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Farideh's Testimonial

Farideh describes how meditation has replaced the anxiety-depression medication she’s been on for many years. It has now been a year since she stopped taking the pills. She still “needs” a meditation “dose” every day, but she’s happier and healthier now than when she taking medication.

Recorded at the Portland Advanced Week Long Retreat in July 2019


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  1. this made me happy!! you're amazing

  2. Such a powerful testimony!! Thank you for sharing

  3. 🌺💕beautyful, I totally get it.

  4. I'll come back and do another testimonial….Farideh, you are precious, I am soooo looking forward to that!!!

  5. Just awesome. Thank you for sharing Farideh. Just love your energy <3

  6. You're beautiful and wise. Very happy for you, Farideh !!

  7. Meditation as medication 👌

  8. Beautiful energy Farideh! This will help many people with common symptoms. Thanks for sharing your story. May be see you at one of Joe's event 😉

  9. Hi Farideh ! 😊Thank you for such a fun and happy testimonial !!! As I intently watched the video I was blown away by your overall disposition of joy and happiness throughout the WHOLE movie. You obviously had a HUGE breakthrough!!!! Congrats 👏😁 How good inside you must feel to be free of your anxiety and depression plus the ability to cope with life's ups and downs. YES!!! Thank you so so much for sharing and giving all of us Dr. Joe followers the motivation and discipline to "DO THE WORK" and be "ALL IN" like you are. It is great that you are still meditating because as you well know…that is the foundation of "connecting with source". May you continue to be happy and joyful for the rest of your days!!!!

  10. A "double-dose-kind-of-day". Loved that. Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. I think we sat next to each other at lunch one afternoon…I enjoyed our talk!

  12. That made me smile. Effexor has the worst weaning symptoms…so cool you were able to walk away. Love your energy!🤩🌞

  13. Awesome! I have Anxiety and Depression. Which meditation did she use to help?

  14. Thank you Farideh and Dr. Joe

  15. That's so inspiring! Thank you for sharing. I'm going for my "double dose" tonight myself!!

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