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'Diet'/Healthy Eating Tips: What I Eat to Maintain/Lose Weight

Highly requested! My ‘diet’ routine of the things I eat to maintain/lose weight! Breakfast, dinner and snacking ideas included. Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. I have come to love this channel. Shu, you are amazing.

  2. i found out that if you are ever hungry, but you just ate, it is just your bodies way of saying that you are slightly dehydrated, so you just need to drink water. If you drink at least a gallon of water then you should be good and healthy and you'll find that you won't hungry as much. 

  3. your diet sounds fairly low carb. Is that deliberate? do you find staying lower carb helps? thanks for the video so much this doesnt sound too restrictive 🙂

  4. Making small changes to your lifestyle is definitely a much better strategy then getting on a fad diet. There were some great tips shared in this video!

  5. They definitely have as a lot of my old rings just fall off now! Thank you for watching – so glad it's helped 🙂

  6. And thanks for the video!!! feeling motivated 🙂

  7. I know this question is weird..but I'm just wondering if your fingers got slimmer as you lost the weight (ie. making your ring size smaller)? 🙂

  8. I usually have breakfast at 7:50, mid-morning snack at 10:30-11, lunch at 1/1:30, sometimes snack at 430ish and dinner at 7:30!

  9. Oh my gosh, that has literally made my day!! Thank you so much, Isobel! 😀 xxx

  10. Thank you! So happy you found it helpful 🙂 x

  11. Re-made my youtube account and you were the first person I went to subscribe to! Love you and this is great advice, thanks xxx

  12. This is really helpful! So pretty as well:) xx

  13. Haha, I just choose to have a smaller portion. You're allowed up to 24 a day! 🙂 x

  14. Thanks Sophie! Ahhh, it's in there somewhere! 🙂

  15. Thanks Carly! A compliment coming from you haha. Definitely need to meet up soon. Let me know when you're next in London! xx

  16. Ah thank you, you're too nice 🙂

  17. Try it and let me know what you think! x

  18. 5/8 almonds is considered a snack? omg I don't even start to get full with that lol

  19. you do look good, i hope i can find some of your motivation within me!:)

  20. Great video beautiful, love this, still need to meet up!! xx

  21. Haha thanks and may I say your really pretty I love your eyes o;

  22. Pasta is my Achilles heel but now, I really want to try zucchini pasta 🙂 Fantastic video Shu! Thank you for all the great tips 🙂

  23. I already subscribed =D

  24. Haha great username! I will see… x

  25. Yay! I hope you'll like it 😀 x

  26. Ahh, I've been looking into this and I'm really interested to try it! Will have to pick some up soon 🙂 x

  27. Thank you so much! It's definitely better in the long run 🙂 congratulations too on your weight loss! I will definitely check her out x

  28. Aren't they just?!! Addicted. x

  29. Ahh thank you for this comment, it was really helpful! 🙂

  30. Thank you! So happy that you found it helpful. I do a lot of strength but whilst that builds muscle, the most effective way to burn fat is to eat as clean as possible (abs are made in the kitchen etc)! I do a little bit of cardio and squats 3-5x a week to get my heart rate up, I walk everywhere and do mini cardio exercises (just anything but running!!) x

  31. Thank you Ladan!!! 🙂 xx

  32. So excited for exercise video next! Trying to get fit over summer so will be a great video to watch 🙂 x

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