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HIIT and Greg Plitt: Workout Advice to shred fat fast without Cardio

So just wanted to share some advice about a great man and fitness guru: Greg Plitt. This is a variation of what I learned from him about shredding for summer and getting ripped up using High Intensity Interval Training Principles (HIIT Training).

The main thing is to work out twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. In the morning workout, Incorporate HIIT into your normal workout routines. For example, say it’s Monday and it’s chest day. You would incorporate HIIT into your morning workout by lowering the weights on your routines so that you can reach 30 reps for each set. For example, bench press. If you normally start with 45lbs on each side, or 135lbs, take off the plates and just use the bar for 30 reps each set.

After each set, take at maximum a 30 second to 1 minute rest break. Then continue into the next workout.

So after benching the bar for 30 reps, move onto for example, free weight dumbbell presses. If you normally use 50lb dumbbells in each hand, use 20lb dumbbells and do 30 reps straight. After you finish, rest for at maximum 30secs-1 minutes. Then proceed to the next chest workout, say Machine Bench press.

On the machine bench press, say if you normally bench 150lbs or so for 8-12 reps, switch to a weight which you can bench for 30 reps. For instance, use 60 lbs and do that for 30 reps. Again, rest for one minute at maximum. You will continue this with your other chest workouts and so on and so forth.

Then at night, for your second workout, just do your normal chest routine with normal rest periods. That’s it! The next day, do your back workout using these parameters in the morning and evening and you will start to shred up fast without using cardio. The reason being is that the HIIT weight workout in the morning is going to jack up your heartrate and speed up your metabolism and also burn calories. On a side note, doing this morning workout will have you walking around with your muscles pumped up and looking jacked lol. It’s just the post workout pump in affect and your muscles swelling up because of all the blood going into them. It’s bomb if you are trying to appear bigger or trying to impress girls or what (I used to do this all the time during college parties and girlies loved it).

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments and I’ll help you out! Peace! Also check out Greg Plitt’s site here: http://gregplitt.com/


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