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Dealing With Quarantine Anxiety & Depression With Johann Hari, Plus Matt On Bailouts | Useful Idiots

Writer Johann Hari joins the show from London to discuss dealing with anxiety and depression during Covid-19. Matt breaks down a piece on the economic bailout

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  1. What an amazing episode!

  2. Whenever I am feeling stressed out because of the Coronavirus, I just play some Three Beat Slide music and my anxiety disappears…It's like some kind of magical drug

  3. Oh look, it's the plagiarist Johann Hari!

  4. at 23:52 – the Fed isn't actually printing money right? Aren't they merely adding zeros to their electronic ledgers and then telling the treasury here's 15 zeros to add your account…? BTW- you two have some really high IQs!

  5. Guys.. have to say.. this distance format.. is actually a better way for you to do your podcast. better flow, better tone.. it's better! 😉

  6. Hari [and matt and katie] makes sense to me. When I was about 15 or so, I personally found that my immediate family environment made me unhappy, so I left, but I proceeded to live in and stay in a different bad environment, largely because as Hari says I was not allowing myself to see that the environment was the source of depression. I was told to conform, and trying to force myself to conform and asap to the bad environment. It didnt work.

  7. I am in agreement with Johann Hari's basic understanding of depression: the med's are nonsense, the problem is power relations and not chemical or hormonal imbalances despite the overemphasis in the medical field on biologization, and often surgery, of everything. Social relations today reflect several forms of abuse: physical and verbal and psychological and sexual abuse affects us all. Those who are most vulnerable to the insults develop depression. However, it has long been known that social relations under capitalist, patriarchal phallagocentric arrangements, especially in households and workplaces, overdetermine problematic behaviors related to competition, gender hierarchy and financial inequality.

    It would have been nice to hear what OTC medications he used for the influenza-like-symptoms he experienced.

  8. To answer the "who's between Bernie and AOC" question, I think it's Pramila Jayapal.

    She's 54, and is the co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. She's most well known for writing one of the Medicare for All bills, but has co-sponsored a whole bunch of progressive bills.

  9. Golden leg hair rating 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Straight up real fight with Tyson I would need $1 million. That’s cheaper than some of the raw meat he’s been fed during his career.

  11. Trickle down economics has made us a nation full of pee-ons. (not sure who said it originally, but I am using it, lol)

  12. How can you not know The Shining movie, Katie!?! I am shocked. The first one, with Jack Nicholson. It so worth watching. Directed by Stanley Kubrick, who put a bunch of clues in there about his participation in the Apollo 11 program. He made the film of the Moon. The one we all know to be "factual".

  13. I don't know if that's enough ad breaks for a video about the negative influence of ads on our health…lol.

    For real though I'm a huge fan of the show, thanks so much for continuing to produce during quarantine. Except for how many books I now have to read because every guest is so smart and I want to hear more.

  14. I Can't Braethe is an great book!

  15. Been watching Mike Tyson mysteriesfor the last 2 days. Genius.

  16. Sickening!!!! They just keep screwing us over. Elections have consequences. They ALL should be ashamed!!! They have done nothing for the ppl!!! It`s criminal!!! This is a terrible guy!!! DUMB FOR SURE!!!

  17. America will only change when Americans stop believing their mass indoctrination that starts at school – that America is the best. America is is a frightening imperial system that bullies most of the world and sucks the life out of the majority of its citizens. The American dream is a nightmare. Wake up.

  18. That's why I love Berlin. ❤️

  19. Government playing gingal

  20. Governor Kemp "stoned moment."

  21. 9/11was an agenda driven ruse.

  22. Can you imagine Biden, the rigged in place candidate, delivering a state of the Union address? By the time he was done, no one would have any idea what the fuck he was taking about.

  23. I will tell you will happen with the massive creation of fiat money, hyperinflation.

  24. Kemp, like much of the gop, is illegitimate. He was not duly elected. Neither was trump or much of the gop.

  25. Am I the only one that finds it rude that Katie is always looking at her phone?

  26. It's DEMENTIA, damn it! I've lived around people with it, for years. It's patently obvious. Quit tiptoeing around the issue; no one with the condition asked for it, but that's no reason for politely ignoring the condition. And "…the first Gulf War was good…"??? Why, because of the premature babies who were thrown out of the incubators per the congressional testimony by the daughter of the Kuwaiti diplomat who wasn't there and didn't see a thing…and whose testimony was written by US security?

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