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High Cholesterol – A Medical Fraud

2 hours training on ‘High Cholesterol – “A Medical Fraud’ by Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury.


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  1. Sir You are genius, why don't you organize a public debate with known cardiologist & diabetologist!

  2. God bless you sir ,you are a great man .a real Hero.

  3. Sir a big salute to you… Will pure ghee increase cholestrol since oil is harmful

  4. Can u pls tell something on Condoms n tampons because it really causes allergic n infections

  5. Hi sir mera triglycerides 393 hai , aur LDL 220 hai , kindly pls help me what to do & give diet plan.

  6. Sir,
    Please send diet chart for cholesterol

  7. Self urine is best remedy for all desieses

  8. Jazak allah doctor! Jazak allah means thank you in arabic but a little different than regular thank you. Jazak allah means thank you BUT i know i will NEVER EVER be able to thank you enough (for in this case the work you are doing for US) so i will leave it up to our creator to reward you in this world and the next world. Because ONLY the Almighty is able to reward you!

    Also iam not your # 2 fan. I AM your # 1 fan!

    Please talk about on HOW to eat and drink as well.
    Meaning…. by sitting . Chewing slowly.. sipping not gulping. Releasing digestive juices by chewing 30 40 times to paste. What is the benefits of this????

    🍎 absolutly luv you.
    An apple a day keeps the doctor away. !!!

  9. Hi Dr any diet plan for hearing loss??

  10. Ya really true….such many things which need to be discovered…God bless you Sir

  11. Are bebakuf doctor apna math thik kar 10 percent nahin. Point 7 percent kum karti he. 7 percent badha bhi sakti he

  12. Ye insaan sahi baat karta hai…
    Dr BRC👍👍👍

  13. Aap Mahaan Ho Sir Ji. …..

  14. He is the third doctor I have seen advocating against the usage of Statin. The other two doctors are Dr. B.M. Hegde and Dr. Vijayaraghavan. It is an exhaustive and eye opening lecture. I will continue to see more and more lectures from him and awake others. Thank you Dr. Roy.

  15. May god bless u a happy and peaceful life

  16. Mr.Bishwaroop sir, how can control my blood sugar? Please assist me?

  17. Humesha ki tarah aaj bhi aap ne apne gyan se hume jagruk kiya.. Dil se aap ko Dhanyawad 🙏🙏
    Sir, aap se ek prashn puchana chata hu, aap ne jo diet batai hai, usme aap ne salaad ka jikar kiya hai maira prashn hai ki kya hum salaad me namak ka upyog kar sakte hai aur jayada se jayada kitne matara ka paryog kar sakte hai?
    Aap k is Anmol Gayan k liye baram bar aap ko Dil se Dhanyawad karta hu🙏🙏

  18. God bless you, you are our hero not Shahrukh khan nor salman khan.

  19. You are great sir… thanks for this eye opening video…

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  21. Pata Nahi chalta he ki Dekh Raha hu bas dekhe ja rahah Hu.. itna information with factual research not just hypothesis.

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