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  1. I have omelet every morning with 100gr of cheese, cooked in butter. I also eat meat.

  2. “if the serum total cholesterol is 90 to 140 mg/dL, there is no evidence that cigarette smoking, systemic hypertension, diabetes mellitus, inactivity, or obesity produces atherosclerotic plaques.”

    “In societies where the serum total cholesterol is <150 mg/dL, the frequency of symptomatic and fatal atherosclerosis is exceedingly uncommon; in contrast, in societies where the total cholesterol level is >150 mg/dL, the frequency a of symptomatic and fatal atherosclerosis increases as the level above 150 increases.”
    “The higher the serum total cholesterol level, and specifically the higher the serum LDL cholesterol, the greater the frequency of symptomatic atherosclerosis, the greater the frequency of fatal atherosclerosis, and the greater the quantity of plaque at necropsy.
    * In placebo-controlled, double-blind, lipid-lowering studies of adults without symptomatic atherosclerosis, the group with lowered serum LDL cholesterol developed fewer symptomatic and fatal atherosclerotic events compared with controls.”
    William C. Roberts, MD

  3. That's why Bigfoot is so huge and healthy; good cholesterol.

  4. Dr. Robt. Trask of Prairie Cardiovascular prescribed a statin for me. I trusted him. I recently changed general practitioners and he immediately took me off of the statin. Now I have extensive liver and kidney damage. Being retired, there's no legal recourse for me.

  5. Magnesium in pill form dissolved in saliva without swallowing for about 15 minutes allows it to be absorbed directly into bloodstream avoiding the intestinal tract where it may cause diarrhea. Lowers BP to normal levels with regular use by relaxing blood vessels. This avoids toxic drugs and the horrible side affects which cause many problems. My doc convinced me to try statins and immediately, I experienced severe headaches and joint pain. After 1 week I stopped taking them. My wife was started on statins and developed pancreatitis. Instead of blaming the statins she was accused of being an alcoholic. The med industry doesn't give a hoot about patients as long as they can push they're toxic moneymakers.

  6. Altorvastatin had me coughing and gagging. I haven’t coughed since I stopped.

  7. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2019/jun/11/mystery-arteries-harden-cracked-scientists-calcium-deposits

    This study cuts through the confusion. Its not about cholesterol, or diet.
    The University of Cambridge discovered the cause and cure for clogged arteries:
    Simplified: DNA damaged cell send enzyme, that normally forms bone from calcium,
    takes that calcium to build blockage in arteries, rather then build bones.

    A simple antibiotic, is the antidote.
    The question is , why is the trillion dollar health industry suppressing this information.

  8. Grass fed butter and grass fed butter will help increase your cholesterol levels to keep you healthy

  9. There is no such thing is good and bad Cholesterol that was created by pharmaceutical companies to promote the drug statin

  10. Milking cows at age 94 means he is a bad man who has been keeping animals in captivity and exploiting them and stealing milk meant for their babies all his long life! This nutritionist is so hypocritical – exhorting us to 'be happy' and do fun things and then be really low-lives to animals! I have heard whatever he is saying said by others on Youtube, including some of the 'jokes'.Why did he come out in a white coat, dropping names like Dr Oz😆?? Why is he trying so hard to project a 'happy' image of himself with his wife and his dogs??!

  11. explorer Jacques Cartier in the late 1600s discovered by the natives in Quebec that sap in trees cured scurvy.

  12. Uh, I’m keto, so with you on dietary carbs not being necessary. But the desert island comparison… I think you misstated. Fat&Protein vs Only Carbs… Of course you’d die on carbs only. Carbs and protein, you’d probably survive, although you’d need all kinds of supplements from all the essential nutrients missing from your diet. You can generate fats from carbs, it goes both ways. Proteins are essential, whatever your diet. Again, not advocating a carb-adapted diet; you lose access to your fat stores, need to eat constantly, AGE’s, all that stuff you mentioned. Just nit-picking.

