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foodie beauty's mukbang crisis | nutrition discussion part.3

Hello, how’s everyone doing? We’re starting this week with part 3 of foodie beauty’s journey and I wasn’t really expecting how this video would end. Please feel free to comment on your thoughts as we are I think one video away from the end of this journey.

Thank you for 5.6K subscribers, I get shocked every time I look at it, it’s crazy. Thank you for the support and please always feel free to tell me if you have any video ideas or feedback!

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Thank you!


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  1. She’s never completed a diet ever


  3. Just Another One Of Her I fooled Everyone So Called Diets & The Cycle Begans 🤥

  4. I love your videos, they are so factual! Please do voice over at some point if you can 🙏🙏🙏

  5. Fail. She is a serial over eater. Addicted and powerless. She begged her weight loss doctor to allow Keto. Her condition is due to excess saturated fatty foods. Keto is the last diet she should choose but not difficult to see why she loves it. Fiber is only found in plants, never animal.

  6. It sucks because they both can be really beautiful and unfortunately with their weight you can't see that

  7. Once a liar, always a liar. She looks exactly the same as alll her binge videos

  8. "making sure I'm getting enough calories" oh girl, I don't think you need to worry about that

  9. Beans and oats are amazing sources of fiber

  10. The problem with both Chantal and Amberlyn is 3-fold in my opinion. One, they have not dealt with their emotional and pyschological issues and do not seek help to understand why their relationship to food is unhealthy. Two, they continuously DIET, which is not sustainable. They never make long-lasting, healthier choices when it comes to changing their current lifestyle. Three, they barely cook at home and purchase take out and processed foods in large amounts. Anyone who has lost a large amount of weight and maintained it will tell you to cook at home and learn portion sizes. Whole foods are usually more filling and definitely more nutrious than any take out or processed foods. But in every "diet" they do, out comes this in their grocery hauls.

  11. Why do you think food obsessions are more and more prominent? It's becoming an epidemic. It's food. I don't get it.

  12. I really just want Chantal to die. Not kidding at all.

  13. Is this bitch retarded? You can't eat sugar…such as apples,or pita bread…you can't have bread.She's got me blocked that fucking sloth of a liar.She's trying to say after 20 days she hasn't gone through ketosis yet,like it takes anywhere from 1-10 days,she's lying!! She is stuffing her mammoth mouth off camera,probably her big tall strawberry shortcake she loves,or a bucket of pasta! She's the only person I've ever seen look fatter after 20 days of keto,instead of thinner.In my head she smells like a public bathroom yuk!.

  14. Who is the lady with the dark hair that you add to your edits? She's funny

  15. Please, someone explain this to me. This woman and Amberlynn Reid are super morbidly obese and they do mukbangs??? I don't understand why anyone would do this, especially when they both are less than a heartbeat away from having a catastrophic medical emergency. Why are there people who are aiding and abetting this form of slow suicide?? Someone needs to be appointed as conservators for the both of them as they are obviously incapable of making sound decisions concerning their health.

  16. It looks like she's lost a good deal of weight since this.

  17. She starting to get the Slater sister forehead. 🤐

  18. Blah blah blah ……..fatter every month

  19. She is hideous, despicable, sad. It's all LIES for $$$$$ for more FOOD

  20. I wish I could eat like that just once in awhile but not enough anti acids in the world would allow that for me. Lol

  21. Why the fuck these bitches always getting mayo and yogurt for their fat? Heavy cream and butter is a way better source of fat. You can’t put mayo in your morning coffee. I mean you can but it won’t taste good.

  22. You bring up such great points regarding the rationalization of food choices to increase intake. I do this a lot… it clicked with me when you said something about her not wanting limits.

    Dieting is all about limits and boundaries.

    Chantal (and ALR) want no boundaries or limits and really take pride in doing things “their way,” which is so stupid.

  23. I always like to listen to these when I'm drawing idk why but I just find it calming to hear.

  24. Hello, Mooneyes! I love your videos. I would like to see someone like you point out some of the obvious results of bad eating (besides overweight) that show up in Our Gorls ALR and Chantal. Like the lackluster skin, hair, nails and the discoloration of ALRs knuckles. And what can be done about them from a dietary viewpoint. You could say “by popular request”! 😄😄

  25. If she wants to lose weight she should stop treating her body like that if a baby cow and cut the dairy, since it’s biologically designed to increase body weight. Also the link between diabetes and dairy should scare her. I’d be worried about the low carb mentality because low carb diets have 30% more chance of you dying from anything. If she focused on whole plant foods she could eat until she was satisfied.

  26. That is four months ago. Meanwhile, she is back on keto, at least for 30 days.

  27. Wait a minute….Moon Eyes? Is your whole life totally Amberlynn and Chantal? Like you say you made some comment days/weeks ago, and you think we live for your random opinion? Why are you stalking them? Why would you justify the stalking by making a laughable claim of caring or concer about either woman?

    Moon Eyes, Im concerned about you! Please find a life more interesting than THEIR lives. Please.

  28. Chantal's eyes dart all over the place whenever she's lying about a diet.

  29. loved the video. but could you please add a voice over? some of your videos are quite long and honestly tiring to read all the way with all the text and stuff, I'd so much rather to listen to them while doing something else, check the "a total rip off of content cop: amberlynn reid" series on YouTube if in need of some inspiration

    nonetheless, thank you for the awesome content

  30. She took down the wing or last MUKBANG video?????

  31. That’s how it starts. Down the carb binge. First it’s more fruits, the. low calorie pita bread, then pita chips and then rice, regular white bread, then before you know it, she’s stuffing her face in the parking lot of a Taco Bell or McDonald’s. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ if you need fiber, eat more veggies and take a fiber supplement.

  32. Maybe if she wasn’t so dirty and disgusting, Kiki could give her some real sausage so she wouldn’t have to fill her emotional loneliness with peperettes and cheese

  33. I am sorry! How is a super high fat, salt and no fresh veggie diet healthy?

  34. I feel like a sucker for following amberlynn and Chantal’s “weight loss (gain) journeys” for years. I felt so invested in them but they are just manipulative liars.

  35. show us your face /body. it's easy to be judgmental /know it all. what's your issue? especially since you're devoting so much time on amberlynn and foodie

  36. When she says she does it for her viewers, uhmmm she may do it for the views!$$$

  37. I eat Keto and she is NOT following it at all. She is eating too many carbs, too many calories and snacking. She will never lose weight that way. She had cucumbers with a CUP of ranch for a snack.

  38. Binged for 2 years, had a HORRIBLE food lifestyle for 2 years.. SUPPOSEDLY MAINTAINED a weight of 362lb .. FOR OVER A YEAR.
    Goes on keto for 3 weeks and GAINS 7LBS.
    no longer being dishonest, LIEING to her viewers, no longer manipulating the audience for that YouTube check.
    Alrighty then.

  39. Lord have mercy if I had to put this much thought into my daily food intake I would blow my brains out.
    She puts SO MUCH EFFORT into making everything so COMPLICATED.
    She is SUCH an IDIOT.

  40. Chantal Marie Sarault = poster child for botched Tijuana brow lift surgery.

  41. She is SUCH A SOW. Her pathological lying makes AmberLynn look like George Fuxking Washington.

  42. My weight loss doctor wanted me to do keto at first but it’s too overwhelming for someone who has a struggle with food. So I worked on portion control first but I had the advantage of being on phentermine. I lost 30 lbs just by doing that. Now I do cardio 5/6 times a week and resistance training once a week. I eased my way into keto.

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