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Heart Palpitations and High Blood Pressure due to Anxiety EXPLAINED!

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Shaan’s area of expertise is helping professionals overcome their anxiety and panic attacks permanently. This is done by using a proven system that doesn’t require hours and hours talk therapy, medication, or major lifestyle adjustments. Shaan helps professionals get back to their old selves without any lingering anxiety so they can focus on their professional and personal lives.


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  1. Youre such a relief. I do have anxiety and Ive been cleared by multiple doctors that my heart is fine. I guess i didnt quite trust them but this video gave me more reassurance. Thank you

  2. Hi Shaan! I used to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks for many years. I often experienced palpitations, and as you suggested, I thought I had heart issues. It's great that you're tackling these issues, and I'm happy to share and contribute my experience and how I overcame all of it.

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