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  1. It is important to recognize there certain amount of responsible for doctors in professionals whom should be protecting woman understanding woman on limited pensions whom have suffered in silence wishing things would change in Canada with doctors refusing to diagnose mental illness and getting men on tracking and helping men till they get proper diagnosis of the patients facts so woman living with these men are helped and protected if need be by courts system and lawyers fighting for woman's rights to be TREATED fairness as woman have supported these men without essential for years. Living without financial supports from common law relationship fighting hidden mental illnesses is outrageous by lawyers are not helping woman.

  2. Dr. Brooks in Stratford Ontario CANADA for Mr. Ted Kaczmarczyk, Dr. Brooks is my boyfriend's family doctor that l have written letters too and asked many times for help for my boyfriend and myself to recognize what l experience daily with my boyfriend's memory loss and anger issues many problems ANXIETY and depression after drinking the cycle that Alcholic go through him weekly verbally out bursting. I am ignored treated at 66 yrs old as a WOMAN who should just put up with men like this or shut up or move out of my home.

  3. On Dec 28th 2018 l booked to speak to a phychastrist Dr. BOOK at Brantford Hospital in ONTARIO Canada and he said he refuse to talk to my boyfriend who is needing his help being diagnosed as his doctor just wants to brush him off to being depressed and put him on medications as he has many other drugs he is on daily. COUNSELORS MEETING are doing nothing and recovery groups are not helping for years he been trying this approach and as a result gotten no further ahead but learned to hide his addiction better.

  4. Yet no doctor has treated my boyfriend a patients with bio feed back even. DOCTORS IN CANADA are doing nothing to treat men with depression mood swings very combative nature like my boyfriend and woman are constantly fighting with a unhealthy toxic relationships and forced to live in poverty without essential and courts system is broken not addressing woman issues in COMMON LAW MARRIAGES.

  5. Bio feed back would be great for this man as he has problem being HOT all the time going outside in cold weather not dressing for the cold weather dressing like summer weather in 20 below weather.

  6. Please contact me BrownHoneyFlower@gmail.com l agree with you totally. This man has been pushed to extremes looking for a DOCTOR who will confront him with facts and examinations with positive results getting him answers why he has low motivation and slow thinking and is very compulsive BEHAVIOR ADDICTIONS. Anger anger negative thoughts, parinoid and worrying constantly NARCISSISTIC BEHAVIOR, Snooping through other people's belonging, stealing and hidding secretes.

  7. What should l do l live with him and he needs a doctor that will examine him and be taken seriously. Explained so he has a clear point of view inside his personality disorder where it hurts me seeing him in panic and depression after drinking the cycle. No one in Canada doctors has not treated him seriously doctors in Canada uninterested in my opinion as a intelligent 66 yr old woman whom has been interested in healthily living all my life.

  8. Going to counsellors endlessly being told they can not deal with this man sending us to look further and further for 5 years we have bounced from mental health in every town we have lived in seeing only few visits to be turned down for counselors refuse to refer him to tests. We are continuing to search for his doctor to pay attention to his drinking CYCLES. He goes to recovery groups but it is only one day he is back drinking. Lying about it sneaking in the home running to his room and hidding.

  9. I am a girlfriend to my boyfriend who was a ALCHOLIC for years and now his memory forgets and his anger and ANXIETY and depression after drinking the cycle that Alcholic go through weekly is hard for me to deal with his obsessive compulsive BEHAVIOR ADDICTIONS is hard also. He has had double bye pass at 49 years old has sleep disorder. His doctor refusing to get diagnosed by his doctor can l sue these doctors in CANADA for causing woman in this life to have had to suffer and he has suffered? Why do courts wait till dangerous situation for woman are forced to live in fear.

  10. Thank you for not letting the sound quality prevent you from sharing this life saving lecture.

  11. Sound problem! But his topics are so good, it's worth putting up with the sound….

  12. Dr. amen…you are the revolution. ❀

  13. Tried to watch but the noise was making me even more anxious…

  14. the fuzzy sound was enough to put me off listening

  15. Hi Doy Degamo true about satan because satan is permitted to rule for a period the influence and effect that he have on people, has caused many to do things for the sake of money and greed that has a bad effect on the body, thats damaging which contribute to sickness as well. Ecclesiastical 8:9
    so unfortunately we do need good caring doctors right now. Which they have to make living since the world we live in now use money, and everything cost. It started in the garden of Eden when satan challenged Jehovah God's Psalms 83:18 sovereignty. I'm happy to know God's original plan will still be fulfilled despite the monkey wrench from the wicked one, father of the lie, satan. John 8:44 God's son Jesus said
    " …the truth WILL set you free." http://WWW.JW.ORG life puzzling questions answered by subject according to God's holy Bible.

  16. The emergency room in the hospitals, the doctors do not check the brain while they're working on the heart. The brain being check on the scan would happen on the third day. The doctors usually forget how is the brain working is just as important as the heart beating.

  17. whats with the swishy sound😠

  18. sound problem can not hear because of noise

  19. He gives some good points and information, at times, but don't go spend tens of thousands of dollars on his clinic programs until you know exactly what you are going to get and know the prognosis. He is a very rich$$ man and does not need to keep making money off the sick people.

    Learn as much information as you can. His books, other doctors and nutritionist, 2016 Food Revolution Summit and etc., and start working on your own health first. People are desperate and sick and often will do anything to get better, only to be more broke and still have more medical bills to pay. Be smart!

