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Depression/Anxiety/Tension are illness or not? Symptoms of Anxiety/how to Cope with Anxiety,Tension

Today’s Topic is:;
[Anxiety,Depression and Tension] Are all these illnesses or not?
Signs & Symptoms of Anxiety!
How to cope with Anxiety,Depression or Tension?

In my opinion these all are serious illnesses,and these are the roots of some other diseases.
Please do attention on signs and symptoms and consult to someone for cure these illnesses.
Relaxing,Sleeping,Listening Music,Yoga and many other ways for cope with Anxiety & Depression.
Discussion,Social Activities,Sports,Exercise,Shopping,Healthy Food,Walk,Traveling are also helpful in depression & anxieties.

نفسیا تی مسا ئل کیا آپ کے خیال میں بیماریاں ہیں یا نہیں؟

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