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Do You Need Cardio For Fat Loss?

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  1. I really like this presentation…
    a 1 on1 class with you. Cool.

  2. I hate cardio. I love lifting weights. The best way I've lost fat is by eating healthy. I like being strong but still feminine of course🤗😇🦄. #NUTRITION

  3. I really appreciate this information 🙂👏

  4. If i lift weights in the afternoon and do jump rope 20-30 minutes later on in the evening the same day (every day) would that effect muscle growth?

  5. If I am too muscular,how can i lose muscle without adding fat?

  6. Thanks for explaining the cardio don’t
    I knew that but wasn’t certain of that low applies still …
    Nice videos
    Keep em coming

  7. Back in the day (mid 90s), I tried both cardio then later weight training. I found that weight training worked the best for me. I was gaining muscle but losing weight. My theory that fat can come and go much faster than muscles. Back then I wanted to get my fat/weight down but today it's the opposite. Now I'm back in the gym trying to get my muscle & weight up. I have to be careful as I have bulging disc in my neck and herniated in my lower back. The bulging disc can cause shoulder and arm problems. So I have to work out in a way not to make things worse. If I feel tightness or soreness in my neck and shoulders, I back off and take a break. So far I'm going alright.

  8. Lost 70lb by doing cardio/running. How did I manage to do that? I made a video explaining how to that and there are more to come. The cardio/running is the KING of sports. Whether is the basketball, volleyball , soccer, baseball, handball, tennis, football or almost any sports. You name it. Even the pro bodybuilders do cardio. GUYS, do cardio on regular bases, it will improve your health, strength, endurance, condition AND OF COURSE YOU'LL LOSE FAT. Hard work pays off, so invest in yourself!!!

  9. I Love your videos man.. great tips..

  10. Guys i have loss 10kg in 2 months, if you also obsessed to loss your weight follow the link https://bit.ly/2Lqs38E

  11. If you're not an ectomorph it is 100% necessary don't be lazy

  12. Im finishing my studies of Kinesiology and I must say I learned more usefull information on your channel than on my Uni :/ Only wish I had a mentor such as yourself that i could learn even more from. Thanks for putting interesting and useful content out there, really appreciate it. Massive respect ^^

  13. Do them fatburner tablets really burn fat?

  14. What's that watch? I want one..

  15. Instant thumbs up first 10 seconds because of his accent and blue eyes 😍❤️😂

  16. Where you record these videos?

  17. Thank you! This was extremely helpful.

  18. are your podcasts fitness related? which ones do you recommend?

  19. HIIT is still cardio man wtf…you run fast then pause then repeat..sounds like cardio

  20. well I for one am interested in losing my love handles and putting on muscle. I do jog often because I find it some how soothing. but man, I want to lose these love handles.

  21. any advice I'm 37 I weigh 14st 2 looking​ to loose fat & build muscle eat healthy how many calories should I be consuming

  22. That black sofa in the background looks familiar

  23. Excellent advices and thanks for your honesty.

  24. Mike, how about overall "fitness"? Cardio of 30 minutes per day is healthy for the heart. And the more muscle mass, the more the heart needs to work. Your reply is appreciated. Thanks

  25. With the goal of bigger muscles I hit the gym 3 times a week and do hour HIIT classes 2-3 times a week as well, would you say this is too much cardio and I should eliminate it?

  26. Can you do a Fasting video please. your thoughts/experiences would be great

  27. hi Mike. Quick question if you would.. I want to lose body fat. I'm 6.3" ,115 kg, and 25%bf .. what ratio of macronutrients do I need in order to lose body fat and sustain my muscle and how many calories should I be having a day to do so. thanks in advance.

  28. Finally an honest and knowledgeable guy. Great videos.Thanks!

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