back hun❤️ i felt this😓

  3. Yea. I’ve had bipolar disorder since I was lil. And I always wondered wtf was wrong with me. Why I wasn’t happy during the times I should have been. Why I was mad for no reason half the time. Although there were reasons, I just couldn’t/can’t really tell you why I would be mad or upset. Just would happen. Waking up not knowing if you are going to be depressed or happy is crazy. I’m feeling great today, but tomorrow I can wake up mad at the world. Literally. Lol a white woman at that. I never liked going to therapy. Then I was put on medication and turned me into a total zombie. So I got off that. So I would just smoke weed. Haven’t smoked in a bit, for a few reason. But I have to get back to it. Because it’s definitely beneficial to my bipolar as well as my anxiety. I don’t want my comment to get long but yea, everyone I feel has struggled with anxiety and depression.

  4. Oh and for the dumbass on Twitter that said if ur under 20 u don't know depression/anxiety…. Ur picnic is missing the whole Damn basket!! .. 💁‍♀️😂🤬🧐

  5. I really felt this video dassia. I cried thru almost the whole thing. You are so right baby girl. Anxiety/Depression is very real.. I've been fighting it for a year and a half. I have never experienced so much pain, heartache in my life. My kids was the only thing that keep me going. The anxiety throwing up every morning and crying and breaking down every day… I have fought it myself. I have better myself for my kids. I can say proudly I have left the pills alone! But at the same time this took me a year to do. I remember very well what u went thru dassia and you are a phenomenal woman. Ur strong minded and you have mom and TT's that will ride or die with you. You have overcome a lot and for that you are a survivor. You keep doing what u love. I really loved this video.. It made me open my eyes to my own self alot. I love you Dassia Nichele…. 💕💕💕💕😘😍🤩🤩🤩

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