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Helpful Tips for Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

Your body goes through a lot when you have a baby and so does your mind. Sometimes it can lead to postpartum depression and anxiety. That’s why we brought in Susana Marquez, LMFT to discuss the signs of and differences between postpartum depression and anxiety as well as tips to help you cope. Watch this video and share your experience in the comments.

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  4. at 29 june that is my delivery date and i don'tbreastfeed to baby so can i take applecider vinegar for weightloss because my weight is overweight please reply to me in postpartumbleeding csn we use applecider vinegar for weightloss

  5. ‘‘Relaxing mama prenatal'' by secretsoftea.com is an herbal formula that gives relief in postpartum depression. I got a tremendous result with this tea in getting over the anxiety.

  6. Preventing and healing postpartum depression is very simple, just learn to take care of your dream activity.
    It is absolutely not true that postpartum depression results from a series of contributing factors! The thesis of the causes, asserted by psychologists and psychiatrists, is an evident and childish attempt to justify their inability to provide a scientific explanation. It is truly embarrassing to witness these scenes where the various "experts" are braying their brains in an attempt to find a plausible cause of postpartum depression. They do not understand what the nature of this pathology is because they do not have a holistic vision of the human being, therefore they do not understand that illness is only a request that comes from the part of being that is not the mental one. We cannot command the heart to pulsate as we please through the mind, just as we cannot intervene on all the autonomous activity of the body and it is precisely in the somatization of a discomfort that the so-called "vegetative" activity experiences the nature of the problem, it does not reside in external causes.
    The body has an autonomous will to live because it has the purpose of reaching sexual maturity in order to procreate, it is for this reason that the cells multiply and from babies we become adults. So how can birth be a traumatic event ?! Trauma suffers him the will of life that governs the body precisely for the reason that at some point in our life we ​​develop mental capacity. This trauma is described to us through dreams, which obviously are also these products from the "vegetative" activity and the fact that we do not take care of our dream activity forces the vital energy, first to chase us with recurring dreams and then to somatize his problem giving rise to pathology. It is a purely instinctive intelligence, it cannot rationalize or predict the result of its activity. A very common dream is to be mothers, perhaps unwanted children or to give birth in unreal situations, even men can dream of giving birth (easily found), but we must know that the characters that appear in a dream are nothing but the representation of polluting energies that we have created ourselves through mental activity and that compromise the purely energetic part of the human being, leading the body to aging first and then to death. As we unfortunately know from the news, the survival instinct can give the impression to the mother that she could free herself from her state of depression by freeing herself from her baby. Mental activity is not inherent to the human being and during sleep the body takes on the well-known Circular Breath through which it tries to purify itself of the thought / time energy that we have produced during the day. The thoughts in fact, being addressed to the memory of past situations or projected into the future, produce the energy-time that pollutes a part of our being that we cannot see, but that is an integral part of the instinct of conservation with which the body is equipped namely the "Aura".
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  7. Thanks for discussing this in Detail. My sister is suffering from PPD. Tips are helpul. Love from India

  8. Watching this calmed my anxiety!

  9. "relaxing mama prenatal and postnatal tea" by secretsoftea.com a natural cure to get over postpartum depression, this an herbal tea for moms struggling with postpartum depression. Having a cup before the meal is the trick to overcome the symptoms.

  10. This video is so on point. Social media can be really difficult to use when you're dealing with mom anxiety. It can fee the "monster" if you let it. Thanks for speaking out about this topic.

  11. This vidoe help i feel the exact same way am also scared of going to the toilet am scared something will happen to my baby also have these thoughts they jus keep coming postpartum depression is real especially when you are alone

  12. I’ve been putting this video aside. Glad I finally actually watched it.

  13. I had pnd or ppd when/after my son was born. I didn't feel love for him till he was about 1 years old ( he's now 9 years old) my bond is better with him than it was but I still think I might have pnd. How long can pnd last? Unfortunately my son doesn't live with me now but I still see him & spend time with him. I also have borderline personality disorder with phycotic features

  14. The struggle is real! It feels so good to finally start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. My baby Willow will be One in 2 days! You ladies did a great job.

  15. I needed this video today

  16. Omg couldn’t stop looking at her red lipstick.. so pretty if I wore that color I don’t think I could be down. What is the color?

