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Hormonal Imbalances That Cause Depression, Anxiety and Mood Swings.

What if it’s not you but your hormones?

The most common hormonally-related reasons why we suffer from mood swings, depression, anxiety, foggy brain, aggression or forgetfulness could be due to:

• high cortisol levels (aka as adrenal fatigue, stage 1 or 2)
• low cortisol levels (aka adrenal fatigue, stage 3)
• estrogen dominance
• low thyroid function
• high androgens, like testosterone or DHEA
• high or low neurotransmitters like serotonin

To understand more, please watch the above video.

To find out which hormones could be causing your emotional swings, take the free Hormones Balance Quiz and get instant results at http://Hormonesbalance.com/Quiz.

There are also more videos on http://HormonesBalance.com that explain how hormones impact:
• weight
• energy levels
• hair loss and poor skin quality.

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  2. Thank u love ur positivity

  3. Can hormonal imbalance in men cause depression and anxiety?

  4. I am one of the numerous individuals who got depressed and it .
    happened to me years back after separation and divorce. But thankfully I discovered the answer to my sickness which is “fetching kafon press” (Google it). Within weeks of reading through your book and putting your advice into practice, my depression had completely removed and my confidence began to return..

  5. This is me….only difference is I'm a male. And this started 2 years ago. Might be low t

  6. I cried 3 times at work last month…don't know why, this is not me ..

  7. Im a 17 year old girl, and when I'm anxious its negative thoughts that i cant control that get my stomach and I get stuck in this negative loop and it is so hard to control but l-theanine and magnesium has helped me but I accidentally didnt take magnesium for two days and I got the negative thought and feelings again does that mean it really is a chemical or hormonal imbalance?

  8. I have depression mood swings and idk how to control them. Pls help me figure it out.

  9. high cortisol and need test 24 hrs. they told to take bezno or antidepressant not harass others w symptoms

  10. Most of the time i feel sad,happy sometimes,i want to rest iternally.

  11. I get really angry over silly things and sad not in a dangerous way! But i want to reach euphoria without caring for others!

  12. I'm 21 and I have bad acne on my back, shoulder and front of my body and also on my face. for last seven years. Every month when my periods start before 2 day, i 'm angry with everyone in my home specially mama.I don't know what to do and sometime i'm crying for tiny issues. Plz tell me What should I do. Thanks

  13. the quiz said i have everything…. -_-

  14. Thank you for making these videos. I know first hand how bad PMS or PMDD can be. Especially since I hit my 40's. One day I will feel perfectly fine. The next I will feel like I have an intestinal virus, aches, pains, anxiety, panic, and then I am crying from it all. I am a big mess. Then about 2-3 days after I start I start feeling like me again. Then after my period is over I am left saying "What the heck happened to me?" I am a little post traumatic from it all. Then I start to fear the next month and what it will bring. How bad my PMS or PMDD is, depends on how stressed I have been during the whole month. Less stress less PMS. More stress High PMS or HIgh PMDD. I know for me its about my cortisol and adrenal levels. I also know my age is playing a part as well. It's hard for my family to understand what is happening to me. They get frustrated with me or mad when I can't run around like usual. This of course does not help my anxiety and my mommy/wife guilt. I sometimes want to hang a big sign around my neck once a month that says, " I am not myself right now, I have been invaded by hormones, please be patient and kind to me, I will return in a few short days." I do eat very healthy and exercise everyday which does help to a point. Its also important that if you feel like I do, you should talk to your OBGYN and have the right test completed. I need to find me a new OBGYN who does not view my PMS/PMDD as being normal and tolerable. I want to inject my OBGYN with how I am feeling once a month to show her that its not tolerable. I am still searching for something that will take the edge off each month so I am not taking sick days off. I am tired of my cycle stealing days from my life every month. 🙁

  15. Suddenly dealing with all of these symptoms and just completely overwhelmed.  Glad to know that I'm not going crazy! (Well, at least not clinically…;)

  16. this is fabulous and correct information. well informed

  17. this is not me. i have hormones and mood swings and i just feel sad sometimes for no reason. im never tired and never feel blaah i just feel hungry and sadd. one day im good and the next im sad. im not on my period i feel im gonna get it soon

  18. how do we find out if we have hormonal imbalances and how do we correct them? I know the doctor will test for thyroid but they have not tested me for others, and I've heard their range for normal is really big, is the naturopath better?

  19. I am 13 in 3 days and I don't feel right and I do have depression anxiety I want to be myself again

  20. she is good! my hormones fucks my relationship with everybody…gota fix it

  21. Im 12 and My mood swing is fucked I literally cry for NOTHING all the time help

  22. starting at 0:15 to 0:40 everything you mention i have it… it's scrary. Mood swings is the #1 problem for me, it leads to all the other symptoms. I recently got blood taken, if i have hormonal imbalance will it show ?

  23. my friend prashansa has it

  24. I am reading a case study about being bi-polar and the effects/triggers that cause subjects to go from being seemingly normal to a state of irritation, anger, or even violence. I googled these triggers and I found the following…
    Bipolar triggers are behaviors and outside events that lead to bipolar disorder symptoms. As you probably know from experience, these triggers can be positive or negative. You often have control of them, but some are just part of everyday life.
    The more you control your bipolar triggers, the greater chance you have of finding stability. This can lead to a significant reduction in medications as well as more of an ability to work and maintain stable relationships. It can't be stressed enough that triggers are the main environmental cause of bipolar disorder mood swings and must be monitored and reduced as much as possible. You can note all triggers on your mood swing chart as related to a particular mood swing.
    Triggers come in many forms- from the positive, such as:
    • a new relationship
    • the birth of a child
    • a promotion at work
    • graduating from college
    • an exciting vacation
    I agree that there are external triggers, but I think that there are also internal triggers, though I found no mention of them. I can see a seemingly normal person in a split second go from a smile to hatred. I know that voices are part of it, I will google and see what I can find…
    I found nothing that relates.
    I know it has to do with voices , for the subject I am monitoring goes from normal to anger, then I hear them answering the voices then they start arguing with them, as they get more and more angry, and then start blaming others that have nothing to do with trigger, then actually threatening them with words and actions.
    Summation: the voices in their mind are like a seed that triggers them into anger, maybe repressed feelings, distant memories, or maybe threatening harms to them or their loved ones.
    What I want to see a medication that stops the voices (internal) triggers from starting the process of changing my friends from normal to manic or psychotic.
    I think if we could develop a medicine for this it would be very profitable, not only to the individuals that deal with this, but also financially.
    If you deal with any of these internal triggers please tell your psychiatrist exactly the process involves, so that your medication can be altered to stop you from you behavior spasms. God Bless

  25. I'm 20 and all of the sudden I get angry or sad with or without reason I'm so tired of feeling like this what should i do

  26. first 20 seconds omg she's a mind reader!!

  27. Everything up until 0:40 describes me right now. But I am a gay 24 year old guy… Sooo, it's not PMS! lol

  28. Thank you. Love it. Love ur vibe and positivity.

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