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Faith can MOVE Mountains of Fear, Doubt, Anxiety, Depression, Worry etc

Faith that moves mountains! A quick encouraging word from me to you faith family! Is there a mountain in your way? Then Faith can move it in Jesus name! Amen


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  1. Awesome!! Thank you Mario.Im seeing this video a year after you first put it up, but I still loved itThank you for praying over me in this vid.Stay strong brother Mario.

  2. I needed this. Prayer is always great, but being obedient to the Lord's word is best. Thanks brother Mario and keep letting the Lord lead you…………………

  3. Hey Mario, do you have a email address where I can chat with you?. Also where do I donate to your channel?…….

  4. I have chronic mental and physical pain. It won't leave and is making me extremely suicidal. At times I totally believe the bible, at others I highly doubt it and at items I think i might not believe it at all. When my suffering is higher is seems my doubt is higher too.

    I try so hard by reading the bible heads watching heaps of videos and praying constantly when my doubt gets higher but often is seems to do nothing.

    I don't know what to do other than seemingly go around and around in circles and not get full healing. How can I have read the bible so much and watched so many videos and still be doubting this much. If I didn't have these problems id be able to think more clearly and it wouldn't skew my judgement.

  5. Amen thanku for trhis video Glory be to God

  6. my pastor was preaching about faith like a mustard seed

  7. Don't worry God will save he's chosen people- want to be one of them?? Please watch my videos it rebukes sin and stirs the Holy Spirit inside your heart to ACT.. I'm not mainstream media and never will be I'm a true Christian who if you love GOD, then will LOVE MY CHANNEL- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCba_pOvgglSJ4VeKeOgRiZw

  8. Thank u Mario i appreciate u I think u would be surprised some of us might be even worse off than u so thank u for ur awesome prayer 🙏

  9. An amazing video. Are you going to continue your biblical studies channel as well, or are you going to move the channel to this one?

  10. Amen! I needed to be reminded of that. Where there is faith miracles happen.

  11. Hey have you look at "the Last reformation" ?

  12. This was encouraging. Thank you for your prayer.

  13. This is a lovely video, I needed to hear this.Thank you.

  14. Amen! Nothing is impossible to him! Praise God.

  15. Praying for you as well mario

  16. this is a very uplifting video keep up the good work

  17. What made you want to use the KJV?

  18. Can you guys please pray for me today ?I'm going through a lot right now and my heart feels heavy.

  19. Jesus is our healer. I have a lot of health problems and the Lord is healing me. People tell me to go to the doctor to try to have another baby I say God will give me what I need. God can to anything.

  20. Looking forward to the content on this channel Mario, it will help me alot! Thank you for this video

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