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I hope you guys enjoy this video! Let me know what you’d like to see next 🙂

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  1. Omg Mari, my mind is blown! For a while I’m getting more aware of food and nutrition and i already researched and saw a lot of videos of youtubers, read some articles about it and i thought i already knew much about this subject, and then i met you and your videos. They’re all so clear and NOW i understand food and nutrition and fitness more than ever! It all became clear because of your amazing videos! Thank you so much! I’m struggling with myself lately because my weightloss journey doesn’t go well.. but i think now i really begin to understand everything and i have more courage to move on with my journey! Thanks a lot! I love you and your videos ❤️

  2. The brownie/celery example is a great one!

  3. I was really being stressed and anxious about my weight but after listening to your voice it really calmed me down and made me want to actually work to loose weight rather than stress about it ,,,,💞✨ but seriously you have such a relaxing voice

  4. Yes!! A lot of people skip over this, but all my nutrition professors say NOT to drink your calories!!! Black coffee and tea is so good for you, not to mention a ton of water. Also even juices and things like that – if you have the choice between a glass of orange juice or an actual orange definitely take the actual orange and a glass of water. It's not bad to be drinking fruit juice (definitely trying to aim towards 100% fruit juice though) but to put the drinking calories in perspective. It fills you up and has more nutrients that can be lost in processing. Great video!

  5. Everything is such well said by you- you’re such a motivation Mari!!

  6. hi mari! I just got your fitness Resistance bands, and it is thee best Resistance band I have ever gotten my hands on so far!!! Its so thick, and strong, and well made!!! I love that It doesn't roll on my giant thunder thighs!!! Im in love!!! I cant barely move it with my hands, its an actual useful band for me!! im so excited!

  7. Calories in vs calories out. So do you HAVE to track macros or is it fine to eat protein, carbs & fats in whatever % as long as you’re in your deficit?

  8. Hi Mari!! I'm from Chile, I have seen all your youtube videos, you are very informative and funny and real, I love to watch them!
    I'm beginning to eat healthy and working out a little, but when I see your videos you inspire me always, I'm so thankful 😘❤

  9. Just another note for everyone out there. MyFitnessPal is a GREAT tool as Mari mentioned, and I use it myself. However, I would NOT trust the amount of calories it tells you you need to eat in order to lose weight.

    Go to https://www.iifym.com to calculate your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). It will tell you how many calories you burn based on your activity level and other factors. MyFitnessPal pal tells me I should be eating less than my BMR (basal metabolic rate), which is actually really dangerous and bad for your metabolism! I would recommend that you do your research, and like I said, go go https://www.iifym.com to learn more about your BMR and TDEE.

  10. Mari me encantan tus videos pero me sucede X ahí que si bien se algo de inglés hay cosas que no las termino de entender.. hay alguna posibilidad de poner algún tipo de subtítulo xfavor?

  11. But how do I find the diet that works for me? How long should I try the diet out? I don’t understand how I would do it 🙁

  12. Excited for a full day of eating!! Always need food and snack ideas:)

  13. Love your channel you are so so helpful! I am currently trying to cut some weight and I’ve started with a calorie cut, as well as consistently working out to increase my activity level. I was wondering though, through my cut will I need to continue to change the amount of calories I’m eating? I know that our bodies can adapt to new matainence levels, so I guess I’m just a little confused on if for the whole weight loss portion I should eat to my original calorie deficit or if that will change over time?

  14. You forgot to link that other video you talked about in the beginning

  15. Great tips, thank you! Also love the new intro!!

  16. Hi Mari! You’re a huge inspiration for me – I can relate a lot to your struggles. I’ve always lost and gained weight throughout my life and have decided 2019 is my year. I recently watched your “keeping the weight off” and got me thinking that I may have approached dieting too aggressively. Could you make a video discussing how to start, a good starting point calorie-wise and when to decrease the calories? If you’ve discussed this before, my apologies, would you orient me to that video!? Thanks much love 💕

  17. Nice Mari! Loving the intro and nutrition content. Personally I’m struggling with how to up my calories after being in a deficit for a long time. I should be eating 200 cals more per day to maintain. How would you go about this to minimise fat gain? Slowly increase week on week or just do the jump and assume my body will utilise the cals as extra energy to go harder in the gym?

  18. Such a cute new intro! 🧡🧡🧡

  19. Love the full day of eating vlogs!!!

  20. Seriously so helpful! Love this type of video!

  21. Hi Mari! Can you do a video on overcoming a bad day at the gym? Everyone has off days where they fail their reps early or can’t do their normal weight. I think it would be really nice to hear about this and how to stay motivated.

  22. Sooo good and sooo helpful !!! You are the best and your guides have seriously changed my life thank you ❤️

  23. Could you do a full body at home workout.. for those of us who are not yet brave enough to hit the gym. Thank you, you're the best❤

  24. Very helpful tips! Loving more videos from you

  25. the intro is so cute!!!! I love it so much!!! 😭💖🥰

  26. LOVEEEE the new into! Realistic and informative as always 💓

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