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Depression & Anxiety Disability Insurance Claim Help & Tips

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Disability attorneys Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup have a very thorough discussion regarding disability claims for depression and anxiety disorders.

These claims are the claims which are most highly challenged by the disability insurance companies because the condition is purely subjective and based on self-reported symptoms. There is no way to objectively prove you suffer from depression or anxiety, such as a blood test or x-ray. Disability insurance companies take advantage of this fact and will deny claims for lack of clinical evidence of disability due to the depression and anxiety disorder.

Making sure your psychologist or psychiatrist is keeping detailed and legible records of each visit is key. The records must provide documentation of why your depression or anxiety disorder is causing an inability to perform your job.

A red flag to look out for if you have are receiving disability benefits for depression or anxiety, is if the disability insurance company sends you for an “Independent” or “Compulsory” Medical Examination with a psychiatrist or if they send you for neuropsychological testing. These exams are used to disprove your claim and look for malingering or overstating/exaggeration of your symptoms.

Most disability insurance policies have a limitation for mental/nervous conditions, which include depression and anxiety. A claimant is typically limited to a maximum of 12-24 months of benefits if approved.

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Our nationwide disability insurance attorneys have represented thousands of disabled claimants with their claims for either short term disability, long term disability, or long-term care benefits against every major disability insurance company. We do not charge any fees or costs unless we are able to recover benefits.

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  1. This was helpful and clarified many points on the challenges people face dealing with any need to support their mental health issues. This could be anxiety, depression, extreme worry which is not the same as depression but can lead to feeling depressed or hopeless. Tkuy

  2. I have a finished disability claim for social anxiety and depression. My lawyer is done I'm paid card in mail in my birthday after February 15

  3. I'm gonna try this method as soon as I get to Kroger(I feel so down lately)

  4. I'm going through these symptoms now, having a hard time trying to go and seek help

  5. Very good videos very helpful

  6. And yes he had to be in impatient care

  7. My husband was diagnosed with psychosis and his work will not let him come till he's been on his meds for the next 3 mths we are worried they will not pay out we have metlife

  8. those crooks tried to trick me into seeing their state Drs after contacting my lawyer that told them no..he will not see your Drs…it pissed them off so they denied me anyway

  9. Pts from army, 12 + pysc. Hospitals, 20+ doctors, 12 or more types of meds, spanning 35 years, 3 different diagnosis, 4 suicide attempts, ok, they're welcome to check, I hate to say it but yes I have a mental disability, I have harm myself and others, not proud of that at all, received benefits since 2007, if I lost my benefits I would end it for myself real quick. I think the government realizes that people denied of this treatment will eventually backfire on them in ways that affect society, in the worst possible way. In no way would I harm anyone, but myself, so with that said , I feel I have a good reason to receive SSDI, plus my case was approved through the social security Administration, not a judge, in a 20 psychiatrist don't get the message after that many years they need to take up another profession they know a Disturbed individual when they see them.

  10. re: documenting / dr. notes per session..and .. not getting the full attention of the doctor..
    Wouldnt it be good to record audio ..of each session? both the patient and the doctor.

  11. I'm dealing with Sedgwick, so of course there's a horror story involved. A few months ago I thought I was having heart attacks, was rushed from work to Emergency, and it turned out to be chronic panic attacks (never had them before). They were happening 3+ times per day. I also wasn't able to sleep. I've been going to a Psychiatrist, Therapist, and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner pretty much on a weekly basis. Trying different medications, different doses, and put on a plan to return to work. Sedgwick has denied, appealed, then denied again, and I'm stuck in an appeal status all based on "Lack of medical information". I've been in the Doctor's office while the Doc calls Sedgwick, and sends the information over. Sedgwick isn't just delaying their payment to me, but they're delaying my return to work, because the stress they're causing is making it difficult to figure out what meds and what dosages are working. It's a vicious cycle. I didn't ask for this to happen. I even tried to return to work, and was told by my employer that they didn't think I was ready to come back. It's insane. I just want things to go back to the way they were before the attacks.

