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Do Eggs Raise Cholesterol?

Don’t let the egg industry scramble the science. Eating eggs raises cholesterol, which can increase the risk for heart disease and other health problems. Neal Barnard, MD, talks about a recent review conducted by the Physicians Committee research team, which analyzed the egg industry’s role in cholesterol research: https://bit.ly/2swwlqg.

Learn about the health concerns with eggs: https://bit.ly/2EqtkKQ.

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  1. Cholesterol is not the enemy. Vegans are.

  2. I don't care whether the cholesterol rises or not, I'll eat all the eggs I can get because cholesterol isn't dangerous.
    Vegans can go sterile without cholesterol. You guys can live on lack of cholesterol and your children will be sterile.

  3. Eggs can’t cause a heart attack, non sense some studies say it raises good colestrole and some say the bad one, if u eat one a day u won’t die hahah

  4. So eating an egg a day is dangerous? Or is it ok?

  5. So what am I going to eat for breakfast now? Avocado toast? But that’s not enough to fill me up!

  6. No doubt that eggs will raise cholesterol. I would like to see some more in-depth studies however. More research subjects, what else they’re including in their diets, family health history, ethnicity, genetics, specific exercises if any, height, weight, blood type, etc. Hell put their environment down there as well. I only say this because I’m in my 30’s, don’t exercise hardly at all, and consume literally between 10-12 eggs daily and my cholesterol level is low and I’m in fairly decent health. If anyone could point me to more studies like this I would really appreciate it. I’ll admit that it might hit me any day now at my age. 😂

  7. Can you please provide links to the studies you have referenced?

  8. Eating eggs in combination with an unhealthy diet with refined breads, oils etc will be bad, but if those participants ate eggs with other whole food such as whole veggies would have different results, and other factors such as excercise wernt considered.

  9. There are tons of people that do the keto diet for example and they eat eggs everyday and their cholesterol is normal. Don t you think that sugar is the culprit? Maybe you should not be this shallow and next time present all the facts about cholesterol.

  10. Can I eat one or two eggs per week?

  11. I have always believed that the reason we are constantly flip-flopping on nutrition guidelines and recommendations was because of competing special interests funding different research.

  12. you realize the eggs came way before the industry. and people have been eating eggs forever

  13. I am angered at the purposeful disinformation campaigns these companies engage in just to earn a profit. Thousands of studies show that cholesterol is raised when frequently eating a high cholesterol diet. Hyperlipidemia and hypercholesterolemia is not a place anyone should wish to be. Yet, many people are gleefully ingesting 4 eggs at a time. The logic is simple. With high cholesterol diets, not all excess cholesterol is able to be metabolized and that remaining portion is not immediately crapped out. So where does it go? Yep, it the blood. What does LDL do to blood vessel endothelium? This (1). 1. https://www.fasebj.org/doi/abs/10.1096/fj.201802245R

  14. Excellent…..! Thx…
    whole plant based vegan foods on Instagram == mikewakethefoodup

  15. Conspiracy theories is the best you can do

  16. LIAR. Even Ancel Keys never said that eggs raise cholesterol.

  17. this isn't a serious guy 🤣🤣🤣

  18. A clear case that much of what flies for scientific research is just a guessing game by either side.
    At a personal level…….one better do what works for them.

  19. Never really liked eggs, but I ate them bc I was told they were healthy. I also used them for cooking bc I thought it was essential for certain recipes. I love baking without eggs and skipping all that cholesterol at breakfast time. 🙂 I will never go back!

  20. Anyone watching this crap, don't listen to this crap. Cholesterol, LDL and saturated fats are good for you.

    What gives you CVD is high sugar, starch (carbohydrates) and rancid polyunsaturated seed oils that are made in a factory.

  21. This reminds me of the time you said Dr. Atkins died of a heart attack when he actually slipped on ice and hit his head. Then his wife publicly called you the “vegetarian taliban” in Time magazine because of your lies and attacks.

