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Healthy Snacking for Weight Gain

Deborah Gerzberg, RD is the Clinical Nutritionist at Columbia University Medical Center’s Pancreas Center. In the following video, Deborah offers up some quick snack ideas for anybody looking to gain weight in a healthy and nutritious manner.

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  2. Does weight correlate in any way with your height?

  3. Hmm, this is one pretty doctor.

  4. Hi yes im allergic to carrots and a little to almond and some more things in there I NEED TO GAIN WEIGHT

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  7. Breh I’d spread my nut butter all over this doc 😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  8. Weight gain karne ke liye is number pr fone kre dwai ki garnti hogi…

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  10. As a person who is underweight- eat good healthy food. Even just gaining just a pound helps. Around the age of 20 my metabolism changed. The skinnier I got- the worse everything got-skin issues, energy. When people around you start telling you that you are too skinny it creates feelings of panic. I have had a tough time trying to create healthy gains.. I miss my chubby cheeks 🙁 I wish all fellow skinny people happy and healthy gains! We can do it !

  11. मेरा नाम दीक्षा है मेने अपना 7 kg weight gain किया है अगर कोई अपनी हैल्थ अच्छी करना चाहता है वजन घटाना या बढ़ाना चाहता है तो मेरे whatsaapp नंबर 98169-72986 पर संपर्क करे जो intrested हो वही msg करे व्यर्थ में मेरा और अपना टाइम खराब ना करे।

  12. just eat a buttload of pizza and burgers or other fast food

  13. after being overweight then being underweight people don't realize both parts of the spectrum hurt when you are called fat or skinny and can lead to a lot of mental health issues with us who are self-conscious, honest we try hard I used to try so hard to lose weight got nowhere stop lost a bunch of weight underweight now and struggle to gain the weight back. anyone who reads this and can relate your not alone, but always remember love yourself for you.

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    Why does this seem like the start of the porno?

  16. i only eat like 1500 calories a day because i just don't have a big appetite. i eat all of these things too…

  17. Man I love spreading my nut butter

  18. Im scared….

    I’m getting so skinny 🙁

    And my bones are getting week :/

  19. During quarantine I'm trying to gain weight because I feel like im judged or I just dont like the way my arms look because it's so skinny, I don't like to wear shirts or anything that makes me look skinny. Thank you for the snacks 😀

  20. I need weight gain I'm too skinny. I am 10 years and 7 months old and I have 28 kg

  21. This is my common problem.. gaining weight… i loose weighter faster than gaining weight… so i am doing exercises to have some curves and muscles not to look so skinny ….somw pwople told me eat sweets or eat more but i struggle eating more.. coz i get full faster again they tell me don't over chew your food. daaaah. for me it's healthier to chew it properly… i am healthy food too but i dont know why it's very difficult to gain weight

  22. I have been having this weight loss plan “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) for a few weeks right now and so far I like them! I have the energy I would like without having curbing my appetite without having making me feel jittery. I haven`t changed other things I am doing and also have lost 7 lbs. .

  23. Id have to eat that food literally 24/7 to gain an ounce.

  24. Nutritionist: “Eat a full fat yogurt with fruit”

    displays 0% fat yogurt instead

    My brain: Wait, what?

  25. Does sattu helps to gain weight????

  26. "Skinny"? I'm just in very bad health. My body is still tall (5'9) and I have wide shoulders but I'm frail so if I even make a bad move I could hurt myself very badly.
    Eating these snacks seems good though.

  27. In 5 5 147 .pounds my pants size 32 and they are getting big on me I'm to skinny someone said to me I need to gain some weight.

  28. where my skinny legends at!!😚

  29. I only weigh 53.4 kg and I am 14, 174 cm tall

  30. If you are struggling with gaining weight i can tell you a simple method i use to steadily gain weight: First of all if you have the same problem as i had and you cant eat for hours after waking up, i suggest you force yourself to eat something really light right after you wake up.. I always eat at least a couple of rusks right after waking up. This helps my stomach to wake up and i dont feel bad anymore for the first half of the day like i used to. The second trick is: at least one "snickers" ice cream a day, ofc it doesn't have to be snickers,, it should be something what is really tasty to you… With this simple trick i already gained 3kg in 2 weeks, so i should reach my desired +10 kg in a month or so… good luck guys, and have a nice day 😉

    Edit: of course i meant to add the snickers to your normal diet, not to exchange what you eat into ice cream ;D

  31. Gain weight the healthy way! Check out my weight gain tips I think they can benefit some of you!

  32. Wow srsly I get called toothpick a lot at school!
    Srsly I’m to the point where I’m watching all these vids! I want ppl to actually stop.

  33. hi i’m 5.5 and 290 pounds but i like being fat u actually love it. my boyfriend loves it too. anyways my goal is to become 600 pounds so let’s see if i can

  34. How to increase my weight

  35. Healthy snacking is really a need while we are trying to gain weight I have followed your way along with Weight gain formula of Planet Ayurveda. And the results were amazing.

  36. Ok her advice is terrible. These are not high calorie foods and I would not gain weight with these snacks

  37. How do I know if my metabolism is fast?
    I weigh 52kg and I'm 6ft tall. I'm skinny. I'm 18.
    I sweat easily. I also eat a lot.

  38. Is she Ariana Grande's sister??

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