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Helping heal high blood pressure, Viruses & Kidney disease

OLIVE LEAF TINCTURE: http://www.aplacetoheal.ecrater.com/p/21974957/olive-leaf-extract
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  1. It's also very good for hepatitis
    Jundice and fatty liver.

  2. I love you Marie.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜you are the best ! EVER

  3. On my way to healthier living . Diabetes is my worst and I'm trying hard to control it along with high blood pressure etc . My circulation is bad too…….

  4. An on dialysis can you contact me pls

  5. Hi Marie…I have it in powder form….will it help my hbp if I take it as a tea?

  6. Does your barley drink help with gfr filtration if the kidneys

  7. get on with it, i work, i worked in the medical field your bp should be 120/80

  8. If you take a good quality probiotic in a morning as i do make sure you take ole a few hours later as it's been proven that it can kill good gut flora with it's mild antibiotic effects .

  9. Thank You 🌿🙏🏼❤️📖📖🌿🕊🤗🌳🌱🍃

  10. Is Olive leaf extract good for chronic kidney disease?.

  11. Would you name the toxic removal symptoms resulting from taking olive leaf?

  12. Here in Australia its 120/80 for blood pressure.

  13. I have my own recipe but I made up myself. I cannot make any claims because I'm not no doctor nor do I know anything about how things work. But here it is in a cup of water I mixed together 10 drops of olive leaf extract 5 drops of Osha extract root that the Indians used for whatever reason. 1 tbsp of food-grade diatomaceous earth and drink it. I have noticed for myself I have not gotten sick I have not I caught a cold or had the flu in a year since I'm taking this recipe.

  14. Love the information! We believe in you! Thanks for this channel

  15. FYI: Older people NEED a higher blood pressure as their arteries are full of gunk and the pressure needs to be higher to get the blood thru the tiny opening that left. This is the latest medical info. 140 is good for a older person. When I stop eating fats my BP drops to 118 and I get very dizzy. My doctor and pharmacist says that to low for my mid 60's age.
    Our objective should be to try and clean out our arteries.

  16. I think Olive Leaf can b used 4 Diabetes too!

  17. I am really taken back when you recommend stuff like in your "no more pulling oil" believe people should buy all these "wonderful" products…but disable comments…you hopefully know or can guess, what that makes you look like!

  18. Very common sense information regarding kidneys and how to care for them. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to folks like me who want to live well and stay off of as much pharmaceuticals as possible. Wasn't aware that vitamins (syn) were damaging to my kidneys. Needed the reminder of cutting back drastically on animal protein. No history of renal failure in my family but I'm not wanting to start a new trend! Too little water, carbonated drinks and coffee are some of my failures. Also, the popular diets now include a lot of protein and I'm a dieter. I'm starting on olive leaf extract and backing off on all of these items that are really bad for my kidneys. Thanks again, Judith

  19. Hello,I am watching your videos over here in Scotland,nd I have to thank you for your advice,I have especially been grateful for the gum disease & the wheatgrass.it has helped me. Thank you so much.Plese keep helping people.Greetings from Scotland.

  20. Were did you read this because if that study is put out by government. I'm 68 and my BP is 138/76. No problems. BP has to do with how blood leaves and enters the heart. And its permissible for every 10 yrs your BP can go up 10 points without freaking out. You Dr. will definately be writing a script. I take no medication since I juiced. But again everyone is different.
    Olive leaf is good plus Hawthorne always works well also.
    I have never heard your version of BP. You do good work with some thing but I had to disagree on this one.

  21. Tell me what that produce name , please

  22. I was always taught 120 over 80

  23. My np is 190/130. Will it help?

  24. Holly C and anyone else who is interested. Try Bluebird Botanics in !Louisville Colorado for the CBD Oil Hemp Oil. If you are low income, send them a budget letter and you can get a discount.Try the sample pkg 3 different types of the hemp oil Rick Simpson.has many videos,I wAnt to try his oil.He uses lArger amounts of Cannibus in his oil. good Luck. Google Bluebird

  25. Good morning A PLACE TO HEAL LADY. I want to thank God and you so much for this herb. I took one full bulb drop in 8oz cup of water. The olive leaf work immediately on my blood pressure and left kidney pain. I been suffering with kidney stones in the past. Let me tell you I am very happy with the instant positive results. THANK YOU……….!

  26. Can I give this to my 4 yr old please I would like to purchase!

  27. best root powder, celery!

  28. I'm My Own Advocate its my body! I research holistic medicine for years!natural way that really works I use now brand potassium citrate 99mg capsules root cause of high blood pressure! hope this helps! watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFmjLloYN7A
    The Dangers of Low Potassium LevelsAccording to a report from the World Health Organization (WHO) “non-communicable diseases are the main contributor to mortality and morbidity globally, killing more people each year than all other causes combined.”Low potassium intake has been associated with a number of these diseases, including chronic kidney stone formation, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and low bone-mineral density.High blood pressure is a major contributing factor for cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease and stroke. Potassium is important for maintaining both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Research has shown that taking potassium supplements lowers blood pressure through its handling of sodium within the body.The WHO tells us that diet-related diseases are chronic and take many years to manifest. A poor diet lacking in essential vitamins and minerals throughout childhood has a significant association with high blood pressure during adulthood.How Much Potassium Do We Need?The amount of potassium needed in your diet depends on your age and gender. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends a minimum of 4700 mg of potassium per day for individuals aged 14 and up. This is a good goal for adults to aim for, although women who are breast feeding should consider upping their potassium intake to 5100 mg per day.It’s crucially important that children get enough potassium in their diet to prevent developing potassium deficiency linked diseases. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has set the following RDAs of potassium for children:0-6 months400 mg/day7-12 months700 mg/day1-3 years3,000 mg/day4-8 years3,800 mg/day9-13 years4,500 mg/day14 years and up4,700 mg/dayYou may think these figures are a difficult target to achieve, but because potassium is found in so many core food groups, most people can reach their goal without putting in much effort.What About Supplements?Although doctors would usually try to encourage improved diet in cases of potassium deficiency, on occasion supplements may be necessary. Although potassium in normal doses is considered safe, overdoses can be fatal. Therefore you should always be advised by a doctor before taking potassium supplements.

  29. so whats the difference from this and olive oil because they say olive oil is bad for you

  30. I LOVE your videos! Thank you so much for sharing!

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