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Del Irani — Mental health issues facing youth in Australia on ABC's #Talkaboutit

ABC News Presenter Del Irani discusses mental health issues facing young people in Australia on ABC News’ international program, #Talkaboutit


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  1. Mental health besides they help some people but meanwhile destroyed people lives forever. Royal Commission must be held to hearing the sufferers stories and seeing forgery on patient medical records. Macquarie hospital is the most dangerous place to be hospitalized. I n Ryde mental health ( RMHT) some psychiatrists are not a professional license psychiatrist and they put people life in danger to collect credit points to become a license psychiatrist and destroying innocent hard working peoples lives. What ever I wrote is base on real evidence.

  2. it's not about stigma..the people suffering from depressions want to get effective treatment which is not yet in medical science

  3. This is such a good presentation Del – really useful and very sensitively done.

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