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Depression & Anxiety Life Hacks #1: Emergency Coping

More about the Depression & Anxiety Life Hacks: http://www.depressionanxietylifehacks.com/

Support the project: http://www.depressionanxietylifehacks.com/support.html

Big thanks to Mary Klayder, for being an incredible source of hope, a fantastic educator and source of inspiration, and for the use of the phrase “it will be fine”.
More about Mary: http://www.kansasalumnimagazine.com/?p=5995

This video is not a replacement for professional help!
For professional help, call your doctor or your country’s emergency number.
To find help lines in your country, see
or http://togetherweare-strong.tumblr.com/helpline,
or go to https://www.imalive.org/ to chat with a volunteer online!

This video is about coping strategies for living with depression/anxiety (brainweasels), made by people who have experience with that sort of thing, but no medical training whatsoever. We can’t guarantee that any of this will work for you, but we are certain that you can find some things that make you feel better at least sometimes.

Find a transcript of this video along with notes and links to sources, etc here: http://www.konstitutionelleanarchie.de/dal-episode1.html

More about the Depression&Anxiety Life Hacks project here: http://www.konstitutionelleanarchie.de/depression–anxiety-lifehacks.html

Help us make more of these and other lovely things: http://www.konstitutionelleanarchie.de/support.html

Löhstana David – Enfantillages Instrumental

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  1. Also something that helps with depression and anxiety is having an animal. Knowing that that animal depends on you and needs you and loves you makes me feel a little better sometimes. Plus they can distract you. And they're adorable.

    Also the words at the end of the video is exactly what I needed right now, almost brought me to tears. Thank you.

  2. One think that can help if you have severe depression is instead of cutting, drawn on your wrists with pen.

  3. Weed…I ran out and I'm broke at the moment…argh.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you I love this video and you are the cutest!

  5. thank you so much for this. nice to see someone who's actually informative rather than some beauty guru acting like anxiety is a cute little quirk

  6. Thank you! This is very helpful.

  7. Do you do the voice for psych2go?

  8. Rhapsody love and thanks from me to you

  9. Your ending message really helped. Thank you.

  10. I always use the lemon trick!!!

  11. How wonderful you are to come through a dark place and putting together an upload like this to HELP others Bless Your Soul for this !!😄I genuinely got something out of it and have been living with anxiety and depression for 35 years plus Thanxs for this there's really Good info and tips !!Yay 😄

  12. Thank you!! So much. I needed this. Hope you're healthy and comfortable in your own skin as you read this! 🙂

  13. This was very helpful, thank you 🙂

  14. I write down what I’m feeling, and I’m already a writer so I write very dramatically and it helps to get everything out. I also doodle (at school) and at home I put on my oil diffuser and meditate (headspace app is awesome) or talk to my mom.

  15. You're the best! My favorite newly subscribed creator. 🙂

  16. Thank you very much for making this! It's been so nice to find this great advice and I've gotten great relief from some of your insights. I'm grateful to you for making this!!! And sending much love <3

  17. Thank you! i needed this thank you.

  18. You've totally blown me away here Anne. The content's so simple and the presentation so refreshing. Still searching for the right word to describe it. Guess I'll throw in quirky, upbeat, eloquent and original for good measure. Not to mention you (or your writers) are quite a wordsmith. This is one heck of an underrated gem of a video. I'll be on the lookout for more of your stuff. Cheers! 🙂

  19. Thank you so much. Needed this. I will keep coming back to refer to it. You really have a soothing way of comunicating x

  20. I love you so much 💜 thank you

  21. You're very cute. Not much to do with the video but still

  22. I go shopping online to relax sometimes.

  23. Thanks for the video KA, I will be sure to watch more when I get time. I have been dealing with MDD GAD and PTSD for most of my life. They tell me the PTSD isn't a thing for me any more but to say it doesn't still affect be would be ignorant. Any who, I am attending group therapy 5-6 times a week and see a therapist once a week. I will share this with them peeps. Good info here and it should be shared.

  24. This is the BEST. Thank you so much!!

  25. I just came across this video by chance and it was very helpful and made me feel a sort of hope for a bit. Which is a big thing for me, especially at the moment when I am going through some tough ordeals. One thing that suprised me was the end, right as I was about to click away you said to wait and said phrases I had heard over and over again, but something was different his time. This time I actually believed it, you and I have never met and yet your sincerity and overflowing kindness made it seem like you were speaking directly to me. Thank you for posting these, it was actually very helpful and I find you to be a wonderful person to listen to. More people need to see this and the rest of your videos, and I hope you keep posting for years to come.

  26. this is my favorite thing. I have severe anxiety, especially at school, so I'm going to try what I can from this video <3

  27. Holy omg
    That was an amazing video, not one that told me that I'm always in control or that anxiety and depression is a horrible thing to have, but that brain weasels are really annoying! Thank you!

  28. Thank you for your help and kind words!

  29. I watched this video some months ago when I was in a very bad place, and you were right, eventually I got through it and now Im much better. Thank you so much!

  30. I really like this video. I've had anxiety for years, but recently it's heightened due to being at risk of redundancy from work. However I have now been lucky enough to get another job within the same company. The job is on a medical trials line and I haven't done Tel's for many years so it's quite daunting, especially when I know I will have people sat next to me listening to what I say when I ring the patients, I have to make sure I do dpa correct, security, know about medical terms, go through questionnaires etc. our training is only for two days then we are getting thrown into it on the phones, which will be Tuesday coming. I had zipoclone from the doctors on a low dose of 3.95mg which is suppose to help with sleep and anxiety, however I only got 10days of the tablets as it can become addictive. So I have now ran out of it and worried I'm going to go back to having major anxiety. 😞

  31. so glad i watched this, made me giggle and feel positive in such a dark time!

  32. Lemonade can also be helpful if you wanna carry something that will hydrate, or can't deal with the tartness of a plain lemon. I used to drink lemonade when I was having panic attacks and couldn't find a fresh lemon

  33. This made me feel so much better, you are amazing. Thank you

  34. Thank you! Great ideas & a lovely perspective. You are literally a lifesaver. <3

  35. Thank you so much for this video

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