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Diabetes – made simple

A simple explanation of what diabetes is, complications that can arise from it, and ways to manage it.


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  1. i know this is late but is it possible i can use this video in a presentation

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  3. For mens. Is it true, diabetic patient should drink more water in order to filter out suger/glucose through urine and it seems whiteness in urine sometimes when suger filter through urine? And I think it's 3rd way to reduce blood suger level. This is why diabetic patient urine alot as kidneys filter out suger through urine fast.

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  6. hello what software is he using

  7. Omfg ur all soooo smart, such keen vision, he pointed at a liver and called it kidneys get over it…well done good video

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  10. Now I know why I'm so fucking fat all the sugar goes to the damn fat cells


  12. I just started dating a girl that has type 1 and I'm trying to learn and understand as much as I can. This video was very helpful and I appreciate the time and effort you have put into it. Very informative, thank you!

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  14. This was very helpful please keep making more of these

  15. Why is there no mention of lipotoxicity as the cause of diabetes?

  16. Your talking about Type Two Diabetes, right?

  17. When he says candy, a chocolate was shown

  18. Damn this video oldddd 2018? Anyone? Where my diabetics and pre diabetics at?

  19. I watched this video multiple times during EMT school and reviewing it again before my NREMT. Thanks for making this!!!

  20. 99% of diabetes is due high cholesterol. High cholesterol decreases effectiveness of insulin.

  21. Crybabies, Diabetes is a gift from god that lets us die faster! Embrace the afterlife my brothers and sisters!

  22. If you or someone you know has diabetes, you need to watch this.

  23. can i take this video and translate it?

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  26. Or, as I like to call it, "the Panc Stank".

  27. When explaining diabetes

  28. Why do you use this sanario with the key all the time we are not in a prison or under lock key all the time .

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  30. Plus there are 2 main types. You mentioned neither. What research are you referring to.

  31. Can you cite the paper that proves what you have just put in your video.

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  33. 3:32

    Type 2 is the top and type 1is the bottom, right?

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