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Does FASTED Cardio Burn More Fat? (What The Science Says)

Is there any truth to the idea that FASTED cardio burns more FAT?
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I’m 5’5, 177 lbs

hey I did a video about 3 years ago on this topic! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01EHBgyACVw


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  1. It’s also hard to run on a full stomach

  2. I've just got home from a fasted walk in the morning to burn fat and YouTube recommends this video…
    Thanks Jeff

  3. I do fasted 30 minutes a day of fasted cardio… black coffee before, that’s it

  4. I wonder what the women were eating before they ran

  5. Great video, thanks for taking the time. I would like to know how different diets play into this. You mentioned that fat burning over a 12 hour period is decreased after fasted cardio, but what if they’re on keto?

  6. This is why I eat DURING cardio. You gotta keep the body guessing for best results.

  7. I'd be interested to see how different diets like keto would change the results of these studies. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a difference between people on consistently low-carb, "fat adapted" diets vs people who are always eating high-carb.

  8. So no one check on the diet so IF by it self but what about low carb

  9. Fasted body and Cardio just doesn't agree with each other.

  10. The big downside is whe u jog unfed, your body uses your own muscles as source of fuel, this leads to really bad muscle loss, because unfed jog had more fatigue, the loss muscles leads to less fat burned because muscle itelf is the one burning the fat.

  11. I’m living proof. I use to be a coke head and a alcoholic everyday for 2 years didn’t workout anymore, ex fighter. I dranked abiut 20 beers a day, ate tacos and dirt food. So my birthday was Sunday last Sunday I got on this fasted cardio I stopped drinking beer and ate clean. Dude I f noticed a big difference in my belly and waist by Saturday. So yeah, some people are just mad Bc it doesn’t work for them but it doesn’t mean it won’t work for you guys. It f worked for me and I’m going and staying with it. Then later at the day, I eat protein and normal clean Bc I build muscle. Cheers

  12. Hey Jeff,

    How about fasted weight/strength training? or Fasted Metcon training

  13. Love the video! Really informative and on point! Really well researched aswell! Points to you mate!

  14. I'm still going to run fasted.

  15. "Which is true" … lmao I'm gone to see Fledgefitness video on this guy!

  16. Can you do a review on the differences on the effect of physical activity on different genders? I’m so sick and tired of research being focused on men. Sure, historical research is mostly focused on the male physique and body, but the function and process differs between genders. It needs more awareness OVERALL.

  17. I did cardio on empty stomach. Felt ultra mega nauseous and felt like vomiting bit nothing could come out.

  18. Really appreciate your balanced, thorough, no-agenda approach to these questions Jeff. Great video 🙂

  19. What about half the workout in the morning and half after eating??

  20. I eat breakfast first thing in the morning when I wake up for me I just ignored all the fasted advice and went from 203 to 159. And I never felt better before in my life. For me having breakfast before cardio just fuels me like crazy and I feel absolutely great when doing cardio some other people feel weighed down I guess when they eat 1st thing in morning I never had that problem but that's just based on my body alone of course everyone is going to be different.

  21. You can do cardio for an hour straight and still not lose fat because it’s all about having a deficit. 😂

  22. The question is what do you do? I’m curious!

  23. What if the groups are keto vs not?

  24. I do cardio in a fasted state regardless of the fat-burning effects as I find my performance is better in a fasted state

  25. One question…can i drink coffee without artificial sweeteners in it before fasted cardio???

  26. I overall agree , but 16/8 fasting honestly works better FOR ME . I can actually perform better fasted and it's easier for me to reach my caloric deficit goal . Increased hunger that can backfire is only an issue the first week… After my body adapts well to IF.

  27. For older guys how much HIIT/sprints per week is sustainable for maintenance in conjunction with clean eating and occasional strength training?

  28. Thank you for this video, these conclusions DO NOT apply to those excersizing while on keto diet, keto-adapted athletes.

  29. Training must be looked at beyond fat loss. Fasted training is excellent for mitochondrial health and longevity! I was hoping to see that mention!

  30. People in general eat way more than they need to. Can’t remember the last time I had 3 meals a day.

  31. It's more convenient for me to cycle first thing in the morning before breakfast (in lockdown) and I convince myself it's more effective although really I'm just suffering because it will appease the cardio Gods.

  32. I’ve started running for my cardio since the corona showed up and gyms closed. I still do my weight training after eating but I’ve found that I feel a lot better when I do my run first thing in the morning before eating. I’m also faster on an empty stomach if that makes any sense.

  33. Its doesn't make sense its bullshit lol when you don't eat you lose weight/fat what ever. There it is. Forget the mathematics. Just fast 😑

  34. BRUH! getting too scientific. Just fast. BOOM! Plain simple

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