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It’s upsetting to me that anyone out there is gaining weight when transitioning to a healthy vegan diet. Especially when this leads to that person going back to meat and dairy because they are upset with the weight gain and assume that the vegan diet is just not working for them! Obviously, I am only referring to people who actually want to lose weight and have weight to lose, NOT girls out there who are struggling with eating disorders. If you are one of those girls, then chances are you NEED to gain weight in which case, this video is not meant for you. This is some of my best advice on the topic, I hope you enjoy xo

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  1. I went from an american diet to vegan but im gaining weight…

  2. I have gained 65lbs since being on a vegan diet. I am constantly hungry and tend to carb out on bread because nothing fills me up. It is so frustrated.

  3. I am always always resistent to that „at least 8 hours of sleep“ statement – EVERYBODY IS DIFFERENT. if I sleep 8 hours I feel drained and I can’t seem to fully wake up.
    6 hours hit the spot for me to get up easily and on weekends I sleep in cause I can chill out anyway.

  4. She got my full Attention ❤️👍🏽

  5. I gained like 10 pounds since I went vegan 🙁

  6. No hate here, love your content

  7. Amazing video!! Thank you so much, this was very helpful 🙂

  8. I gained some weight after transitioning to a vegan diet because i discovered the mass of delicious recipes on the internet 😀 i simoly ate way too much because i wanted to try everything and literally couldn‘t wait till the next day 🙈 i‘ve lost that weight again after beeing vegan for a while.. i just eat when hungry and eat until i‘m full

  9. ive gained two stone since going vegan 🙁

  10. I've gained wait since going vegan a little over a week ago but totally didn't take into account that the fact I was underweight into account. I'd say I'm getting more to a normal size but I keep thinking I'm fat because I'm not used to my stomach looking like that

  11. ok so you shouldnt gain weight…but then u go on to say u can?? it is just that i am stuffing myself or calorie stuffing? why not specify that it is not "vegan" but whole food plant based meals lots of beans lentils kidney beans and nuts like walnuts and then fruits veg snd unrefined grains

  12. I gained weight on a vegan diet, hflc, no processed foods, right food combination, transitioned from a paleo diet to vegan. I felt so tired, stopped sleeping, stomach issues…it was awful. I’ve heard this from lots of ppl i know. They say it passes after 3 months

  13. Oh, you make Sooooo much sense! I saw a video on eating starchy foods, potatoes, rice etc. I have gained 5 lbs.🐷, I'm frustrated for sure. Starchy foods are weight gain trigger food's for me, finally I'm getting it. The detoxing was terrible. Ladies don't watch videos with men telling you that you can eat lots of Starchy foods, all kinds of bananas in a day! I love bananas, my favorite but I know that I can't dump 3-4 of them in a smoothie, it's just not possible. Thanks for your advice, I love this video!

  14. I know a lot of people, including myself who have gained a ton of weight when going vegan. If you switch from lean protein/like chicken or fish/ with a side of veg and little or no carbs for dinner, to having a starched based dinner at night it is very easy to gain weight. My biggest mistakes were large portions of carbs during the transition, as well as having my cooked meal at night. Switching to a cooked starch based meal/ or fruit at lunch and a large salad at night for me worked well.

  15. I’ve been vegan for 12 days now and a few days ago I woke up, and I was the skinniest I’ve been in a long time, I WAS SO HAPPY! so half an hour later (took me half hour to get ready for the run) I went on a run, and I always run workout on an empty stomach. I came back, ten minutes later I looked in the mirror and it had looked like I jsut gained all my weight back somehow. And it’s been getting worse since, people told me at first it was just bloat and to not worry. But who tf is bloated for 4 days and getting bigger and bigger especially when they aren’t on their period. I’m really freaked out this is the biggest I’ve ever been and I’m extremely depressed

  16. Question, what happens if your pee is green?

  17. I am not on a raw vegan diet but I do consume a ton of carbs and oil and sugar and processed vegan foods. I need to go on a more whole food vegan diet

  18. I have the same print on your journal, on a book mark

  19. I'm thinking about going vegan. My problem is that I'm intollerant to fructose, tomatoes and potatoes. Do you have any advice?

  20. I have noticed that I have gained some weight . I used be 120 and now I'm 134 . I don't feel as floated as before however most of my weight is targeted on my belly . I've been eating a lot of rice, beans, veggies and also vegan meat . I also read that vegan meat is bad but I don't know if that is the reason .

  21. "You don't have to killyourself at gym' lol

  22. Weight gain/loss is super simple and constantly over complicated. Input vs output. Bam

  23. Great video! Years of restricting would require lots of healing even if you're doing everything right (eating unadulterated, unprocessed, whole, plant foods). Your taste buds & appetite will adapt, which is crucial. You gut biome will have to adapt to new foods as well- & it'll thrive & flourish once you start feeding your good bacteria w/ good, clean, whole, plant foods. Your digestion and elimination processes will begin to function normally. And you'll notice that change almost immediately. Your skin will clear up within a few months of you not eating dairy.
    Hydrating & moving around is pretty crucial (yoga, weight training, dancing, biking, or just simply walking) in addition to eating plenty of fresh, clean food. As soon as you start feeling more energized & lose a few pounds, you body will start craving doing physical activities you enjoy.