    There is no scientific experiment that shows eggs cause heart disease. Quit lying!

  22. Physicians Committee: Comprised of a whopping 5% of physicians, all others are plant industry shills and environmental nihilists.

  23. It would be great when the subtitle like Dr. Greger for all peope to understand. In this time is so important that the people eat more healthy and for the animals and the CLIMATE.

  24. Hmmm…no eyebrows, bony face (protruding jaw line), narrow shoulders, low muscle tone; the doc looks like he is wasting away. Not the person to take any advice from. Did he not get the memo that dietary cholesterol means nothing?

  25. And in the study I bet that they are eating Toast with Margarine and Jelly or hash browns fried in Crisco. I want all the benefits that Eggs give as well as the cholesterol. Sad that 80% of it in the body is created because of the inflammation causing foods that most eat daily…

  26. The cholesterol hypothesis has been well and truly been debunked it is utter rubbish carbohydrates and sugar have a bigger impact on atherosclerosis cholesterol collects there as the bodies defence mechanism trying to fix the problem so why blame it so you can sell more statins. The French as a population has very high cholesterol and low heart disease stop blaming fat for what sugar has done and research the Randal cycle and have the mixing of carbs and polyunsaturated vegetable oils is the true culprit and not cholesterol. Plant -based doctors have to blame cholesterol it’s the only thing the cling to as there is no study of a plant based diet against a truly low carb diet

  27. Such BS. My great grandmother ate 5-6 eggs everyday for most of her life and she lived to 106. And guess what she didn’t die of cardiovascular disease. Her entire diet most of her life was eggs, oatmeal, some fruit, rice, sweet potatoes and chocolate. That’s all she ever ate. My uncle just died of a heart attack at 64. Guess what, he at eggs all the time but he also cooked them in vegetable oil and ate a lot of other crap like donuts, cookies and cakes loaded with trans fats. My great grandmother never used any kind of oil in her life. That’s all you need to know. Stay away from the industrial seed oils and artificial sugars which are the real cause of cardiovascular disease. I’ve eaten 12 eggs day for nearly 30 years and my cholesterol never goes up or down. It’s been the same since I was a teenager. Eggs are one of the healthiest foods you can consume.

  28. Dr. Neal: veganism accelerates sarcopenia, aging. If you want evidence please objectively look at your atrophied body in the mirror. If you want to live in denial fine but please for the sake of all the young who will embrace your recommendations please don’t espouse this suboptimal and harmful lifestyle to others.

  29. High cholesterol is good for longevity. This vegan doctor is braindead and he needs cholesterol in his Brain

  30. The claim is that eggs raise cholesterol, hence the burden of proof is on you to show that it does, not for anyone else to show that it doesn't, and you claim that the majority of the studies support that view, and yet, the only study you show, is one that shows the exact opposite. In the study you showed, the rise in cholesterol did not reach statistical significance – therefore the study concluded that eggs do not adversely affect plasma lipids, which is the only scientifically sound conclusion one could possibly reach from the data presented. And yet you claim it's misleading – there's nothing misleading about it. How about you show us the clinical studies that do show a statistically significant rise in cholesterol from eating eggs – until then, your claim that eating eggs raises cholesterol remains unfounded and this video is just another plant-based agenda driven propaganda piece with no scientific data to back it up.

  31. You are so skinny! Look so weak! I eat a lot of eggs, i'm a 48 year old natural bodybuilder, and i'm a monster near you! And super healthy, too! Man, get yourself some beef and eggs, and hit the gym hard! And you'll see that your cholesterol is no problem at all. So skinny and weak…

  32. Great Dr… This is an Awesome Information…👍👍👍

  33. An egg has only 100 mg of cholesterol. Our liver produces up to 3 grams daily for hormones production, cell membrane repair. They should be ashamed of so many lies.

  34. What form of cholesterol do eggs raise, hdl, ldl, total cholesterol? Really makes a difference ya know. What’s the whole truth??? Cherry picking again?

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