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Does Moderate Alcohol Raise Bad Cholesterol? : Fresh Kitchen

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Moderate alcohol does not raise bad cholesterol. Find out why moderate alcohol does not raise bad cholesterol with help from a natural health enthusiast, avid runner, active blogger and published author in this free video clip.

Expert: Teresa Howes
Filmmaker: Rudi Rose

Series Description: Eating right is all about making sure both that you’re eating the right foods and that you’re eating at the right times. Get tips on nutrition with help from a natural health enthusiast, avid runner, active blogger and published author in this free video series.


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  1. She is NOT a medical doctor. Not even a qualifies researcher. She is citing junk science. She is a quack.

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  3. Studies show??? What studies? Absolute rubbish

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  5. No one ever defines the quantity of a glass of wine! Is 1 oz 16 oz???

  6. I got a challenge right from my Medical doctor to have my cholesterol level down to below 200 or else he wanted me to use a statin. Yet I decided to have another treatment to use. And attempted using this specific cholesterol tutorial “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) . To my delight, it really works. It’s decreased to 200. This is all without that unpleasant fishy flavor along with other supplements. .

  7. Did they base the character Janice from the Muppets on this girl? Fur sure. https://youtu.be/lHgyTB-M3ek

  8. I wnt to ask lets say i have a loop nd ive been having nun stop bleeding then i stopped is there a possibility of being pregnant

  9. Your vocal fry on your voice is beyond annoying

  10. Bad advice.. you are an idiot AND I mean it … you are an idiot.. propagating alcohol… How much did you get from the ALCOHOL INDUSTRY.

  11. Cite your references ! There is conflicting research on this subject.

  12. I read loads of great opinions on the
    internet about how exactly Hybetez Remedy (just search it on google) can
    help you cures your cholesterol naturally. Has anybody tested out this
    popular cholesterol treatment?

  13. I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Hybetez Remedy (search on google). But Im uncertain if it is good. Have you ever tried using this popular hypertension treatment?

  14. The studies you mentioned where not RCT, had not consistent data or statistically significant effects. Poor excuse for a "health" channel.

  15. Anyone know what is Hybetez Remedy about? I hear most people cures their diabetes safely with Hybetez Remedy (do a search on google).

  16. Anyone notice that she blinks a lot. It distracted me from the point of the video.

  17. you say that red wine has the best heart benefits because of certain plant chemicals…so it's not particulary the alcohol in whine that does the job but these plant chemicals….also studies who show that people who drink alcohol in moderation live longer and more satisfying is very weirdd as in india lot of people reach an old age without alcohol and as in the west most people drink alcohol in moderation yet in the west the most depressions and lonely sad people are found…there are more ways to decrease cholesterol as a lot of people can't just drink one whine at a time…bad advice if you asked me with all the alcoholics around 

  18. Lol what about the people that get wasted once in a while

  19. How did she know? And I don't buy box wine…. what about half a bottle? 🙂

  20. Why is it tho when I drink 5 to10 beers.i am usually 5 pounds lighter the next day

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