  24. The problem is that you have now taken fats from meat and replaced then with CARBS. when you eat a majority of carbs it makes you more hungry and doesnt satiate hunger. The best way to lose weight and become healthy us a high fat low carb dietplan.

  25. What is that beautiful watch you are wearing?🤗🤗🤗🤗

  26. Oh, the artwork on that journal is from Josephine wall! I love that artist!

  27. I gain so much weight! I never eat any junk, I need to loose 20 pounds. ??? :((((

  28. Eat normalish calories and your weight will be fine and you will slowly get leaner….lg smoothies are excess calorie meals..eat what looks like a plant not processed,,easy on nuts and lg fat source plants untill your ontop of things.
    .use cronometer

  29. I want to lose weight but I’m suffering from binge eating disorder I was to overcome it with a vegan lifestyle. please help me with your support guys !!xx I binged today on non vegan food and I feel absolutely terrible and sick.

  30. I went vegan this summer vacation, and I gained weight.
    But that's probably because I moved very little this whole summer, I hope when school begins the weight wil drop again.
    btw I also barely worked out because my body was getting used to getting fewer nutrions which would result into sweating and being nauseous all the time. BUT I won't go back!

  31. Kate Flowers, I lost 20lbs in 16 days moving from American diet to HCLF vegan… (Dr. McDougall) I plan to stay this way. I am Christian BTW, I know most people are surprise by a Christian Vegan…

  32. I've gained 5 pounds 🙁 , it makes me so uncomfortable and I've thought of calorie restriction but I don't know

  33. I took offence by this video, going vegan isn't a diet . A 'vegan' diet is a plant based diet.

  34. I've been vegan for about 2 weeks and I'm gaining weight…fast

  35. I want curves .and a flat stomach.. on a vegan diet. can it be achieved?

  36. I lost a wopping 30 pounds by going vegan in just a few months. I don't eat clean really but I also really want to start going raw because I still don't feel fabulous or confident in myself yet. I was overweight for my height and now I'm normal but the BMI calculator thing still says I'm on the heavier side of the normal spectrum and my body just doesn't feel right yet and I know I'm on the right track I just need more motivation and advice maybe?

  37. those violet nails are speaking to me

  38. I know I am about a year out from when this video was originally posted but switching to a vegan diet helped me break my eating disorder with food and strict calorie counting. It may not be the cure for everyone but it helped me because I had to explore new food options and get creative. It also helped me focus more on the quality of my food (organic, fruits, veggies vs. processed/takeout) rather than the quantity (calorie content). Yep, I gained a bit of weight but that was because my body was underweight. Thank you so much for this post!!! I needed this!

  39. Great Video <3
    But I have a question :
    Why you are so beautiful 🙂
    I love you and your positive energy in your movies 🙂
    I have this problem but I decided to reduce calories 🙂
    I am VEGAN thanks to you 🙂
    Because when I watched Your videos AND SEEN YOUR ENERGY I WANT TOO 🙂
    Love u <3 Have a nice day 🙂

  40. Thank you for this video Kate! There is so much misinformation out there, and this is such a controversial topic very brave of you. Being on a Plant Based diet is pretty simple, whole foods ie. more vegetables, less fruit. No processed foods!
    Exercise, even if it is only walking for 20 minutes. And follow the 80/20 rule. 80% of your diet coming from whole foods, 20% from grains, legumes and good fats, plus an occasional slip now and then because none of us are perfect. I wasn't losing at first, but two things were going on. 1st my body was holding onto water, 2nd I was experiencing a very under active thyroid. As with any diet you should always get a check up to find any underlining conditions you may have. Then read, check out your sources, don't believe everything you hear. And most of all be happy, because food should be enjoyed. Thanks again Kate for putting yourself out there!

  41. I gained weight when I went vegan. I was vegetarian few years and also recovering from an ed. I was malnourished and underweight most of my life and the ed just almost took away what was left of me. I went vegan and my life flipped! I gained weight yeah but I also gained so much happiness and meaning and purpose in my life. true calling and I felt so good and I looked so much better!! veganism is life!!

  42. When I turned vegan, I was gaining so much weight BECAUSE I ate vegan junk food and considered it as healthy in my mind "yeah it's vegan I can eat so much of that junk food and won't get fat, because I need so much calories"..yes…But I finally dropped alot of weight after turning to a healthy vegan diet and not claming every vegan meal as healthy just because it's vegan haha. I fooled myself 🙂

  43. High protein cooked vegan works for me 👍🏼 I have to have some sort of protein and some fat with every meal. Tofu, tempeh, soy milk, beans and avocado, lentils and nuts- stuff like that is my body's best friend. I'm also allergic to gluten and I don't use oil in my cooking.

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