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Do Vegans Have Too Low Blood Pressure? What Should Our Reading Be? Dr Greger

Do people on a plant based diet have too low blood pressure? What should our blood pressure reading really be? What causes low blood pressure? Can we eat salt to cure low blood pressure? Are vegans’ blood pressure too low? What can we do to raise our blood pressure? Keep listening as Dr Michael Greger answers these questions…..

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Vegetarian diets and blood pressure: a meta-analysis.

Hypertension and blood pressure among meat eaters, fish eaters, vegetarians and vegans in EPIC-Oxford.

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  1. we evolved of millions of years? thats delusional thinking. illogical. REPENT

  2. God it is really difficult to understand what this dic is saying.He is speaking too much and too fast..

  3. I was quite below that, and was lightheaded. I had a lot of checkups, and no one said I should be having symptoms. Nothing wrong but, all of a sudden, everyone decided that I should get a pacemaker. Not sure how they got there but I was pretty sick. I did get the pacemaker and discovered I also had a low thyroid. Now, after getting all that adjusted… I wonder if I ever really needed the pacemaker.

  4. Funnily enough, before I was WFPB, my BP was 140/90. After I changed to this way of eating, I have had low BP (85/50) with symptoms. My solution was super simple; I just make salt a regular part of my diet. My BP is 100/60 now.

  5. My heart rate is always below 60. BECAUSE my heart doesn’t have to very work hard to pump blood though my plant based arteries. Also I recommend his book. As a 6 year vegan, it was EYE OPENING!!

  6. Hey Mr. Greger you forgot your voice acting lessons for a while there!! Much appreciated

  7. The narrator is so British that I get a taste of Marmite, Earl Grey, Kippers and Fish'n Chips in my mouth just from listening to her

  8. My significant other is about 95% whole food plant based, low salt diet, and still has high blood pressure that his doctor has prescribed meds for. Why is his blood pressure still high? He would like to get off the meds because of all the side effects (dizziness when exercising, stomach problems). What do you advise for someone who still has high blood pressure even though they are primarily whole food plant based?

  9. Why is he still banging on about cholesterol needing to be under 150? He's admitted in other videos that Total cholesterol is not important! He forgets his previous videos!

  10. Happy vegetarian with low in-take of dairy products…thank you for your expertise. ✨🙏🏼✨

  11. I like your vids. They're always so nicely put together. Your voice work is perfect.

  12. Haha, my blood pressure is exactly what Gregor said. 🙌🏼

  13. Hypertension, the silent killer, is extremely prevalent, so it gets lots of write-ups in magazines and newspapers. Glad someone is addressing hypotension!

  14. He talks too bloody fast!

  15. The vegan diet is dangerous and not in any way natural.

  16. Great explanation by Greger! Thanks for sharing

  17. My BP offen is down by 90/60 mmHg or less and sometimes I get dizzy. I decide to use more salt – so I was wrong with this – should drink more water!!! Thank you! 😘

  18. I have very low BP and 42 resting heart beat. I don’t work out. Should I be concerned? What are the symptoms of something wrong?

  19. Plant Based Science London Can you guys make a video on why they're so many ex vegans (or people who've been on a plant based diet) that are suddenly showing signs of deficiencies and are abandoning the diet after 15-20 years?…even after eating all the right foods? You guys need to address this issue!

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