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Hot Yoga ~ Full Bikram Yoga Class (90 minutes)

Enjoy this sweaty, inspiring, full 90 minute hot yoga Bikram yoga class led by acclaimed Los Angeles yoga teacher Maggie Grove.

Maggie’s open and approachable teaching provides beginners and advanced Bikram students alike an opportunity to gently challenge themselves. Maggie provides safe, top notch alignment instruction so you can learn the poses and build strength, balance, flexibility and a calm mind. This is a perfect Bikram yoga workout for all levels.

Maggie Grove has taught yoga for over 10 years and has trained with Bikram, as well as in Kundalini, prenatal & power yoga.

About Bikram Yoga:
Bikram Yoga is a system of yoga that Bikram Choudhury who combined traditional hatha yoga techniques to form the basis of his famous 26 postures, including two breathing exercises.Bikram Yoga is ideally practiced in a room heated to 104 °F with a humidity of 40%.

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  1. Thank you Maggie! I live in Costa Rica in a very small city and there no yoga studio nearby. So it is a really pleasure to have the opportunity to practice with your video. I ‘m new with Bikram (in the past I practice other types of Yoga) and I’m really loving this method! Thank you so much! Namaste

  2. Thank you so much, this didn't even feel like 90 minutes. I'm still sweating as a type this and can't begin to tell you how good I feel – thank you.

  3. I also love this video and do hot yoga during the winter months. I live in a very rural, agricultural area in California… with the nearest town with yoga about 13 miles away. I have a space heater in my spare bedroom and do this video, which is book marked on my laptop! It makes it possible to do a hot yoga workout from home. I also have a hot tub, which I usually need after one of these courses!! It's great having this option, taught by such a capable instructor!! Gonna get to it now…. haven't done it since last fall….. here goes!! Thanks Maggie!

  4. Thank you so much! You are a awesome teacher!!!!! Thank you million!🙏😉

  5. Kicked my ass. Thanks

  6. Is a 90 minute class supposed to be 90 minutes? This is the second one that I’ve seen it’s just over 80……

  7. Thank yo just what I was looking for!

  8. Maggie, Thank you for posting this video because it has helped me a lot. I moved to Nicaragua from NYC where I had done a lot of yoga and was a Vinyasa yoga teacher for 10 years. I had done probably hundreds of classes of Bikram throughout NYC in those years. I moved to Nicaragua to run a NGO to help people that informally working at trash dumps by giving them scholarships to study and find another path for themselves. During this process I gained weight and was under a lot of stress. Yoga is not common enough in Managua and especially at the level of Bikram. Last year I bought a space heater in the USA and brought it to Nicaragua. My room here is very hot already, but with the space heater, it is just as hot or even more so then my Bikram classes in NYC, I think. I turned to youtube for the possibility I could find Bikram online and your class came up. I put a long length mirror up to see myself while you lead the practice. I have been doing it about 3 times a week and I notice an immediate difference when I weigh myself and the people who comment about me outside. Right now, Nicaragua is going through a lot of civil unrest. There has been a lot of violence and looting. Not all the time, but randomly. Doing your class here has helped me so much deal with this stress as well. I have done your two video so many times and every time I have said to myself, "you need to thank her." So I am here thanking you. As a former yoga teacher I know the gratefulness and happiness in being thanked. And now as your student here, I want to say the same to you. Thank you for helping me bring Bikram to my home in Nicaragua and helping me deal with the LIFE. Namaste! Tim

  9. Thank you practiced with you today…Nameste <3

  10. Before starting yoga do v have to do warm up exercises also?

  11. Maggie’s dialogue and connection to the poses is amazing. Thank you so much for propelling my home practice to a new level! Namaste

  12. Thank you. I've been recovering from a nasty cycling accident. I'm still recovering from shoulder surgery and figuring out my neck issues. I didn't think I could do a full class. I was actually surprised at how much I could do. I thought you taught a very nice class. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Thanks. Have just done my first Bikram class (going in without any pre-conceptions) and this has helped understand what I went through and what I can expect going forward.

  14. A big THANKS to you Michelle from across the country in Florida!!!!

  15. "Awesome Thank you for Being here!!" 🙂

  16. Thank you for sharing this great practice!

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