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Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, & More: The Co-Occurring Disorders of Addiction

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Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, bipolar disorder, personality disorder, or addiction?

Discover the co-occurring disorders of addiction.


Depression, anxiety, trauma, and other mental health issues often push us to adopt negative coping mechanisms—including addictive behaviors.

The relationship between these mental health conditions and addiction goes two ways; these illnesses can trigger addiction, but also, addiction can lead someone to develop depression or anxiety.

The first step in identifying & treating addiction is understanding its causes & effects.

Few know this better than Dr. Kristy Lamb. Dr. Lamb is double board certified in family medicine & psychiatry. She focuses on the art of emotional healing by using compassion, coupled with her clinical expertise, to guide her clients toward unlocking their full potential.

Discover the role that depression, anxiety, trauma/PTSD, bipolar disorder, & more play in the onset of addictive behaviors.

Don’t miss this eye-opening information, straight from one of the best psychiatrists in the country.

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  4. Meth and BPD,PTSD anxiety, and depression here

  5. And side effects are a sign the med is causing havoc IN the body, so yeah, that anxiety is founded!! " If were honest with each other we can see hoe destructive this is for yoyr life. This is really bad for you".

  6. Can't you just give them a GABA supplement instead of an addictive pill and tell big pharma no?

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  9. I have anti-social personality disorder and bipolar 1. I first noticed I was different than other people in 4th grade. We had a special needs student in our class and no one would ever talk to him. I knew he was desperate for companionship. I would rub a gummy bear in the dirt outside and then hand it to him. He would eat it and it would make him happy. it also made me happy for the first time in my life. Now I get angry when people laugh at movies, or show any type of emotion. I isolate myself from the world because I hate everyone. No one will ever notice I'm any different than anyone else though. Theres no cure for my illness but its supposably treatable, can you tell me how to get treatment?

  10. The words of a wise man's mouth are gracious;
    but the lips of a fool will swallow up himself.
    Ecclesiastes 10:12 | KJV

  11. Thanks I really enjoyed this video

  12. I had a hormonal imbalance called high cortisol for 25 years starting in the 1990s, i did not have medical insurance at the time or the internet. The condition would not let me sleep no matter what I did. After trying every herb I could find that I thought would help me sleep did not work I started using medication. The medication didn't work very long, eventually I started using opiates . Which led to heroin addiction and then methadone which I stayed on for 15 years at a high dose, but it did make me sleep. When in finally found out it was indeed hormonal and the cure was an herb i cured it myself . It all goes back to not having medical insurance in the 1990s. Most drug addiction go back to situations like this, self medicating do to the lack of good medical treatment in this country. Without good doctors willing to treat low income patients properly with real diagnosis and real treatment the drug use is only going to continue.


  14. Hi can you guys make a content about maladaptive daydreaming? Please? Thank you!

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  16. God bless Dr Kristy on her knowledge of antidepressants and having to taper .its finally getting out about tapering .
    I wont even go into the lack of knowledge my DR had about tapering .
    if anyone has worries about pharmaceuticals,
    check out Pharmacogenetics testing .

  17. I always wondered why i would continuously torture myself with hangovers ,,i have a theory i was unconsciously retraumatising myself .only when i gave up alcohol i realised what trauma ide been through as a baby into adulthood .ive had a torturous life but ile find a purpose in helping others understand there addictions , the ones living it are "the experts" ,but only once you give up addictions and do the introspection .
    Im dealing with a deep grief for the life i could of had ,depression and anxiety are the opposite of what you need to live in this world .
    Thanks Dr Kristy for the great info .

  18. Everyone who drinks has a substance abuse disorder.

  19. I thought that I was good but it was the wrong damn time zone thank you for posting here. Heroin BPD here

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  23. What's the difference between the drugs you prescribe as opposed to something like marijuana? Why do you feel confident with pharmaceuticals when they are profit motivated and hide serious side effects? I've tried both and prefer the natural over chemical relief.

  24. My now 21 year old daughter self medicated her anxiety and depression from 8th grade through her first year in college. Her drugs of choice were marijuana and alcohol. For this entire time she was under the care of a psychiatrist and a talk therapist. No one would take her drug use seriously. Due to her age I was always reassured that “she’s a teenager, teens smoke weed and drink”. It wasn’t until I researched the idea of dual diagnosis that we found an appropriate treatment program that addressed both her mental health diagnosis and addictive personality traits that she was successful

  25. Thanks for posting this!

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