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EXTREME Weight Loss Tips

Hey luvs! I am so excited to bring you these top weight loss tips that have helped me lose weight (55+ pounds). I am even more excited to present the 30 Day Fantasy Transformation Program!!! Woot woot! You’re going to LOVE it! Thanks for watching and remember to subscribe! xoxo Laura Annette

It’s here!!
Make your Fantasy a Reality with the ’30 Day Fantasy Transformation Program’!
-Fun workout routine made of daily 30 minute exercise videos
-Gourmet meal plan with 22 video recipes

Rewire your destructive behaviors with your digital copy of ‘This Is Not A Diet Book’ by Laura Annette
– 7 powerful and intensive self-coaching sessions
– A 3 month sample diet and exercise guide (recipes not included)
– 3 month goal setting and tracking form

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  1. I love how you answer every comment❤️

  2. She thicker than a bowl of oatmeal

  3. I love when people make short videos 🥰!

  4. So I have a question. Let’s say I workout 6 days a week and do HIIT 3 days a week. How often do I change the HIIT exercise? Every week or so or change it everyday I do one?

  5. Your body is so perfect omg.

  6. I started my journey wanting to lose 40 pounds, I’ve now lost 10 and I will lose the other 30 before summer!

  7. Can you eloborate meaning of HIT….I MEAN WHATS THIS.you were saying that 3 times a day i couldnt understand it properly😅😅

  8. I've a very crazy motivational trick. Which I've been doing for years and lost huge amount of weight. So whenever I crave food even when I've eaten my healthy ass meal and wanting some junky snake or sometimes when I feel like I need a big Mac for a meal. On the same moment I get down and start planking or start joging and make my fucking brain realise that this is what you deserve. I'm sorry it's quite rude for you to do to yourself but after all those hard ass hourssss of gym and healthy shit diet you did in past to get in shape. You Don't want to repeat it all over again because if you cheat once your brain won't stop it there. On the very next day you want to cheat again n again. I'm on healthy diet for 6 days a week and on Sundays I eat my fav food but in normal quantity because over eating on cheat days aren't gonna help you loss or maintain weight. So eat like a human not like an animal. Tell your body what to do, don't fall for it's unnecessary cravings. YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR BODY. Don't let your stupid brain takeover you. Haha thanks for reading this far. Okay bye

  9. does anyone want to make a insta gc where we can talk about our progress and help motivate eachother

  10. I plan on being down 77 pounds by the end of the summer

  11. i will lose 37 lbs before summer 💪🏼

  12. Is this photo of before and after real? Because I am like the before and want to be like the after. Do you think this can be possible? I am just like I wanna lose weight today and give up tomorrow

  13. i already eat one meal a day lol, but i have to try working out after eating

  14. I signed up a while ago, have I missed it ?

  15. This legit sounds doable
    Thank you!!

  16. Please, stop counting calories. Just measure your protein, fat & carb portions depending on what your body needs

  17. Damn!!!! You are beautiful. Great presentation and personality. You sound like Nia Long and that's beautiful too. Lol Keep pushing. Thank you.

  18. I don’t need to lose weight but I do need to get motivated to work out regularly again. Thanks for the tips!

  19. Detoxing help for sure. I lost 40 pounds in 4 months by detoxing once a month, making healthier choices, and exercising 3xs a week. Y'all can follow my progress on Instagram @prettyhealthy504


  21. I don't want to lose weight (I'm 60kgs) but I look less but my biggest worry is, how do I get my tummy lightened?

  22. I really need to lose 100 lbs, hopefully it'll work 😣

  23. I’ve been doing intermittent fasting Monday through Thursday and OMAD on Friday. The weekend is a lil loosey goosey lol. Saw these methods 1st on your channel and have finally been doing what I needs to do!

  24. I will attain my ideal weight b4 may 2020

  25. I will have my fantasy body by the summer. I really appreciate this video. Thanks for giving me the kick in the behind!!!!

  26. I will be at 160lb by July 4th

  27. Wow ok I'm gonna start today…will be back in a month to update…I'm 163 but want to go to 120 eventually

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