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Depression & Anxiety – The "Cold" Hard Truth

Depression is caused by chronically low dopamine and serotonin.

Did you know that dopamine can be synthesized from the neurotransmitter norepinephrine? It just so happens that cold exposure increases levels of norepinephrine exponentially! Cold therapy is being looked at as a treatment option to depression.

Exposure to ultraviolet light in the AM converts the amino acid tyrosine into dopamine; another proven way to enhance your mood. There is a reason being out in the sun feels so good! Connect back to nature through the four elements:

– Fire (Sun)
– Water (Cold Thermogenesis)
– Air (Deep Breathwork – Wim Hof Method)
– Earth (Grounding – Walking Barefoot where applicable)

All four are proven and backed by science to decrease symptoms of Depression & Anxiety by boosting vital neurotransmitters required to elevate our mood, process our emotions, and facilitate our goals through action!


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  1. Hi Shawn (Sean?). Great video. Well presented. I shared this video on my FB page for my followers. You make a very valid point about facing stress, facing challenges to improve our ability to deal with these things. Thanks for posting this video! I have a video on my channel about using the sauna and cold water for managing stress, anxiety and depression. Feel free to check it out!

  2. im not lying, i have anxiety and depression for 1 year, after taking cold shower for 4 days.. this completely help me to become a good person, i start doing push up and other calisthenic workout

  3. Mad respect bro. I used to love hiking in rain and always felt alive and happy despite the misery and wet winds. For the last 2 years due to my work (IT, mostly sitting in office or home) I became extremely depressed to a point where I don't want anything, nothing will make me happy.

    And then it clicked to me, the nature, seek the nature if you want yourself back and heck your video popped up with the whole cold water thing.. it all makes even more sense now.

    Gonna start cold showers now and head back for those "misery" hikes.

  4. Never heard of this but I'm gonna try a cold shower now… thanks for the encouragement. Peace

  5. What a legend. Cold showers completely cured my anxiety and I tell everyone to give a shot!

    I would've never entered that water though haha you're insane.

  6. Thanky you sir, this is a great explanation on what's actually happening inside the body when doing the cold therapy. Are you also familiar with the Wim Hof method? He is a dutch person that teaches these techniques as well. Very interresting stuff.

  7. Youre really well cold adapated. You hardly broke your breathing rythm. Good work!

  8. Great video, keep spreading the good vibes!

  9. Haha love the Brock Lesner entrance music at the end too

  10. Much respect for walking out in that river. I could not skip my cold shower today after watching this. Maybe I'll watch any day I feel like skipping. Are you still doing cold therapy?

  11. Very nice bro. Been doing cold showers for almsot a year now. But only do like 30 seconds. Not sure if its enough?

  12. I kinda think this is the only way out of depression for me, my inner me is wild and free, she needs to be strong, nothing else will satisfy. Which kinda sucks, lol coz i thought i could get away with laziness but it makes me sooo sad. I want the chemicals that feeeel good. Iv started my cold exposure with short cold showers.

  13. Very informative very inspiring and very deep into the human physiquephysique, I just subscribed

  14. Do YOU have any Idea…WHAT depression is?????To feel cold even in a warm bed…to not endure bright lights…to feel terrible in such ICEOlated places…Do you???…

  15. It will also make you courageous.

  16. 195 subs to you channel it should be much later contact me I am willing to help 😉

  17. Great information. I need to start doing cold showers again.

  18. Oy Vey shut that intro down.

  19. Contrary to popular belief. High serotonin is linked with stress.

  20. You're a wild man. Your message is spot on. Keep going. Stray strong.

  21. I'm waiting for some liberal to flag your video for cultural appropriation in the beginning. 🤣😛

  22. Fantastic Vid. Thanks from Australia!

  23. Good video bro. Can see you've done your homework. Im using the cold to treat Anxiety at the moment and its by far the most powerful thing I've come across other than fasting. Thanks for that.

  24. Great video! Earned a sub. I have bipolar disorder and panic disorder
    myself and am on medication for panic attacks. I talk about mental
    health on my channel.

  25. Great video man! Its synchronistic because I just shot one on dopamine the other day 😀

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