  17. What can you do to prevent PPD from happening before and after birth?

  18. I had ppa so bad it's not even funny!! It started exactly a wk after my now 3 year old son was born, started Tuesday May 10, 2016-Friday, Aug 26, 2016. I've been told my ex husband triggered it. He told me 3 yrs after we were married and 3 days after we bring our son home that he has anger issues and he wasnt going to anger management and I better stop making him upset. I also had an emergency c section so idk if that caused anything. I already suffer from anxiety (derealization to be exact), i try not to claim it. I bonded with my son the very 1st wk other than being in pain from my c section, I was in love with my baby. I automatically told my doc and fam how I was feeling. My mom didn't know anything about post partum anxiety/ depression/ psychosis/ mania. I would vomit and shake and cry to the sound of him crying and i would ask my husband what that noise was and he told me "we had a baby, Lorna. That's Landon". I was scared to be alone with him during the day so my parents would come over and stay with me or they'd come pick me and my son up and take us home to their house. On the wkends my husband worked overnight so we would spend the night with my parents. I was put on anxiety medicine and seemed to work for two days after two weeks of taking it, but my hormones were so fragile that when my cousin died out of the blue and PPA skyrocketed back up. I constantly felt out of my mind, jittery, heart racing, i would cry with no intentions of crying. I remember staring out the window while my husband was playing with our son and doing skin to skin time with him. By late August, now 3 1/2 months later I just wanted to admit myself to a hospital and i told my friend i was gonna do it and she called my parents and let them know what i was trying to do. They were babysitting my son at the time so i could sleep that day and as much as I couldn't bond with him and felt a million miles away from reality, I felt guilty that he was with my parents and not with me. My dad somehow called my doc who prescribed me the anxiety medicine in mid May 2016 and I wasn't due to see him till that following Wednesday , Aug. 24 and this was Friday evening. He told my dad to help me hold on till my appt wednesday. I dont remember how I made it till that Wednesday, but i did and he put me on a medicine and I was like I'm gonna get over this crap and be a good mom and bond with my baby. That Saturday I was totally back to myself 3 1/2 months later when my son was about to turn 4 months old. As far as journaling, my mind was constantly racing and I was jittery and out of my head for those 3 1/2 months that I know that that wouldnt work for me. I'm scared that if I ever meet anyone again and have another baby that post partum anxiety will come back with a vengeance. I do want another baby so my son won't be the only child, but I don't know if it's worth it going through postpartum so severely and long 24/7 every single day and min and second of the day (except for the two days in late may when the medicine began working then my cousin suddenly died) for over three and a half months. I always pray that if I have another child that it won't affect me. I have other friends that had gone through what i had gone through and were checking on me every day and said they experienced the same thing for 3 months as well and they absolutely won't have anymore children for that reason.

  19. I just had my forth. I'm really struggling this time. I struggled last time be too with my daughter. She was born with an undiagnosed heart defect and her first year was pretty traumatic. That in itself has spurred anxiety in me but now with this new baby I just have a sense of doom about everything. I'm also a stay at home mom and I have a very unsupportive husband. I feel so alone. My doctor has offered me some medicine but I'm breastfeeding bso that also causes anxiety in that he will be effected. Just like you said ,I have lost myself. All I do is take care of kids with no me time and no support from a partner. In every way but financially I am just like a single parent.

  20. I’m newly pregnant (11 weeks!!! 🎉) And I’ve suffered from depression since I was very young. I am terrified of how horrible postpartum depression might be for me… your videos really calm me down. I’m in this fairly by myself, so having the FAM is super helpful!

  21. Saying that it’s normal didn’t help me.

    I instead of feeling better felt like I shouldn’t be looking for help. My instincts on the other had said You NEED!! Help. So I ignored those it’s normal. Then my ob when I talked to her said if it gets any worse between now and what I am scheduling you for tomorrow. Go to the ER. Made me feel validated. Also very scared.. and horrible

  22. Can you please share your opinion on overbearing MIL who doesn’t respect your wishes as a new mom and how do you feel about the new trend of New grandma baby shower?

  23. I love this! I hate the stigma that you may not love or like your baby if you have PPD. That’s why most women don’t come out because they’re scared someone will judge them or snatch their baby away. I wish more men/husbands/partners would educate themselves and take a more proactive approach to support their “baby mommas”

  24. Wow! I loved this video. I’m a new mommy my daughter is turning 2 months today! I knew that I was feeling off but wasn’t ready to express and didn’t know how to express it. People always express depression wry differently and it always seems like you shouldn’t have it. Now watching this it explains perfectly how I feel and I’m definitely going to speak with my husband and doctor. Thank you guys!