  12. This is part of the problem with SSDI.
    It should be for REAL disabilities. Hell, I get severely depressed, but that in itself is not going to stope from working.
    I have MAJOR cardiac problems and cannot even keep my house clean, but I am going through hell trying to get SSDI.
    To fix the problem there needs to be some major changes.
    1- Make it for real physical disibilities…
    2- Only allow those who have been US citizens for a minimum of 10 years to even apply.

  13. What does it mean when you had your hearing and the lawyer asked me question but the judge did not give a decision. My Lawyer told me to reapply and again because most likely I was denied. Please help

  14. Can anxiety be Inherited by parents? My dad has really bad anxiety and developed a drinking problem. I'm 27 now and recently notice that I been having anxiety. And it's becoming hard to do every day task.

  15. Hello I have a question,I applied for short term disability and was approved
    My employer uses sedwick but with my employer, if a disability claim is approved by sedgwick my employer issues my disability payments.
    So once I was advised of my approval I called my employer to find out when I will be paid.HR then advised me that I was terminated . I asked why?????? And I was told that it was because I abandoned my job and I did a no call no show.I then told the HR manager that I did call them to let them know that I will be out of work and I was filing a STD claim and i was approved.
    She then stated that I was supposed to have called them (the employer) every single day untill my std claim was approved.
    Now I was not advised of that However , when I filed my claim originally sedgwick stated that they had informed my employer and there was nothing else I needed to do.
    Do you think I may have a case to sue my employer for wrongful termination especially since I was out on disability???……..and to add to this my employer requested for me to send them a copy of my approval that sedgwick sent me

  16. Any time you tell a doctor that you cant sleep they add a notation that you are a drug seeker. This is bull.

  17. i am 54 .two year ago i treated for brest cancer,they did surgery and revove tumor and also remove my limph not under my arm.i also did chemotherephy. after recover 8 months i back to work with some restriction. iworked 24 years for this company..now my manager told me i am not perfoming my job expection.i am try ing my best they know but now they want me to leave company . otherwise they fire me.i am in depration what to do after loosing job for giving my 24yr to company. do i qualify for ssi i am 54 running

  18. My friend – as a flight attendant was ejected into the ceiling of a jumbo jet due turbulence- not once – twice. Her head injuries somehow worsened over the past decade until she is a walking zombie- Sedgwick Workers Comp has caused her condition to become worse-now she has not only injuries but the added anxiety and depression.

  19. Wow you really nailed it. I was refused and the judge threw out my Psychiatrist's notes and I had an attorney that said nothing. I then got a new attorney (fingers crossed) and had a neuropsychological evaluation that supported everything my psychiatrist said and more. I also have physical disabilities that have worsened degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis (spine and knees) that has me in pain everyday. Cortisone shots do nothing to ease the pain and with the "opioid crisis" Doctors will not give me medication that works, due to past "issues" with alcohol and such. I have won an appeal but it has been months since I got that approval letter. I am not EXACTLY confident in my attorney but he was the only one that would take my case, and I called many. By the way, my diagnosis is bipolar, depression, anxiety disorder, compulsive behavior, and scored lower than anyone in my age group in all the tests, except for vocabulary on my neuro psych eval. I really hope that I don't get sent back to that same judge. That will definitely be a problem.

  20. Is it true that as of March 23, 2017 it's nationwide from SSA that the claimant must be given 75 days notice before a hearing date is set, if the hearing is scheduled after May 21, 2017?

  21. I think winning your case varies from state to state . I see some people win that do not seem to be sick while some people that can't work can not win their case.

  22. great information .it's sad how people like me who have depression.. anxiety and bpd which is a huge problem in my life might not receive benefits because there is still such a stigma and misunderstand on how this is truly a serious illness that caused me to overdosed 4 times .

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