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Diabetic nephropathy – Mechanisms | Endocrine system diseases | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy

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  5. The lecturer almost whispers. What's the point of speaking in such a quiet voice? You don't want to wake up your neighbors?

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  8. What a Gem of a video! In the middle of self-promotional stuff around diabetes related issues, this video is the real deal.!! Wonderfully done illustratations landed points bang on! Laymen could find the technical part & pace of narrative a bit challenging to take in. But hey, it is our health & wellbeing what matters the most. Stay put & watch it over. So better to learn & get cured faster & holistically, than pop pills prescribed by endocrinoligists & nephrologists who does not explain things to us (not entirely blaming the medics, they get to attend to many patients a day)

  9. im thankful for the video..but this is not a makeup tutorial man..just sayin

  10. I think RAAS reponds to low blood pressure. It leads to constriction of afferent arterioles not efferent arterioles so that it can decrease the GFR and maintain the volume of blood and can subsequently maintain the blood pressure. You have explained RAAS increases GFR. Can you elaborate a bit

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  13. I wish I haden't sen this. My doctor called my husband today. I'm waiting for them to call me. I missed his call earlier. Blood work a few day's ago. I have all the symptoms of stage 5 kidney disease. Having extreme pain in my back, and can't stand up. I got a bad bad feeling something bad is up. I'm going to bed.

  14. Very well explained and illustrated, thank you so much this was really helpful

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  16. the reason for efferent arteriolar vascular lumen narrowing is not vasoconstriction , it is hyaline artriolarscelerosis

  17. You are not connecting your explanation to the diabetes…. I was expecting how hyperglycemic state metabolism causes changes in microvasculature

  18. Please increase ypur volume while recording. Despite being on maximum volume on both headphones and speakers, your videos can be hardly be heard more often than not.

  19. perfect.. God bless you.. this is exactly what I was looking for

  20. Thank you very much for this mind blowing information.I have one question…..you described about RAAS,its mechanism is vasoconstriction in efferent arteriole when there is renal perfusion right..Then why it’s get activated during increased glomerular filtration¿

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