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Holistic Remedies to Heal Gut, Liver, Anxiety and Depression

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  1. Hi i got anxiety…why i feel hungry every 2 hour.?..if i dont eat i will have shortness of breathe….

  2. Thanks a lot for making this video 😊

  3. What is your opinion of the liver and gallbladder flush?

  4. A great and inspiring sharing, thank you! All your time, effort and good energy is very much appreciated* Blessings Be~* 🌟🍀🌟

  5. There is no treatment and no cure for depression, something we just have to suffer and live with in this cruel world. I’ve lost all hope. Depression and anxiety is a multi billion dollar industry they give us all these drugs that make us worse and slowly kills us why do you think suicide rates are going up? There is no natural way to treat depression so all this bull crap supplements like 5htp, St. John’s wort, sam-e and all others people talk about is bogus. I suffer from severe depression I’ve tried every supplement, natural herbs, teas, anti depressants and haven’t found relief. I prefer to go to sleep and not wake up to this suffering daily. But that’s just life. Tired of the bull crap gimmicks people try to sell others. Why make money off of someone else’s suffering? If I had the answer or the cure I’d help everyone I wouldn’t charge because I know what it’s like to live with depression, depression basically robs you of your joy of life. I wish these fake people that make these videos talking about they overcame depression naturally to really suffer from severe depression.🧐 I found the cure to depression. Here it is.. write in your journal, cry, run 77 miles everyday without drinking water and than do 35 push-ups until you can’t breathe, than eat 3 apples and a bag of almonds that should all alter your brain chemicals and there you have it you are healed

  6. Hi, I'm simply amazed that you brought up the sole allergies I have: sugar, gluten, dairy, soy AND BEEF, no one ever mentioned that before, I looked up the arachidonic acid but not sure how that works, I'm so amazed that I can eat lamb for instance but NO beef it kills my skin with inflammation!

  7. I absolutely love your video. Brilliant knowledge. Thank you.

  8. Thank you so much for this I am currently suffering for a few years and recently having issues with overgrowth of bacteria like Candida and bloating, highly anxious, dizzy and off balance (Might have inner ear inflammation) I’ve been to so many doctors and none can help me. I recently went Vegan and I wasn’t balancing my meals so if I’m skipping I’ll get highly anxious and panicky which can be scary. Thank you for this I hope my body heals!

  9. You hit it on the head! I am experiencing Liver Qi Stagnation. Surprised that you knew this. What do you recommend?

  10. Doesn’t glutamine cause high BP?

  11. Please be carefull with the advice about the vitamins & the minerals as a lot of your viewers will simply take supplements which are artificial or petroleum based… ban them! most of them we can get from specific natural foods which will provide the very best vitamins & minerals usefull for the whole human body ((= the rest of info is quite fine

  12. Mr.Ameet, thank you so much for sharing this. What would be the best order to implement mentioned remedies?(Do I first heal my gut, or liver)Or can I do both at the same time?
    Ps.I assume I can take them while on Clonazepam.Please correct me if I'm wrong. Any answear aprecciated. 🙏

  13. Hi, Do you have a clinic in india ?

  14. What is your opinion on colon hydrotherapy?

  15. Hi sir.. i need your help.. last week i watch your video because im seeking of what are the posibily happened to me because i dont want to go to a psychiatrist because it very freaking scared. until i watch your 2 videos from panic attact.. 2 months ago i feel stranges i feel the symtoms of panic attact but i felt a lots of acid in my stomach a heartburn and turns to fear strange fear.. 3 weeks ago i go a doctor and they said im having a acid peptic disease. I took the medicine OMEPRAZOLE and i have my relief until i watch this video. 5 days ago i went to a psychiatrist because you said it helps gor a long term relief. she asked me whats happening to me and i express myself what happened to me.. she gave me a medine SERTRALINE and she told me theres are side effects.. like too much acid to my stomach.. now im taking a SERTRALINE for 5 days and OMEPRAZOLE since they gave me.. after i taking a sertraline. I felt i bloated and heartburn and my strange fear came back but not as the same as i never took a medicine.. my questions Dr. Ameet. why it happens again? Is the sertraline triggers my anxiety? And i have a headache since then. Please help me.

  16. Thank you sir.. it gives me an idea to fix my problem..

  17. You have explained this the BEST out of any other dr so far in 2 years !!! I have severe dp/dr and it gets worse and worse. It's horrendous now after enduring for 2 years. My hormones out of wack. Adrenal fatigue and dysautonomia for 10 years and my whole body just deteriorates.

  18. Thank you very much for all this valuable information on the liver and the leaky gut
    Best regards

  19. a key point i heard in this video was when you brang up caffeine. As soon as i drink coffee instantly catch an anxiety attack. im definitely investing in your course.

  20. i went to the emergency i have had bad anxiety, depression, always feel like i am going to have a heart attack. i also have bad gas all the time that trigger my heart to flutter. Doctor in the emergency said i have blood spots on my liver. is this all connected.

  21. Hi Ameet, do you have any advise for Depersonalisation? Kind Regards

  22. If i wanted to take your course, do you work one on one with people? I have bipolar disorder and am extremely fatigued constantly. I am convinced I can heal most if not all of this holistically. I have been doing lots of research and keep getting back to the leaky gut info. Thank you

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