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God’s Help For Depression and Anxiety

What does God have to say about depression and anxiety? Psalm 42 and 43 gives us a window of someone in their depressed state coming to God with the help of God. Along the way, we learn there is much hope for those who battle with depression and anxiety.

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  1. Lord God
    Heavenly Father we Pray and surrender to you the depression and anxiety that we encounter in our lives. Cast this out its root cause in our minds, emotions and feelings in The name of Jesus Chrisrt let your Holy Spirit dwell in our minds and heart and overcome negativity, fear, lackness Give us also courage and strength to live in our daily lives to look and more on You Lord GOD and not on situation we are facing and also to help others in need.To YOU Lord GOD we humble surrender and Pray. IN JESUS NAME.

  2. This does not bring any help or insight. The sadness over a game as an example ? Are you serious? You are almost mocking those who have this deep emotional pain. Coming closer to Jesus is suppose to bring inner peace and joy. But for many the valleys still hit and the hurt is deep. Why is this? Try bringing insight to that question. Many just want the pain to end. That is why suicide is the chosen option. There is little hope and the feeling that God has abandon me and others no matter how much I pray seams to be the reality. Another day …..

  3. What do demons want from me?! Can they leave me alone for once? I want them to leave me alone already I'm already going through depression and anxiety and i don't need these vile creatures tormenting me in my dreams!

  4. i have depression and anxiety so to help me forget about it i read psalms 42 to 43 and it helped but i still feel like crying i literally just treid to choke myself i said i love you momma daddy emani and maya and cried a little but i stopped and i do not get bullied

  5. please pray for me brothers and sisters

  6. god either can't or won't cure mental illness.

  7. God does NOT help everyone. He threw me away

  8. No idea what he’s talking about

  9. God is the only one stopping me from ending it all

  10. Sydney Carne i understand completely lets not give up. i can't find my bible of 17 years the pages highlighted written on well worn

  11. Thank you Lord. Struggling hard… please help

  12. Someone that I care for I feel is battling depression so I stumbled upon this video while at work and at the end when he prayed, I couldn't help but bow my head and say a prayer for my stepson, my cousin and the many others that are going through this.

  13. Depression and anxiety is taking over me and it’s so hard. I am constantly trying to pray and get help from fellow Christians. I am going to a therapist and taking medication. I’m getting help but it’s still not going away. I’m confused and angry. I just want God to comfort me and take it all away. God please help me. Please.

  14. why do so many Christians just others when you hey don't know what the person has gone through.

  15. well ive been depressed so much i asked i dont even know my home is anymore and he just reminded me

  16. "Is that what God does? He helps? Tell me, why didn't God help my innocent friend who died for no reason while the guilty ran free? Okay. Fine. Forget the one offs. How about the countless wars declared in his name? Okay. Fine. Let's skip the random, meaningless murder for a second, shall we? How about the racist, sexist, phobia soup we've all been drowning in because of him? And I'm not just talking about Jesus. I'm talking about all organized religion. Exclusive groups created to manage control. A dealer getting people hooked on the drug of hope. His followers, nothing but addicts who want their hit of bullshit to keep their dopamine of ignorance. Addicts. Afraid to believe the truth. That there's no order. There's no power. That all religions are just metastasizing mind worms, meant to divide us so it's easier to rule us by the charlatans that wanna run us. All we are to them are paying fanboys of their poorly-written sci-fi franchise. If I don't listen to my imaginary friend, why the fuck should I listen to yours? People think their worship's some key to happiness. That's just how he owns you. Even I'm not crazy enough to believe that distortion of reality. So tell me what you think.. – Mr. Robot

  17. #GodsPsychiatry by Dr. Charles L. Allen is worth listening to on Audiobook and/or reading

  18. Thank you. Here is a prayer that can be said often for any depression and anxiety. "Is there any Remover of difficulties save God? Say: Praised be God! Heis God! All are His servants, and all abide by His bidding!" ~ Baha;i Prayer

  19. God is the healer of all pain/depression, Anxiety. Why should I rely on medication??

  20. best way for me to explain my depression is my "normal" personality is usually happy, outgoing, or energetic but now that is fighting the depression and neither of them are winning and that makes me feel nothing

  21. Depression is like the cancer of the soul. But with Cancer you can see the person dying. However we have Hope in Jesus who knows how we feel and wont let us down.

  22. Depression is like the cancer of the soul. But with Cancer you can see the person dying. However we have Hope in Jesus who knows how we feel and wont let us down.

  23. having depression and anxiety is horrendous.

  24. This has to be the best message I have heard. You have said it in the kindest way.

  25. Just watching this makes me want to cry. I have battled with mild depression for three years now because my childhood friend committed suicide and I've been dealing with anxiety for six years now. I feel like nobody asks me if I'm ok. I feel like I'm abandoned by my friends at times. When I'm alone in my room I will cry all my pain out then pretend I'm ok. I would always lie to my mom when she asks what's the matter i would always tell her nothing when deep down I feel broken. I would love if God could be by my side.

  26. why you did not show the video??

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