  25. Tbh, that 2 week time was way better then the 3 months PPD that followed.

  26. My wife has mentioned that she doesn't feel a bond with our 10 month old daughter. She feels like she's a burden on us, that my daughter and I would be better off with her as a mom who is pretty much estranged if you will. She's not thinking suicide, or harming our daughter. We have spoken about this. She won't do therapy or anything. It's pretty much on me to figure it out, so that I can help the love of my life.
    The alone need, the disconnect, mood swings. Not crying or anything.
    I have been watching your videos ever since I found out we were pregnant. I'm so glad I found this video. Please if there is anything else ? I need to help my love.
    Thank you, we love your videos!

  27. Women don't realize…you can choose not to breast feed at all. It's ok if you don't even want to try to..you can just use formula…it's not for everyone and I don't think women should be pressured to think they have to at least try. No you don't, you can actually say no and if your judged by people (mainly old people) then those people don't matter and they don't need to be included in your lives. It's a privilege to be around you and your baby not a right. Just saying…

  28. Music yes listening music help me a lots.. I was crying crying was sad then I put headphone played music ,

  29. Thank you so much for this video!!
    I am currently a stay at home mom of a 4 month baby boy and appreciate this advice👏👏👏

  30. I feel numb and nothing for my two week old baby. Nothing. I don't want to hold him or even see him. I can't even count to four to put the formula scoops in

  31. i am so super happy to see that other mums talking more about postpartum depression and anxiety. Great work ladies

  32. Yes!!!! You have the best videos! 🙏 thank you!!!!

  33. I love this video! I wish I saw it when going through my own period of postpartum depression. It is very frustrating and insensitive when people don’t understand this type of depression and make rude comments about it, or when people don’t offer any help. I felt that if I had more help/support with my newborn I wouldn’t have suffered so much.

  34. I have a 2 month old & I've been so overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, exhausted. I've lost motivation to "get things done" because my baby boy is a 24/7 job, I don't even want to bother with the other crucial things in my life because they cause even more anxiety. This video was amazing! Thank you so much, I now don't feel so alone with everything I've been experiencing.

  35. I liked this video. Lacking a bond with the baby wasn't really talked about much. I still need to know about how to get professional help. Thank you.

  36. Hi everyone. My wife and I are about 37 weeks pregnant and I was watching the video thinking we are currently going through some of these signs. I try to be as supportive as I can by helping out around the house and with the dog. I really liked the idea of journaling and reaching out to friends who are also first time moms. Question though what would you recommend if we don’t have any first time parent friends, my wife last night shared she is lonely because her friends don’t understand her pain or struggles. What would you recommend I do to support her? Thanks in advance

  37. I'm so happy this issue was addressed. I am a new mom, and I have anxiety. It pissed me off when people were telling me that "Are u sure ur not having postpartum depression?" So I'm 3 months in and I know what my trigger is and it's not avoidable, how do address to get over/deal with the trigger?

  38. We should see more of these kind of videos. It helps a lot for a new mum like me.

  39. No one can do it all ask for help believe that you will not regret the beautiful alone time 😍…..
    I go straight to the gym and sauna 🧖‍♀️ once anyone offers to take care of my child
    My gym bag stays packed all the time.

  40. I really appreciated this so much. First time mom with a 4 month old baby and the anxiety is so real! I feel it most when my mother In law comes around-.- so bad but hate how she always takes my son away from my arms and she is super clumsy that I feel like I always have to be on watch when she's around. In trying to change my ways but it's difficult

  41. Hi guys, found a really useful video that gives top medical tips for parents of newborns

  42. This is an immensely important topic. Thank you so much for this video!

  43. I think this is such an important subject to talk about! Big thank you to Susana for sharing her knowledge with us and being a great guest!!

  44. I'm a first time mom of a 22 month old baby. He goes to daycare when I work. But I have days off and I still bring him to daycare . The thing is that I get anxious and I try to do my other responsibilities faster and quickly. I have this guilt feeling that I'm leaving him with strangers. Anxiety is present all the time in my head.

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