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Dr Sandra Cabot – Depression & Anxiety Today Tonight

Dr Sandra Cabot discusses how to treat anxiety and depression. These conditions can really affect a persons life and it is very important to understand and treat depression and anxiety adequately.


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  1. Is Wendy Perkins a man??

  2. I've been dealing with this every since I can remember. I made a page on Facebook called depression Isn't Easy

  3. She needs to get a huge bone. My bone would make her squirt like a firehose. The ladies on the "sub" continant need to ride the pole of love shishkabob style. No more drugs just a good hard f-ing. The fat bitch needs to have the pounds beaten off her like high rep low weight … then made to suck and suck and suck. My method workd GREAT!

  4. Funny, you know, all the "medical professionals" that I been to over the years, alternate and mainstream, not one of them suggested your approach to the problem yet it is so simple..you must see this ANXIETYANDDEPRESSIONTREATMENT.JUPLO.COM

  5. lol they saw you coming.

  6. Excellent. I found for depression a mixture of Vitamin D (which my liver no longer properly made into an active form) combined with flax oil (I''m a vegetarian and may prefer Krill oil. It is just to get Omega acids. I was on all kinds of anitdepressants from Big Pharma for decads which did more harm than good. Will keep reading your stuff. Fascinating. I am interested in depression and liver ailments, both of which you cover!

  7. Ok, on a weird side note, are you a vegetarian or do you eat meat? I find eating chicken seems to be good for me. I came to a conclusion it must be chicken because chicken contains amnio acids, vit B12 and a range of other things. I will also try your idea though. Thanks!!

  8. @BaileyLush can you elaborate on this? has it worked for you? what exactly are you using and what dose? Please let me know!

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