  13. the story of the lost key is that of the sufi the Mula Nasruddin! Not a lady and men. It's a legend from Iran.
    I would disagree with the Paleo pyramid. Animal products were a supplement. With what I learned more recently, they were not hunters-gatherers, but gatherers-hunters.

  14. here's my take away: sugar=poison. all statin drugs have issues, all ages. get your lazy ass up and move. do not drink. do not smoke. choose wise supplements.

  15. Many people who have familial hypercholesterolemia benefit from cholesterol lowering effect of medication they receive. You haven't seen children who have this genetic disorder and have died of heart attack at the age of 5 or 6. They all have elevated low density lipoprotein cholesterol. Chronic reduction of this type of cholesterol reduces the incidence of premature coronary artery disease. I am a beneficiary of this type of treatment and a survivor into my age of 70's in comparison to those that didn't receive my type of treatment. You do a disservice to people who might very well have a genetic disorder that presents itself with high cholesterol who might buy your specious arguments about futility of lowering their dietary cholesterol and succumb to premature coronary death. A well-rounded scientist usually is not as opinionated as you seem to be and usually has done independent studies of his own before he/she expresses contrary opinions based on his own facts that are published in peer-reviewed publications and are corroborated by similar studies that confirm the same findings. Please refrain from this style of sensationalism without your own supportive facts so they could be scrutinized.

  16. I was on Lipitor until I read this book when I tossed them in the garbage. I now know cholesterol does not cause heart disease or stroke. My husband – who is 82 – had a stroke on 8/5/19 and the doctor placed him on Lipitor which caused horrible side effects. The doctor took him off the statin and suggested Red Yeast Rice. I checked into it and was told by two sources that it was a waste of money. I placed him on the Keto diet and he's lost 71 lbs.

  17. Meanwhile, here in 2020, if your total cholesterol goes above 200 or your LDL goes above 130, doctors will still say you are going to have a heart attack if you don't take these statin drugs.

  18. I came home from a visit with a nice young Cardiologist who had just got quite upset with me for refusing a stent, When he prescribed statins, among other things, I decided to just take the prescription and not tell him where the pils were going…he was happier thinking he had won half the fight. I am 73…far too old to dump cholesterol!
    Many thanks for this lecture to reassure me about the function of cholesterol, just when I needed to hear it. I already know far too much about stents! Oh, and thanks to my long suffering Guardian Angel for finding you for me. 🙂

  19. A young athlete at the University of San Diego (USD) went on the Paleo Diet in 2010, and the head of the school's health center intentionally falsified all kinds of medical tests to get the young man thrown off his sports team. She also talked the school's registered dietician into agreeing to trash the young man as well. In fact, the young man was leaner, stronger and more healthy, but the medical establishment at the University of San Diego "believed" that should the young man continue with the Paleo Diet and his exercise, he would die. When medical directors and registered dietitians undermine and sabotage a young person because of their own "wrong" ideas as recently as 2010, it shows how powerfully Ancel Keys' doctored data affected their thinking. Bad ideas based on bad and limited research. The USD student health center director literally lied on important medical tests to get "cover" for her prejudices and bias. Dr. Bowden corrected his wrong thinking, but look how many years it took for him to do so. Look at the sheer numbers of Americans hooked on Fast Foods.

  20. He turned a decades older joke into a long boring, pc tale. It’s so old that when I first heard it, the loser of the object was a ‘moron’.

  21. All these Recommended Supplements are synthetic, isolated or are taken away from their natural contexte. They should be replaced by Natural Food Sources because Living Cells only Recognize Living Nutrients, unless they are completely deficient and desperate..Isolated Vitamin C for example is very acidic and requires alkaline minerals to be metabolized. But in a natural organic orange it Vitamin C is much less acid and is accompanied with other alkaline nutrients, flavonoids (Antioxidants) & fibre…

  22. I think it was Captain James Cook not Capt James Smith who loaded up his ship with limes…hence the word limey.

  23. The FDA isn't helping with allowing food manufacturers to produce and push imitation GMO's packed with sugar and bad fats onto the human public. They're obviously in cahoots with the pharmaceutical companies and keep each other big bucks. Get rid of one and you get rid of the other and the public gets well.

