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Face yoga exercises to reduce puffy eyes in 4 minutes

Welcome back to Healthista’s face yoga series bringing you five weeks of face yoga exercises with expert Danielle Collins. Week two reduces puffy eyes in 4-minutes. READ MORE: https://www.healthista.com/face-yoga-exercises-to-reduce-puffy-eyes-in-4-minutes/

Over the next five weeks, face yoga expert Danielle Collins will guide you through facial exercises, massages, acupressure and relaxation to reduce wrinkles and puffiness in the face and neck. Face yoga helps to awaken the muscles by strengthening, toning and pushing circulation to revive the skins glow. Danielle says that ‘face yoga is a natural way of looking and feeling younger and healthier with an added sense of relaxation and wellbeing’.

Face yoga to reduce puffy eyes

This sequence uses three simple face yoga techniques to help improve circulation and boost lymphatic flow which is key to reducing puffy eyes and keeping the eye area looking smoother and firmer.


Exercise 1 – Circle the eyes

Exercise 2 – Mini V

Exercise 3 – Eye movements

For more about Danielle Collins: http://www.faceyogaexpert.com

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  1. Dear ..Give some tips for weight loss…

  2. Wtf this worked the first time only

  3. Now after trying this im in love with yoga 😍

  4. I have puffiness between the nose and cheek it look really ugly plz make to reduce that . Its is just side to my nose starts from the nose and mix with cheek what to do ??

  5. I have puffiness under eyes as hereditary. Its always present. Will it work for me

  6. Mam, for how many times should I take the whole process?

  7. Hey..gm m 26 year old i use a cream that cream made my one cheek skin loose..post yoga for that

  8. R u Patricia Becker’s daughter?

  9. Yes please. I would like to see your other face yogas which is good for clear complexion.

  10. Hello…Could you please tell me how often should we do this in a day? Also please tell me wat is the best time to do this? Awaiting your response!

  11. Hi there. For all your face yoga techniques, what is the ideal time that we carry out these procedures?

  12. Hello, Glad to find this clip. Does it work on 60+ persons? Thanks.

  13. Healthista, will these exercises help with festoons? or is their a better exercise I can try? My festoons are hereditary. Thank you in advance.

  14. Mam I'm 34 I have little swelling and little dirk circles please advise some good food for this

  15. wow this was different, but I liked it. I don't know if it will work, let's wait until tomorrow.

  16. It's too good mam thank you so much:)

  17. hiii mam myyy puffines is in my heritidy will this excercise work for me???

  18. Thank you really work for me.

  19. How often do you need to do this?

  20. Thnkyoo mam…….😍😍😍😍

  21. Is it really works and how many times we have to do in a day. Recently iam suffering with puffy eyes. Lack of proper sleep

  22. Is it really works and how many times we have to do in a day. Recently iam suffering with puffy eyes. Lack of proper sleep

  23. Face yoga will help to tone and tighten muscles in the face and may help with this problem

  24. Does this work for festoons under the eye?

  25. I couldn’t believe it! This works. I was researching surgery!! This is amazing, thanks.

  26. How many times in one day?

  27. Plz always make vedio subtitles

  28. How to get rid flat n wide nose plze make a vedio I want to Sharp n bridge up n thin nose plz make vedio

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  30. I have lots of dark circle and under bags since last year's. please tell me when it will b finish?

  31. She's so beautiful, and her speaking is like a dream. However, the bobbing head motion in her speaking style literally made me feel dizzy. Ay ay ay!

  32. video NICs
    but video in hindi League uplod

  33. Hi u didn’t explain for how many times we should do one step

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