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How Diabetes occurs by Dr.S Vijayaraghavan

What is Diabetes? Types of diabetes, causes and reversal process


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  1. தமிழ்ல பேசினா எல்லாதுக்கும் தெரிஞ்சிறுனு நினைச்சி English பேசுராறு போல……………!

  2. DR VIJAY: Sir, Thankyou for share your knowledge, good information. Sir, Intermitten fasting how can help in DIABETES. How much hours to fast to cure DIABETES what things can be taken in fasting state, just like water. which time, which things are probihated during the fasting. Please make a video in detail with ENGLISH subtitle (How Help Intermitten Fasting To Cure Diabetes). Please also describe the side effects of intermitten fasting. …….. Thankyou.. ….

  3. Dr. Vijayraghavan, many thanks for the YouTube talks on diabetes issues. I never heard in 3 decades anybody here tells on the podium that their Diabetes is cured, no longer needs medication. I heard about you through a friend who followed your advice and diet and has come out of medications and has a value of A1C of 6.0 in Juy 2018. This is nothing short of Miracle all by controlling diet. I am quite impressed by your FREE consultation. There is nothing comparable here in North America, this I must admit. I am a member and advocate in Diabetes Canada association for more than a decade. God Bless you in your efforts to help Diabetes, free themselves by diet! You deserve a national medal of honor!

  4. sir would you please give diet book if any,which contains recepies of lchf

  5. Excellent talk. I’m on LCHF since one month and my sugar levels are normal and completely stopped medication. I have one question for doctor – how can we measure how much insulin my pancreas can produce or is it healthy enough. Is their a test.

  6. Respect sir i heard your informative speech regarding diabetes & obesity you look likre m father dr.k.gopalraju old student of kilpauk medical college chennai. I dr k udaya sankar & my father were born on same date 5 th july with.sama profession ( doctors) woth 2 limca book of records & one world record. It is very very.very.rare. i am innovator of infantile colic treatment & innovator of scorpiosting treatment along with my father dr.gopal raju & inventor of mnemomics for kwashiorkor and marasmus & contributor to more than 100 international medical text books in the world. Dr k udaya sankar

  7. Dr..Sir..can i get your phone no..

  8. Namaskaram,
    Thanking you very much for answering to my question ,I will call you back .with regards
    Usha kumari

  9. Thank you Dr. Vijayaraghavan. Highly educative.

  10. True. Explained in a very realistic and straightforward way, nevertheless, very true.

  11. Non vegetarians go for KETO diet, High Fat(no insulin) Low Carbohydrates intake and try to be kind to all other species. Vegetarians start eating lot of veggies n fiber.

  12. Pathetic looser only dislike these type of informative talks. All the 79 people may be don't want to avoid their birthday cakes..

  13. Namaskaram I hv been diaberic since 17 years , I take insulin 3 times a day and tablets. Where can I meet you? Please give me your address and phone numbers give me an appointment please

  14. What a waste of time….he is scaring us with all the shitty technical details….horrible lecture….so slow and fumbling with nonsensical scientific details…it is said the less u think of the disease the more u cure…this is for the faithfuls…not for scientific egos

  15. The information is illuminating…

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