  20. just practice meditation twice a day and don't give up,

  21. How does one get these scans done in Adelaide Australia

  22. I"ve been on the same meds for 10 years and I have been wanting to get off them! They put me on seroquiol and heavy sleep meds for 10 years and after working a night shift for over a year my sleep apnea began to show more & more I dont know how long I;ve had it, I have had problems sleeping for 20 + years. any way after falling asleep and having 3 very minor accidents I have had my insurance rraise 3X $$. I told the psyc Freak and he finally give me a sleep test I had 20 apneas in 1 night.

    So he set me up with the c-pap. The Dr. (NUrse) set the air up so high It was un usaable I could not get in to see him or I would be disciplined at my job! I told the specialist who sold me the c-pap. what was happening they kept saying it wasnt clean or my seal was bad!! I quit using it and It kept getting worse. I couldnt get out of bed and I was starting to get drowsy again on my 5 mile drive to work, I told them and after over 6 months they finally turned down the top end pressure and after all that I had 1 good sleep! & also the sikes put me on provigal! that crap was garbage.. I was told to ask for adderall so IF I had to wake up I could I didnt know at first it was pure ampehtamines but I went to my dr and I was late cause I got lost and he would not see me so I seen another dr. and my words got mixed up I was diagnosed with social anxiety and depression and have been treated with lexapro for 10 years and zanex for 5 years . I had to talk to the head Dr. He didnt know me but I had told them I had used drugs many years ago when I first came I was always truthful about my past I have been clean for 10 years. The Dr. I guess didnt like me asking to try the med and seen my records, I accepted that and tryed to get him to change my sleep medicene. then he started rainsing his voice to me and telling me what I wanted this or that and said he would double my modaffinal. Then I looked at his computer and was just being my casual I wanted to talk about this other sleep med, it said to on the ad. I was not doing anything wrong. He flipped out and said I m no longer a patient at his facility and he and other dr's chased me out calling me a drug addict! I was trying to see my Dr. for the last tiime, because he was leaving that facility anyway, I have been through 5 dr's in 10 years they always have left me on heavey drugs they kept prescribing, I told them I wanted to stop, my family was mad at me for taking so much medicine my memory is shot & I have sleep deprivation and I will never again in my LIFE trust another mind Dr.

    Thank You & GOD Bless

  23. i will head to local book store to find your books

  24. Thank the gods for you & the work you are doing! I love you! πŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’Œ

  25. You are living in a world where everything is protecting the works of satan who is the god of this world. There is no such thing as "mental illnesses" (bi-polar, schizophenia, paranoid,depression, etc.) these are demonic oppression, harassment. These doctors and patience claim to have "mental disorders" are nothing but the agents of satan use for that purpose to strengthen their lies. I will give you an example, if a person is harassed by these evil angels because he cannot tell the truth, then this doctors will call depression depending on the victims reactions or "signs and symptoms". These so-called "crazy" or "mentally ill" are actually talking to these evil angels that use human agents or any medium that whatever they hear and see are exactly what they feel and in their minds. Here's how satan play human minds and bodies, satan can put thoughts in your minds and the people around you that whatever you hear and see from them or any medium that satan uses wherever you are, coincides what"s in your mind. Thats exactly how mind control works and how satan rules this world by giving the people thoughts and obey whatever is in their minds. The difference between those people who are being used to act "crazy" in the society , that whatever they hear and see bother them to the point that they act "crazy", or fear and call them this so-called "anxiety disorder" or whatever this world call depending on the victims reactions to what satan and the people of this world have done. Satan and this world always blame to something since they control the education or to someone whatever they do, for they are all liars. These evil spirits are always watching whom they may devour, so there is really no coincidences, accidents in this world especially to those people who accept the mark of the beast (mind control) because their only protection is to obey satan who is the cause of all these diseases, accidents, and calamities. Read my testimony on facebook, how GOD has saved me from the people of this world. Here's my email address dhoyax@gmail.com.

  26. The ultimate truth of life has been revealed, we have finally progressed enough to understand how life basically works. This knowledge will transform mankind and the world. All rational truth seekers must check this out ASAP. Google Truth contest and check out the top entry. The truth will set us free, and turn this world right side up when enough people see it.

  27. Is there a video after this one?

  28. I wish he had a clinic near me. No Dr. has been able to end my suffering.

  29. If you can increase bloodflow to your hands just by thinking about it, who's to say you can't increase bloodflow to your brain?

  30. What happened to the rest of it?

  31. Brain imaging is a graet tool but anxiety disroders are uncruable because the brain is complexe and doctors do not understand the causes.Β 

  32. My son has add i knew his father had now i realize i have it. My phycologist said i was bipolar and after seeing you on wucf tv had me see and now i will help my son more now my 4yr old gtrandaughtr has it. I took my son off the medication at 17and hes 30 going to collage and again struggling. I will tell to get your book the diet. I will work on muself i dont sleep angry see things and patanoid being alone at night. Depressing moody and so much more. Than you and your wife for keeping my attention too sit long enough to listen to this very informstive information. This will change my life at 53 yrs of age. God bless your work

  33. I'll tell you what else causes the symptom of chest pain:
    A tight brazier!!!!Β Β 

    Thanks for posting this…..I'm growing my brains out. Been taking my brain for granted….time to take better care of my brain.

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