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Diabetic retinopathy | Endocrine system diseases | NCLEX-RN | Khan Academy

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  1. Thank you so much! this is very very useful, you have no idea how much time i have saved watching your video

  2. Thank you. This video is very helpful. The powerpoint presentation and textbook from my school is completely useless.

  3. I'm blind for 1 1/2 months four months ago..half of my vision is gone. I did not use medications, just completely cut sugar from my diet..half months later, I'm completely cured..

  4. great video, great voice,..

  5. Great video! Amazed I am still using your excellent videos to help me study during my second year of medicine!

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  11. Sounds Logic, Very helpful stuff, also i suggest whatch this material

  12. I enjoyed this presentation. However, the sound was so low that I still couldn't hear it even with my volume at 100%.

  13. why are Anti-VEGF medications not prescribed in the asymptomatic stage of stage 2? Would this not be able to help prevent further progression in the stages?

  14. Excellent presentation. But i have one doubt. As you said New vessels are formed in proliferative stage through VEGF. Then how anti VEGF treatment should be started in non (pre) proliferative stage?

  15. some text book may described the 3 stages as Background Retinopathy, PPDR, and PDR, which were little diffient from this clip.

  16. excellent presentation …thank you…

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  18. Just a little curious , is the person speaking male or female ? Sounds like both

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  20. i thought i had retinopathy until i realized it was the video that didn't have HD version

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    easily Understand To any One ………………THANK YOU

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  24. Thank you ,it is very clear now ,but would please answer my question my mom got the photocogulation treatement but the doctor said she still need to get lentis injection ,she is really afraid of these injection ,would some please answer me..????

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