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Head Stand Yoga Pose – How To Do a Headstand for Beginners

Learn the foundations of Headstand pose or Sirsasana! In this video we build integrity and increase awareness for a strong supported headstand. This inversion, when practiced mindfully, has loads of benefits! It is focused and sweet. It can bring confidence and a sense of play to your life. It can relieve anxiety, remove stress energy and increase focus and self confidence. It can stimulate and cleanse the systems – including a nice assist to the metabolism. It has been referred to as “the king of all yoga poses” and can be quite fun! Headstand is a multifaceted posture and should not be rushed. Practice self love and move nice and slow. Increasing strength and moving with ease. Enjoy how this pose unfolds with regular practice. Find What Feels Good.

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  1. I have been building arm and shoulder strength since a few days. Now trying to lift sit bones but whenever i do that to come in the sort of down dog on the arms, i kind of lock my legs at the joints. I feel a pain in the thigh joint and feel it's locked then have to immediately come out of it. What am I doing wrong? Please help.

  2. What happens if your fat

  3. i love your instructions.
    how long should i build my foundation before finally lifting my legs up?

  4. THANK UUU !! What a great teaching video. It was also thanks to u that I learned the crow pose. Thank u thank u thank u 😍

  5. Hi adriene! Im havin troubles with straighten my legs after i squeezed both knees. I can squeezes both knees towards the chest just perfectly but everytime i try to straighten my legs up im always off my balance. What should i work on? How can i inprove my headstand game?

  6. Awwww!!! Thank you so much!!! I did my first headstand with you without falling down!!! I made it slowly and I am so excited! You made my day! <3

  7. 3:16 I do that pose when I have cramps 😂

  8. I wish she didn't click her tongue so much

  9. I have moderate scoliosis. Can I do a headstand?

  10. Every other headstand video I've seen instructs viewers to fold up in a down dog position before leaving the floor. I can't get to, let alone past, a 90-degree fold at the waist. Finally, this video told me it was OK to bend my knees. By bending my knees as I work my feet toward my head, I can get both legs off the ground, but practicing this has rubbed my bald head raw. No matter how hard I push up with my shoulders, moving my feet forward pushes most of my weight onto my head. Suggestions?

  11. I followed your steps but I couldn't able to lift the leg with maintaining balance 😌
    and my nerves at back of knees getting pain

  12. Fantastic! I've been trying this for a couple of days, but I was not getting anywhere. However, today I managed to get at least a good half of it right by following this tutorial. Thank you so much. 💖

  13. Thank you ma'am for this beautiful idiea to stand with your hand…. 😃😃😃

  14. I tried this, and day 2 was able to get up with my knees bent for 10-15 seconds, only a couple seconds with legs up. So I decided to do some extra strength work doing dolphin with Adrienne, by the evening I got up in class with knees bent. Day 3 up with knees bent, and no strain in back or shoulders for 30 seconds, I am giving myself a 30 day challenge, however mentally I feel so much better. Thank you Adrienne for explaining this in baby steps, makes all the difference, my practice is much deeper now, due to this pose, dolphin and pressing into my arms and away from my ears, and into the ground. Not only in this pose however many others too. Thankyou – you are a gem!

  15. I slammed into the wall…

  16. Ive been doing this since I was 7, I’m 42 now and still doing this and all yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️! In fact I’m sitting in lotus right now as I always do ! Lol

  17. How much time should I spend in each position before moving on to the next step of headstand

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