  24. Another fat loving carb hating quack…. Even an all potato diet is a lot healthier than what he is recommending and will heal most of your chronic degenerative diseases. Look it up. And the Kempner Rice Diet too, while you are at it.

  25. We hope that you will be invited to speak before our doctors and department of health in the Philippines

  26. I guarantee you know Dr. Jennifer Daniels !!!

  27. Yeah, except the large fluffy LDL does 37 percent damage and the small-dense LDL does 43 percent damage. Not enough difference that you can "forget" that jump in your LDL cholesterol that happens with saturated fat increase just because the particle size changes, even if all of it changes to the big fluffy ones, they are NOT innocent bystanders at all, and your risk goes up along with saturated fat, period. Even the US govt, dummies that they are, now know this and warn people. Don't be taken in by this video.

  28. i stopped trusting doctors when they tried to cut my spine from the back of my skull to the crack of my ass to fix a broken back and neck.walked out of hospital 2 days later spent 9 mths in a tlso brace and wrist brace for sshattered wrist they also wanted to cut into my left wrist crushed spleen and pancreas healed on there own too.doctors like to make money off pharmaceutical companies and unnessary surgeries.they wanted to cut my arm off when i was 18 bad car wreck shreaded right arm.i still have my arm hand and it even works a litttle bit but i didnt let em cut it off.did let them due surgery on bolth rotor cuffs and regret it daily.always get a second opinion.

  29. Enjoyed that a lot. You really explained very well made it easy to follow and understand

  30. Should we exercise after each meals?

  31. According to my doctor a cholesterol is a cholesterol. I have to take statins.

  32. I ate saturated fats and low carbs my HBA1C decreased from 10.2 to 7.5 but my triglycerides increased from 92 to 240.

  33. Hope you will be invited to speak in the Philippines.

  34. I went last friday to have my blood tested. Last time I had it checked was two years ago and my LDL was 4.2 mmol/l and 18 months before that it was 3.8. In between I ate every day at least 4 eggs, sausages and bacon. I realy did.

    So back to last friday. I had water fasted 120h. Checked that I was deep in ketosis. Now I plan to go back on monday eating 100g of duckfat 12 hours before the second test. What will happen? How will these two separate tests differ? Anyone done this? Should I drop out of ketosis with some sugar?

  35. I learned all of this 20 years ago. I eat high fat, high protein, low carb. I am 73, work every day. I have no aches or pain of any kind. I can still do a 6 foot standing broad jump. I run, climb ladders. crawl under houses and through attics every day. I can work on my knees all day with no pain. My friends consider me a miracle. There is no miracle. This just works.

  36. For the love of god, people, it’s MUSCLES, (and not MUSSELS). Jesus. 🙄

    Mussels are a shellfish that you eat.

  37. My own experienced that carbohydrates cause high fattening hard to breath and high cholesterol so becarefull guys

  38. So Mr. Bowden found out that something is fishy about cholesterol…
    …I couldn't help notice that he mentioned Flat Earth… Well, maybe he'll look into that too…
    Speaking of cognitive dissonance…

    Stop believing everything so called scientists and doctors say and do you own research…

  39. The older rural Chinese who ate a diet of 90% white rice and 10% vegetables lived long healthy lives free of disease.Very low fat and low cholesterol.

  40. I follow the mediterranean diet, and my cholesterol was at 305 !!! The only thing that solved was CRESTOR 10 mgs. In one month, it dropped to a normal range. Yes, i didn't have energy, although taking CO Q10, i had muscle pain too. Then, i dropped the statin, and i started an alternative thing – Water with eggplant and lemon. Guess what – My levels of cholesterol went to the roof, i started feeling very dizzy, difficult of speech, waking up with my arm paralized… So i guess each case is a case, right? Before suggesting alternative choices, you need to study case by case, coz it can be very dangerous.

  41. Purchased yesterday Kindle, The Great Cholesterol Myth and already I know this is one of my favourite medical books. 🙂 Video, internet, … is ok, but if you want really deep understanding on matter, books are the way to go.

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